Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Free the Dudley Two!

EDL Dudley rooftopThe news about the EDL prisoners in Wolverhampton has been trickling in all day. It has been confusing and sometimes contradictory, but the upshot is that “Leon and Snowy” were denied bail and are still in the Wolverhampton jail, in company with Muslim prisoners. They will face another court appearance on Monday.

At least one of them has injuries, which were reportedly sustained when both of them were beaten up by police during the storming of the rooftop at the Dudley mosque site.

I’ll take the available material in more or less the order it came in. First, this message was on the EDL forum early this morning:

Just saw this message. Its on FB group as well… “Leon phoned last night and asked me to pass this on to u.he is in court tomorrow morning 9.30being done for burglary with intent to damage, religious hatred.”

“Tomorrow morning 9.30” meant today, May 5th. There was a brief rumor that they had been granted bail, but that turned out not to be true.

After their appearance this came in:

Update: right just for confirmation both have been remanded into custody on the grounds that they would cause public order offences if released. The charges varied from burglary to religious hatred. “Leon” has a broken arm and a black eye. The will be back at court on Monday, not personally but via video link.

The EDL immediately mustered its people and started a special Facebook group whose purpose is to gain the release of the prisoners:

Please propagate this link: FREE THE DUDLEY 2!!!!!

From the EDL forum, an urge to visit the EDL website:

Please go to EDL website: 2 EDL heroes have injuries and remanded in custody — with muslim prisoners!

Charged with burglary and incitement to racial hatred.

Cops wont let them out on bail.

Court case by video-link. Treating them like terrorists!

Also from the forum:

I saw this appeal go out over on the main EDL Facebook page.

I’m repeating it here. It is estimated that it is going to cost £12,000 to pay for counsel to defend Snowy and Leon.

Please add a comment to this thread when you’ve made a donation. Keep it active and at the top of the chat so that everyone who visits the forum sees it.

I have donated half my weekly income to Snowy & Leon’s defense. There is a PayPal button on the front page of the main EDL website.

It’s there for a reason, so please use it.

A reader has this suggestion:

I saw the segment on the EDL in captivity at the Wolverhampton police station. You posted the address and phone number and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if someone posted their e-mail addresses:

also of interest:

I’ve already sent in a few rounds every day.

According to the Socialist Worker, the storming of the roof occurred because the Leftist/Muslim alliance threatened the police with continued violence if their demands were not met:
- - - - - - - - -
Then we heard that some EDL supporters had tried to attack the existing mosque and that a young Asian man was arrested trying to defend it.

So we went there and told the police we would not get out of the street or disperse until he was released, and until we drove the EDL out of town.

Eventually the police gave in — they released the young guy and broke onto the roof to remove the remaining two EDL members.

For anyone who thinks that David Cameron and the Tories are significantly better than Labour concerning the EDL, think again:

Speaking about the recent visits to the town by anti-mosque protestors the English Defence League, Mr Cameron said they were “disgraceful people”, who would “always be under review” if he was in power, adding “and if I needed to ban them I will”.

And Aeneas at the ICLA website writes about the “English Defence League Political Prisoners”:

The following account is sketchy and incomplete so in effect anything could have happened. I have not managed to confirm the details, but if true this is extremely a very shocking and worrying development for civil liberties in Great Britain.


There are some suggestions that a police officer was seen to be ‘beaten to a near pulp’ by Muslims and that police managed to arrest the main perpetrator. Apparently Muslims activists said that if he was not released then they would riot in the town. I understand that they also threatened to riot if the ‘Rooftop Two’ were not removed from their position. Shortly afterwards I hear that the ‘Rooftop Two’ were tasered by police before being arrested. This as far as I am aware is unprecedented. It suggests that the police respond the Islamic pressure as though Islam is the source of the laws that they seek to enforce.

It seems that the British establishment is now openly at war with the British people. This is completely unacceptable! There seems to be official institutional racism against those who consider themselves English at the behest of some people who consider themselves to be Muslim. This cannot be allowed to continue, the English appear to be being persecuted and maltreated in their own country. We have heard that the brothers of one of the political prisoners reports that he is now on hunger strike.

Please help publicise this injustice as much as you can, the mainstream media does not seem to be touching it. It would be good to get this in the public eye. It would appear that the elite wants to push the important issue of the spread of sharia norms and the persecution of non Muslims under the carpet.

Tomorrow is election day in the UK. It will probably be a bit hectic over there, but I’ll post anything useful as soon as it arrives.

Hat tips to lots of people; I can’t remember them all. Y’all know who you are. But especially Gaia, who always keeps me up to date.