Sunday, January 13, 2008

“Death to America! Jihad!”

I reported last September about the arrest of eight would-be Islamic terror bombers in Copenhagen. Friday’s Copenhagen Post has the latest update on the story:

Terrorism suspects caught on film

Investigators had the flat of a person they suspect was planning a terrorist attack bugged for months

Two men currently awaiting trail for planning an act of terrorism were reportedly filmed by investigators as they made the explosive they intended to use in the bombing, according to TV2.

The revelation gives an insight into the investigative techniques used by PET, the domestic intelligence agency, during the months-long investigation that culminated with a series of arrests in and around Copenhagen in September.

Eight men have been charged as a result of the investigation. The two men caught on film are the only two that remain in custody while the state prepares its case.
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Once PET had reason to suspect that the resident of the flat in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district was trying to assemble a bomb, it placed hidden cameras in each of its rooms during a secret mission this summer.

The film reportedly shows the two making TATP [a.k.a. “the Mother of Satan” — BB], a form of explosive commonly used in suicide bombings. It was found in the flat when police made the arrests.

The search also turned up seven mobile phones and 50 calling cards, according to TV2. The phones reportedly contained video recordings of Muslims yelling ‘Death to America — Jihad’ and the 2001 World Trade Centre attack.

In addition, a number of the building’s residents are said to have told investigators that the two tested detonation devices in the stairwell.

Neither PET nor prosecutors wished to comment about the revelations.

Would we have been better off if this information weren’t made public? Now that it’s appeared on Danish TV, one assumes that the remaining mujahideen will scrutinize the ceiling molding and potted plants in their apartments that much more carefully.

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Zonka said...

Well the time used searching for surveillance equipment, won't be used to manufactoring bombs...

Seriously if any Western intelligence agency seriously wants to bug your apartment, chances are that the bugs you'll find are the ones you're supposed to find... The important ones are almost impossible to detect unless you have some pretty advanced counter-surveillance equipment, and even then you can't be 100% certain.

So I don't think it's a good thing that this information has been made public... It's time to plant a bit more paranoia among the Jihadis and wannabe-jihadis.

Zenster said...

In addition, a number of the building’s residents are said to have told investigators that the two tested detonation devices in the stairwell.

What is it about jihadis that makes them so incredibly stupid? Rhetorical question, I know but the level of outright self-defeating moronic counterproductive idiocy in these effing gits is simply breathtaking.

Zonka: It's time to plant a bit more paranoia among the Jihadis and wannabe-jihadis.

Airing this information may have its best effect in militating the public. There's nothing like footage of recognizable Muslims plotting their usual evildoing to get the commoners up in arms.

Far better would be to have all of these dirtbags experience a series of fatal "accidents" after full interrogation. Our world needs to begin making the half-life of jihadists exceptionally short.

Better yet will be the time when we have so aggressively exterminated these jihadist scumballs whereby they must first look over their shoulder before yelling, "Death to America!"

ole said...

Since my highscool days in Denmark 30 years ago I have been following the exploits of the PET with great interest.
It's a small but very eficient organisation, that seams to have found a way of dealing with the Generel Stupidity And PC'ness of the danish politicians.
In the times of the cold war, there were ocations when the PET ,while investigating russian or eastgerman spy-networks, found that these were connected directly to leftwing government ministers...
Today the PET is in a very similar situation : one the one hand they have catch all the muslim terrorists before they manage to blow up something ; but one the other hand, their political masters can be seen at cocktailparties making politics with the very same muslims ,or at least their very close cousins.
I have a bad feeling that this kind of scizofreny has made the PET ( and probably other eurpoean intelligence services) into a double-edged sword , that could be used agaist any target the goverment would point them at.

U.K. TODAY. said...

Only those at the very echelon of Islamic Jihad could be considered "sharpest tools in the box". Those whom carry out "orders", are simply programmed to do so, thus in effect, interlectually, are punching way above their weight.

The fact that these two imbiciles were stupid enugh to test out explosives in the starwell of their own building, indicates this point.