Sunday, January 06, 2008

More About the Bishop of Rochester

A reader just sent us the following email:

I read the article by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali in today’s Sunday Telegraph. The readers’ comments are a revelation of people’s anger and frustration at a government bent on the destruction of the nation through use of the alien Moslem presence. I’ve gone through all the comments, in which parts of the following cities or towns are said by readers to be no-go:

  • Accrington
  • Blackburn
  • Bradford
  • Burnley
  • Coventry
  • Dewsbury
  • Glasgow
  • Keighley
  • Oldham
  • Reading
  • Rusholme
  • Slough
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Walthamstow

A commenter at GoV asks where they can contact the Bishop to offer encouragement. A member of my family has been writing to him for several years:

The Bishop of Rochester

[Nothing follows]


X said...

I can confirm keighly, bradford, oldham and rusholme, though that last one is a bit of an oddity. It's divided between hindu gujaratis, sikhs and pakistani muslims so there are often gang-fights in the back streets. However, the main street through the area is as safe as houses; the mostly hindu indian restaurants all along it have made sure that the gangs stay away because it's bad for business to have blood on the streets when people are trying to eat.

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of "quartiers chauds" worldwide. Have a look at France!

no2liberals said...

And yet, Catholic Bishops To to face 'fundamentalism' grilling.

Boyd said...

Move along, Nothing to see here;

Unknown said...

Dear "tc" -

What is the point of posting a worldwide list of zones of prostitution here? You wouldn't by any chance be pulling someone's chimes now, would you?

X said...

I did wonder why Soho was on the list...

Bsdouglass said...

What are the zones in Coventry?

I was coming back from Birmingham Int'l and some Muslim guy went crazy(er) and head-butted and punched some people at the bus stop to the car park. Some Sikhs came to the rescue well before the cops showed up and gave the guy a good beating. It's not far from the airport to the local center of hate just down Coventry Rd in Birmingham.