Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Public Disturbances Expected

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a translation of an article from yesterday’s De Telegraaf, followed by his commentary.

“Possibly several days of disturbances after Koran movie”

Riot in SlotervaartHilversum — The Ministry of the Interior is seriously considering the possibility of widespread public disturbances lasting several days as a consequence of the Koran movie produced by Geert Wilders. The ministry therefore issued a letter to the municipalities, police, fire, and health departments, pointing to the measures they may have to take.

If long-term deployment leads to capacity problems in their region, the authorities can apply for support from the army or the Marechaussee [Royal Military Constabulary].

Also, all leaves of emergency services employees and volunteers can be canceled, and it might be a consideration to temporarily halt courses, exercises and training, as well as other events.

This and more is written in a letter issued by the Country Operational Coordination Center (LOCC), which was obtained by the news program “Een Vandaag”.

Dick Schoof, Director-general for security of the Department for the Interior, pointed out that in the program “quite often these kinds of letters” are sent, amongst other examples, during the European Football championships, or when a flood is imminent. “We have to prepare for the worst. Without saying that the worst automatically will happen”, according to Mr. Schoof.

The worst possible case after showing this movie, according to Mr. Schoof, is major unrest in society, where polarization and radicalizing will lead to severe disturbances. The top civil servant stated that the government can better prepare itself in privacy, and found the leaking of this letter “annoying”.

November last year the Secretary for the Interior, Guusje ter Horst first issued a letter regarding the Koran movie. She asked all mayors to be on “extra alert” for civil unrest and disturbances rising between population groups because of the movie made by Wilders.

The PVV Leader wants to translate into visual terms his opinion that the Koran is a fascistic book that will lead to violence.

And now for H. Numan’s commentary:
- - - - - - - - -
One almost cannot believe his eyes. This is sowing panic in capital letters! Not to mention the ultimate evidence the government is without any idea at all how to handle this — possible! — situation. And above all vilifying Mr. Geert Wilders in the worst possible way.

Who exactly is going to riot? Dutch pensioners? The National Windmill Society? The average citizen with a job, who, therefore, has to apply for a leave of absence? Not bloody likely. Muslims have issued notice in no uncertain words that they will create havoc if Wilders has the guts to produce this movie.

I am certain the government will not act at all “so as not to worsen the situation”. They did so repeatedly during the New Year riots, and just before that in Slotervaart. So, why the brave talk of calling in the army? Well, they are clever enough to understand that sooner or later the Dutch will fight back. Not because they want to, but because they have to. It’s one thing to see your car burned, but quite another to see hoodlums preparing to torch your house, plunder your shop or rape your kids.

That is the moment the army will respond, and not a moment before.

It’s outrageous how the government has been behaving the last couple of months. Or, more accurately: since they were elected. During the first one hundred days the government went on a fact-finding mission. De facto, there was no government! No problem at all, everything went smooth as clockwork. The problems started when the government got back from their hundred-day holiday and got to work.

They began by breaking their solemn promises to their constituents: the army will remain in Afghanistan, and the EU constitution was accepted without approval of parliament. Then they leaked information that Wilders was creating a movie, and followed by trying to get him banned from the country, without anybody uttering a word!


spackle said...

Letting mass Muslim immigration into Europe is akin to drug addiction with these elected and unelected officials. They know it can only lead to no good, but it makes there multicultural souls feel sooooo damm good they just cant help themselves. Maybe what we need is a 12 step program for these folks, or maybe an anti PC methadone program. If there is rioting the call for the army would probably lead to physical PC withdrawl symptoms and mental breakdowns from the multi-culti set.

Aeneas said...

I think that to show solidarity with Geert Wilders and the Dutch people we should all fly the Dutch flag when he releases his film.

Ronbo said...

The ROP upset over a little ole ten minute movie? I'm shocked, I tell you, simply SHOCKED! I mean Muslims engaged in "anti-Islamic activites!

Spinoneone said...

Well, of course one vilifies the author is expressing his point of view. But do the Dutch really want to depend on their Army which acted so ably at Sbrenica? I mean, look how well they protected the Muslims that time; who thinks they will do better in the opposite direction? Perhaps it is time for the Dutch to give some consideration to emigration....again.

Epaminondas said...

It actually no longer matters what the movie shows, the grievance, humiliation, riot, blasphemy machine needs food.

First three days small demostrations and then quiet, within 60 days boycotts fatwas and BIG demos.

Watch it all while munching MO cookies

Park your cars out of sight of any TV camera.

Anonymous said...

This is about winning through intimidation.

And because this intimidation strategy is so obvious , it's also a bit of an intelligence test for the Netherlands.

Profitsbeard said...

Pass the popcorn.

Theater butter style.

the doctor said...

Can I suggest a simpler way to deal with the anticipated unrest following release of Wilder's film , " Please disperse " , no they stay put , " police -- take aim-- fire " .
Problem solved .

Whiskey said...

What the Government likely is really worried about is some ambitious young police commander or Military officer seeing himself as the new William of Orange, defender of the people against a noxious alien presence intent on destroying their freedom and way of life.

Such a man at such a moment could go far, given government impotence. Failure to act as the people's protector could lead to someone else taking that role. And of course the wealth and power that goes with it.

But the government cannot be everywhere, and it's tools of repression are not the same as Stalin's.

Profitsbeard said...

Inviting in ideological termites was a suicidal move.

These are only the first few nibbles:

Pim Fortuyn. -Assassinated.
Theo van Gogh. -Slaughtered.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali. -Driven from country.
Geert Wilders. -Living under constant police guard.

Imagine when the jihadis are more than a few percent of the population.

"The boy who put his finger in the dyke" was symbolic of the foresight of a Dutch lad.

Wilders is that lad, anew.

Except that few Hollanders remember the story, or its meaning.

Multiculturalism's blindness is too widespread.

Not even having a celebrity satirist massacred on the streets of Amsterdam by an Islamic terrorist woke the Dutch people.

Maybe Rotterdam needs to be burned- again- by fascists for them to rouse.

That'll come.

Just wait, Nederlanders.

Or, better yet, act!

PRCalDude said...

At the very least, they should be purchasing benchtop lathes and milling machines and learning how to use them. They should also set about finding gun plans, which are ubiquitous on the internet.

Zenster said...

Who exactly is going to riot? Dutch pensioners? The National Windmill Society? The average citizen with a job, who, therefore, has to apply for a leave of absence? Not bloody likely. Muslims have issued notice in no uncertain words that they will create havoc if Wilders has the guts to produce this movie.

Notice how Muslim clerics and spokesmen always say, "I cannot prevent others from committing violence" or "I cannot say how more extreme elements will respond"?

Notice how they NEVER say, "We will work hard to ensure that the Muslim community remains peaceful even if they feel antagonized by this movie ... cartoon ... drawing ... teddy bear ... piglet plush toy ..."?

ALWAYS there are the veiled threats of violence. NEVER are there even remote attempts at keeping the peace. How much longer are Europeans going to put up with this idiotic charade?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Actually I have a (possibly naïve) hope that all this pre-awareness will defuse the eventual trouble significantly. We'll all be prepared for the 'usual Islamic violence', which then can't surprise us.

Just dreaming, of course. I realize many more confrontations will be a-comin'.

Anonymous said...

Here's a somewhat related 3 minute satirical video, with music by Cat Stevens. Please enjoy responsibly, refrain from violence and property damage.

It's a religion of peace. Let's welcome muslim immigrants.


Meet any muslim demonstration with lethal force,have an end to this intimidation,we will have to fight them eventually ,so it might as well be now.

DaToad said...

The only places where violent demonstrations and riots are met with the force they deserve are in dictatorships.

Until the muslims are taught to respect the countries they are in, they will continue to do exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately, the first lesson will not be taught in Holland. I don't see the Dutch police shooting anyone.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I couldn't help but notice the reference to the use of the Dutch "military". My limited exposure to Dutch naval units does not induce any confidence in their effectiveness or discipline. They were a sorry lot which was later explained by the existence of a "union". Is this still the case and what is the position of these collective bargaining organizations regarding this issue?

ole said...

Wiskey 199 made an important point here : as the situation gets worse it will be more and more difficult to prevent the dhimmies from finding a leader which will enable them to revolt. In a certain VERY limited way ,this is what brought Zarkozy to power in France.
In the future when MUCH bigger scale riotin will have to be fought, real leaders will emerge from the militaery who will defy their political masters and save the day.
The most important thing we can do is therefor to incurrage our children to join the army or other security sevices.
Nothing makes me more proud than to share with you the fact that I have 4 sons who serve in combat units.

Sodra Djavul said...

"The only places where violent demonstrations and riots are met with the force they deserve are in dictatorships."

This very well may be the case today in modern democracies, but it was not always the case. The Whiskey Rebellion comes to mind in the early days of America. Democracies can still retain their democratic structure and meet unlawful violence with restraining violence. At least in my mind it should.

Take for example the violent riots in Los Angeles in the 90's. I understand that no one was in leadership at the time willing to do so, but someone should have told the police to shoot violent rioters.

The first function of a government is to ensure the safety of its citizenry, using the means its citizenry has provided them. Abdicating this to an angry mob should be criminal.

- Sodra