Saturday, May 22, 2010

¡No Es Basura!

Many years ago, before I came to my senses and moved to the country, I lived in the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, more commonly known as Northern Virginia.

Back in the mid-1970s, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax County had their share of cultural enrichment, but the situation wasn’t as extreme then as it is now. In those days the vast majority of area residents, even the blue-collar workers, were still “persons of American background”. But all that has changed in the decades since.

By following the pattern of post-war ethnic immigration, one can trace the course of America’s overseas foreign policy disasters. One of the oldest immigrant groups was the Koreans, who presumably emigrated during or after the Korean War. Then came the Vietnamese in the seventies, the ones who were lucky enough to be among the boat people who escaped. Iranians flocked in after the fall of the Shah, and Afghans started arriving during the Soviet occupation. In the early nineties it was the turn of the Iraqis, and then Somalis after 1993.

Throughout the entire period Spanish-speaking Latin Americans have poured in. Besides the Mexicans — who may well be the largest group; I haven’t seen the statistics — there are Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, and others.

Northern Virginia is now one of the most multiethnic areas — I hesitate to say “communities” — in the world. If you visit the strip malls or the neighborhoods of low-rent apartment complexes, you can walk for miles without encountering another native English-speaker — unless, of course, he happens to be a parole officer or a telecom repairman.

I returned to the area in the late nineties as a consultant for an engineering firm, commuting to Annandale during the week and returning home on weekends. That’s when I discovered the new demographic composition that had gradually emerged during my twenty-year absence. White-collar white people commuted in from the tonier suburbs to work in the high-rises, but almost everybody who actually lived in the area was part of the diversity that everyone else was so busy celebrating.

I tended to keep late hours at the office where I worked, and was often still slaving away when the cleaning crew arrived in the middle of the evening. The cleaning workers were all women, obviously Hispanics, and probably Salvadorans, at least according to the office rumor. They were young and diffident, and seemed to speak no English.

The engineers in the office would sometimes collect empty equipment boxes and crates with the intention of re-using them later for other purposes. In the past, before the advent of full cultural enrichment, taping a sign that read “THIS IS NOT TRASH” to the stack of boxes was sufficient to deter the cleaning crew from carting them off.

However, once the Salvadorans came on the scene, this tactic no longer worked — sign or not, the boxes disappeared at night. Recognizing the linguistic problem, one of the engineers who knew Spanish started posting signs that said “NO ES BASURA”, which meant the same thing.
- - - - - - - - -
This expedient worked for a while, but eventually it ceased being effective — the boxes started disappearing again. I’d show up in the morning and hear people swearing at the cleaning crews for their incompetence and indifference.

One night I happened to pass by the storage room and saw a young woman who worked for the cleaning contractor. She was about to transfer a pile of “NO ES BASURA” boxes to her big bin. I walked in, pointed at the boxes, and said, “No es basura!”

“Ah,” she replied in sudden comprehension, “no es basura!” And she put the boxes back.

This young lady not only lacked all knowledge of the English language, she was also illiterate.

The incident occurred more than a decade ago. Has the situation improved in the interim?

Does anyone want to bet that the number of literate English-speakers in Northern Virginia has increased since then?

The administration’s latest amnesty plan — which has extensive bipartisan support — would regularize people like the woman who cleaned our offices. Millions of people who can neither speak English nor read will be on the fast track to citizenship and the franchise.

This is not something that anybody else is doing to us. Americans are quite voluntarily doing it to themselves.

Millions of my fellow citizens voted for Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats now in Congress who are busy implementing the Dear Leader’s plans. Americans have been voting in the open-borders crowd election after election for decades. And now the usual suspects are beavering away up there in D.C., busily creating the Socialist People’s Republic of North America.

Better paint “¡No es basura!” on your forehead right now.

And hope that the Block Wardens know how to read.


PatriotUSA said...

Really well said and quite to
the point. Indeed, it is very
true that many of our fellow
citizens have been contributing
to our own demise. Where we live
the state actually ENCOURAGES
illegals to come here and works
with the Mexican consulate to
help 'streamline' the flood of illegals into the state.

Portland, if I recall correctly
is one of the sanctuary cities. Pathetic and it is not too hard to wonder why 17 states now have started working on similar bills to the one Arizona passed.

Arizona's bill should become the
model for the federal immigartion
bill. I have read the bill. I
do not beleive profiling will becomea rampant problem.
Had the feds done their job, Arizona would not have
needed to pass this bill.

I am all for legal immigration
AFTER we have secured our borders
with a completed fence and
security, backed by the military.
Then we can talk about letting
in more legal immigrants on a
level we, The USA can control.

S said...

They are colonizing, intentionally or not.

Why they would want Arlington, etc., to turn into a new Mexico is not understandable. Why turn the new place into the place you couldn't wait to leave?

Why do the natives want to be colonized? For the food? Or a yard or house help? Seems people are noticing but too afraid to say it outloud for fear of being 'accused'.

Cobra said...

It is heart-wrenching for me to see what happens to this once great country.
Especially since I was born abroad and always an "American-ophil".
My ex-countrymen waited for the Americans to come and save them from the Russians/Soviets. They never came.
I escaped and started a new life, here, in my beloved USA.
But I could not understand why many, especially in Silicon Valley,where I work, did not display pride for our country.
And, slowly, I saw what ravages the immigration and forced socialism, brought us.
You hear this from me, an immigrant.
As one who lived in communism, I understand the double speak of the "elitists", or the "wooden language"-we used to call back in Europe.
I hear the chains rattling when they talk about equality or non-discrimination.
I see how they dilute the WASP heritage, only to divide and conquer us.
Not all cultures are equal. Some created Shakespeare, some Beethoven, and some did not even invent the wheel or the written language until the hated Europeans came.
Folks, we are so way down the road of destruction, it is very hard for me to say this.
Especially for me, who uprooted once, only to see the country of my dreams trashed by the enemy within.


Sure, this is not something that anybody else is doing to us Swedes eigther.
Our own popularly elected elite are naively doing it to us and themselves.
Their idiocy is monstrous and limitless.
Wonder at Green Credo

Dreadnaught said...

The UK has been suffering this colonisation for over 25 years now and feelings are running high against uncontrolled immigration.
As a nation we no longer exist in a form that my late parents would recognise.
The predictions of Orwell's 1984s controllism culture has anethsethetised entire generations to accept into our midst people who would see us blown to bits, protected against repatriation to their own country in case they are killed or tortured. The law sees no diffrence between hard working immigrants committed to the UK and Al Qaida operatives committed to destroying us and our way of life.

In Europe the EU id determined to reduce sovereign nations to European statlets with no borders, a common currency and a common universal human rights law so constrained by statute that it excludes common sense.

The middle class white-european is being marginalised in his/her own land while immigrants of the lowest order are given benefits and privilidges that they have not earned or deserve. No wonder it seem though half the world is risking life and limb to be granted open passage or asylum in the EU.

It really pisses me of to have Pakistani and Afghan men of fighting age, taking refuge here while our troops are dying to free their own Country. It's bloody crazy - yet the ordinary citizen is ignored or branded racist if he points this out.

I urge people in the US to take a close look at Europe and its tolerance of cultural relativism, your future is already here. In the mean time - hold the door for my grandchildren Uncle Sam!

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


In the UK the exercise has been to economically displace the indiginous "working class" as a political force erroneously consevatives did not engage or defend this class from neoliberal economics abandoning them to the economic abyss of multicuturism in an act that was nothing more than political ignorance and snobbery.

The indiginous "working class" to be reduced to a slave labour pool or marginialised in the underclass of welfare soon to be the national socialist policy of workfare the very economics that built the concentration camps.

With the political elite viewing the indiginous "working class" as nothing more than a labour force of dhimmitude then why shouldn't Mr. Mohammed.

There's no tea let them drink hemlock.

Axel T said...

Dreadnought said: "....In the mean time - hold the door for my grandchildren Uncle Sam!"

As a fellow Britlander I am convinced that sooner or later (probably sooner) someone is going to flee arrest under one of Britains political thought-crime laws by going to the US embassy and seeking political asylum. I have a weird feeling it could even be me! Unfortunately, I don't think that the claim will be recognised, at least not under the present regime. However, as things get darker here whilst folks are throwing a tea-party over there, that attitude could change. I wouldnt bet money on it though. Chances are that Americans are going to end up in the same place we are. Then both UK and US dissidents will eventually be seeking political asylum at the Chinese or Indian embassies! No irony intended. I believe sooner or later that will indeed happen. And just as "we" used to exploit Soviet asylum seekers to demonstrate our moral superiority over Communism, so the Chinese will surely relish having Americans and British political dissidents seeking refuge over there.

Axel T said..., if one had no choice, which system would one prefer to get by under, Sharia or Soviet Communism? Then ask yourself who really "won" the Cold War?

S said...

Brits seem to always point to the high crime in the US and laugh that gun culture doesn't stop it, but makes it worse. But those same Brits are just starting to get the taste of what a multicultural country really means which the US has been dealing with for decades. The difference? The US is big enough that people move away from the trouble areas. Brits and continentals won't be able to do that for as long. And with no guns for protection, will be overrun quicker.

Enoch tried to warn about it when elite leaders tried to figure out why the US was successful. They thought it was because of multiculturism, instead it was in spite of it.

And still scientists are calling for MORE population control in England, only of the natives of course, while they let the outsiders pour in, because it is the humanitarian thing to do.

Demographics. That is what it will all come down to in the end. You want to save the planet by only having one child? Or two? Then say goodbye to the future of your descendants. One or two children doesn't keep a race around very long.

How large are Mexican families? That is why they are taking over some areas. They have larger families.

Zenster said...

Dreadnaught: The predictions of Orwell's 1984s controllism culture has anethsethetised entire generations to accept into our midst people who would see us blown to bits, protected against repatriation to their own country in case they are killed or tortured.

Has it ever occurred to Europe's budding Social Engineers™ that these utopian Islamic cesspits might actually impose their barbaric violations of human rights specifically so that Western bleeding hearts will feel obliged to shelter some of the most violent individuals that these tyrannies wish to export?

It is a perfectly self-reinforcing transport mechanism to vector Islamic jihad into the West. To wit:

1.) Allow jihadist fanatics to be trained up at state-sanctioned madrassahs.

2.) Divert most enforcement resources over to imposing shari’a law.

3.) Accept minor agitation against the state as a cost of doing business.

4.) Declare said agitators as persona non grata and then torture a few so that they flee to the West.

5.) Watch and snigger as weepy European Socialists fall all over themselves in their rush to shelter these terrorist vermin from their own sponsors.

6.) Rinse and repeat.

Zenster said...

An article titled "Cake Wrecks" shows numerous decorating jobs that were most likely done by someone with little to no English speaking skills.

Doggedly following the exact written letters on customer submitted forms yielded such awkward sentiments as, "Leave Blank", "Will Call Back", "I want sprinkles" and other phrasing that was obviously never meant to see the light of day.

This is a direct byproduct of the mentality that thinks it is all right to have driver's tests in seven different languages.

As to those illiterate cleaning women; If a fire struck would they even know how to read the word "Exit" much less, "Fire Alarm - Pull Here" or "In case of fire, do not use elevator, use stairway".

Literacy should be a condition of immigration.

dienw said...

It is to late to stick a post-it reading “¡No es basura!” on the Constitution. We should have pasted one saying the same thing in Kenyan and Indosneezian.

Svartwulf said...

I think that soon, people will stop caring.

They will stop caring about being called racists.

They will stop caring about what is morally right and wrong, even as the Multicultural Party pushes that immigration reform, building Mosques, and all the other things are the moral duty of Americans to allow to happen, lest we become "evil, barbarous Europeans that do nothing but enslave and destroy."

I think that people will stop caring about all that.

I think they will start stepping up. You can only push a person so far before they're willing to strike back. Let a few more MC rapes and murders happen because "you deserve it for all the wrongs your race has done." It will change things. People will start caring about what matters: Honor, Duty, and doing right by one's kin.

Then, we'll see what happens. People are getting to that point. Because we're reaching the stage where its either push back, or get destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Norse, you want even more rapes? I mean, tons happened already and nothing has been done. How much more of them would we need? That's not going to happen since it affects only a small part of people. The rest will just continue with their beliefs, unless you shake them out of that. If I'd be an American and I'd be colour-blind, why would I care about women like me being raped? I mean, we're all individuals and I have no race loyalties. I need to suffer personally to wake up.

Svartwulf said...

Rebelliousvanilla, I have no idea where you're getting that I'm wanting more rapes. What I was saying was that when more undoubtedly occur and it gets to the level that people are no longer willing to ignore it things will change. Hence the use of quotations, which are based on justifications I've heard people use for such actions.

I personally find rape deplorable, for many reasons, some of which are different for society's.

As for the issue of race loyalty, that one is tricky. The simple fact of the matter is that white people are the only who don't have a race loyalty. Everyone else does. Everyone. And that relates to many issues we have today. Since most whites don't have a "race" loyalty, they think no one else does, even if it isn't true, and try to live in a post-race society. This also partially explains why the US and Europe want everyone to solve things peacefully, irregardless of the fact that other nations and peoples haven't grown sick of war like "we" have.

You're right on some level, many people need to suffer personally to wake up, but if we look at what is happening in Europe now, with the increase in attacks and rapes, more and more will "wake up".

That was what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Norse, I know you don't want more rapes, I'm just curious on how many more are needed. I mean, really. They're already at pretty high levels. I doubt that anything will happen related to this.

What I find funny is that people who realize this race loyalty thing ask others to stop being loyal to their people, instead of them becoming loyal to his/her own. It's the same with anti-feminism people. They believe in the equality crap, which will never happen.