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“The Netherlands Stands at a Crossroads”

Geert Wilders gave an impassioned campaign speech in the Dutch parliament last week. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated it for Gates of Vienna, and includes links to videos of the speech inserted at the appropriate points in the text. He says there are quite a few ignorant interruptions by left-wing traitors, especially on video 3, which is full of them.

Here is VH’s translated version of the text from the PVV website:

Contribution by Geert Wilders to the accountability debate in Dutch Parliament, May 20

[video, part 1] Mr. Chairman, 2009 was a disastrous year: a collapsing economy, unemployment, mass immigration, Islamization, lack of safety, nuisance, poor care, long traffic jams, high taxes. In the Netherlands, a parliamentarian was prosecuted for his political thoughts. And to make matters worse, according to the report of the Government Accountability Office, the government in its annual reports gives hardly any indication whether they have achieved what they wanted to achieve with the billions they spent, or whether they have done with it what they wanted to do with it.

Mr. Chairman, the economy last year was thus a disaster. The largest contraction since World War II. The deficit and national debt exploded. And now it is also not going well: first the Dutch taxpayers took the rap for the pocket-filling [profiteering] bankers; now the Dutch taxpayers wind up with the bill for the cheating, corruption, and fraud in Greece. A country where civil servants are rewarded with a thirteenth plus a fourteenth month of salary, and almost immediately after their graduation party people may retire. To that country the Netherlands gives €5 billion. For us the work, for them the souvlaki. We beaver away, they go for the ouzo. Perhaps next Spain and Portugal will knock at our door. Yet almost all parties, from GroenLinks [Green Left] up to the VVD [center-right liberals] are cheering. But the PVV says: not one euro-cent to Greece. Nor to the Portuguese and the Spaniards.

And we raise a fundamental question: Why is that euro — now it is not going well —really needed? As if in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland [non-euro countries] it is worse than with us. As if the people there are starving. As if the lights do not switch on there anymore. If — and of course I do not hope for this — things keep going badly for the euro, we say: rather a strong Dutch guilder than a weak euro.

Who is the government going to make pay the bill? Ordinary Dutch people: Henk and Ingrid. The AOW [public basic pension for the old age], the WW [unemployment benefit], mortgage tax relief, student grants, nursing care: everything is passing by. But we think differently. The PVV mostly wants to make cuts in the left-wing ideals.

[video, part 2] Mr. Chairman, in another respect 2009 was a disastrous year. The immigration record was broken again. Everyone seeks budget cuts, everyone is looking for billions. But nobody dares to talk about the costs of mass immigration. Do you still remember? Last year we asked the government how much mass immigration costs us. The government did not want to tell us. The average citizen was not allowed to know it. It had to remain a state secret. Therefore we ourselves had it calculated by NYFER, a renowned research institute. And the report is there.[1] President, I would like to hand it over to you, so you can make it available for inspection.
- - - - - - - - -
Mr. Chairman, NYFER concludes that the contribution of non-Western immigrants to our public finances is negative. A few examples from the report to emphasize this fact: 23 percent of Afghan immigrants, 30 percent of Iraqi immigrants, and 36 percent of Somali immigrants in the Netherlands are on social security benefits. Non-Western immigrants are more frequently suspects of a crime than natives. Turks and Moroccans of the second generation are even doing worse than the first generation.

We already knew that over 40 percent of the money spent on social security benefits goes to non-Western immigrants. We already knew that Moroccans are five times more often the suspects of a crime than are natives. And we also already knew that in Rotterdam more than half of the Moroccan men between 18 and 24 years of age — more than half! — have been in contact with the police as a suspect of crime.

Mr. Chairman, the main conclusion of the report by NYFER: mass immigration of non-Western immigrants costs us €7.2 billion euros every year. NYFER writes, and I quote: “These costs are incurred because non-Western immigrants more often than average rely on disability benefits and unemployment benefits and social security benefits. They make a greater use of care, and their over-representation in crime causes extra costs.” Unquote. Mr. Chairman, what every right-thinking person already knew has now been confirmed: mass immigration is costing us billions, more than 7 billion per year.

Mr. Chairman, when we take on mass immigration, we can save billions in the coming decades. Billions that we can use to recover from the economic crisis. Nobody else talks about this, but we do.

Mr. Chairman, Pim Fortuyn already said it: “This country is fed up”.

Mr. Chairman, in its paperwork this government announces proudly that the earnings from traffic fines in recent years has risen sharply, but it remains silent in it on the crime rate. So let me mention a few facts. Facts about the capital of this country, Amsterdam. The city of Job Cohen [former mayor of Amsterdam, who recently became the new party leader of the PvdA (Labour Party, Socialists)]. What did 2009 bring for Amsterdam? In particular: more crime. More robberies, more threats, more assaults, more burglaries. Murder and manslaughter? An increase of more than 70 percent. No, there is nothing wrong with your ears, you heard it correctly: an increase of more than se—ven—ty percent. What Job Cohen did to Amsterdam he now wants to inflict on the entire Netherlands. A vote for Cohen is a vote for mass immigration and a vote for crime.

Mr. Chairman, our streets, neighborhoods, villages and cities have to become safe again. We therefore will have to invest in high minimum sentences, higher maximum sentences, and more police officers.

Mr. Chairman, during past five years the number of police officers has barely increased. Yes, there were new desk jobs, many new paper-pushers. But, despite promises by the political elite, there were almost no additional officers out on the street. That is a travesty. The Freedom Party opts for a substantial amount of extra money for security: 10,000 extra police officers. Not behind a desk, but out on the street. Not writing tickets, but catching criminals.

Mr. Chairman, our senior care was also not in a good shape last year. From government documents we learn that the number of defaulters also increased, as well as the number of interpreters and translators for our “bi-cultural” fellow citizens. And even so it is not going well. This week it became known that more than half the staff in the care plans to quit. Reasons: too little money, too much of a work overload, and too much administration. The PVV wants 10,000 extra and also better-paid nurses; we reserve about 800 million extra for this. We need more hands at the bed. Now it often is the case that our elderly in the nursing homes are worse off than criminals in prison. This of course cannot stand. It must be exactly the other way around. Our elderly must receive the care they deserve.

Mr. Chairman, the Netherlands stands at a crossroads. Are we turning left? And do we choose for mass immigration? Or are we turning right? And we choose for the Netherlands?

We are convinced that the Netherlands has no need of a new cabinet that is bad for the Netherlands. The Netherlands has no need for Purple III [Socialists (red), Center-right Liberals (blue)]. The Netherlands does not have any need whatsoever for a government with the PvdA [Labour Party, Socialists] and Job Cohen. [video, part 3 (interruption of the debate)] [video, part 4] What the Netherlands needs now is a government with the Party for Freedom (PVV). We want to govern. And when it becomes possible, we will govern. We are ready for it.

To the people at home who are now watching or listening to this debate, I say: you hold the key. On June 9 you may make a historic choice; it is up to you:

  • Economic decline or prosperity?
  • Islamic culture or our culture?
  • Europe or the Netherlands?
  • Immigration or security?
  • The elite or Henk and Ingrid?

The choice is them or us.

Choose the Party for Freedom.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

[1] The NYFER investigation of the costs of mass immigration:

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Early Light said...

Very informative; great work as usual, Baron. It would be interesting to see such statistics from the UK and Sweden. Does that make me a racist/fascist for saying that? ROFL!

Profitsbeard said...

Things have to be very bad in The Netherlands for Wilders to say:

"Islamic culture or our culture?"

In previous electoral language candidates would only say "a foreign culture".

But now the Muslim challenge is so stark that to start oppose it no longer needs to be uttery soft-pedalled.

Geert Wilders is the anti-toxin Holland needs.

To flush trickling Sharia out.