Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Bleg for Redstate.com

For American readers…and any European readers who are interested in the arcana of American politics:

Redstate is fundraising in order to refurbish their website.

If you’re not familiar with the site, I recommend you stop by and consider a donation to the project.

In addition to book reviews, they have a state-by-state breakdown of conservative websites and a link to Human Events. They also do interviews of writers, politicians, etc. and provide a link to buy conservative books very cheaply.

Most importantly, Redstate is not just devoted to the current presidential campaign — though I found it invaluable for that during the run-up to the last one in 2004.

I think it’s worth donating to, mainly because there are no George Soroses waiting in the wings to give the big bucks to conservative websites. Historically, it has been individual donations that keep the Right going, while the Left can be assured of the unions, Hollywood, Silicon Valley (including good ol’ Bill Gates).

Their new upgrade will include:

  • improved tools for state and local blogging
  • online activism channels
  • enhanced social networking
  • a conservative job/volunteer board
  • special tools for easier posting
  • tools for tracking new comments and total comments
  • user access to comments
  • ability to track recent activity on the site

Hmm…I notice that Gates of Vienna is not on the state listing — Virginia — of conservative blogs. No doubt this is because we spend so much time now in Europe, where the darkest clouds are gathering.

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Bobby Coggins said...

I hope they really put some focus on the state-level activism modules.

Most of our state-level conservative blogs aren't even listed from North Carolina.

Thanks for reminding me to give a few bucks.

Ethelred said...


What is a Bleg?

Charlemagne said...

A Blog/Beg?

They'll be getting nothing from me. Some time ago they banned me and somehow have even prevented me from accessing the site.

My offense? Disagreeing with whomever the moderator was over illegal immigration. He kept responding with odd and bizarre comments that made no sense and acted like he couldn't grasp my position. Many of the other posters also held the same position and tried to make the moderator understand mine.
In the end I made some comment about his inability to comprehend logic and was banished.
I sent them several e-mails asking specifically how I had violated their posting policy, I had not, and received no response.
RedState is on par with LGF in my opinion. Good for news consolidation, not much on real debate.

Dymphna said...

Charlemagne --

That's a disturbing story.

I have just spent the better part of an hour deleting and explaining and re-explaining our comment rules here.

I cannot imagine *not* responding to an email that asked for an explanation.

If I get a chance I will write and ask them...

Send me an email on Friday if I don't get back to this, would you? The Baron will be back by then and I'll have time to chase this.

Very dumb move if you plan to ask people for money??

Charlemagne said...

Dymphna - anything from RedState?

Seeker Onos said...

I've been an on-again/off-again poster at RedState for a little over a year, and to the best of my knowledge, have never said anything that I knew was "out of line" with their policy.

Yet, I've been summarily banned today without explanation as well -- and I'm not terribly sure why, other than my statement of distaste for the possibility of voting for a particular candidate who supports immigration amnesty and open borders, and who has also surged in the primaries very recently.

I guess criticizing this candidate, (whom I think a particular moderator's favorite) comes with a price at RedState - getting silenced.

And after a few attempts to reach them, nada.

I know they (RedState) are a privately-owned group and can do whatever they like, but if they ban me and then beg me for my money, they will need to work on their PR and on reining in the egos of some of their mods just a bit.