Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Details on the Rage Gurl Councillor in the Netherlands

Here’s the full report on the Shrieking Dutch Muslim councillorette, translated by HN.

This news story contains the whole email and some of the surrounding events. As I said before, Ms. Ismaili ought to get together with Hillary since their basic styles have much in common. Besides, Hillary could teach her to make nice in public. Obviously a few decorum lessons, if not heavy doses of psychiatric meds, would be of use to Ms.Ismaili.

[I took very few liberties with the text, just changing some verb tenses. Our translator did a good job]

Politician is Having Trouble After Her Email

ROTTERDAM - The Rotterdam PvdA-councilor Bouchra Ismaili is in hot water over a filthy hateful email to a Dutch citizen

The e-mail was addressed to a man who had corrected Ms. Ismaili on statements given by the controversial muslim organisation Hizb ut Tahrir. The politician, who originally came from Morocco, used in her mail words as ‘drop dead’, ‘convert to islam’ and ‘you are the migrants here!!!’.

Ismaili has been corrected by vice-faction leader Marco van Dijck. [Ismaili] said she sent the mail in an impulse of anger, because she heard that day somebody in Rotterdam use racist language. “I don’t want to justify myself, but I have been attacked as a muslim politician for years with hate mail from extreme right wing persons. Normally, I delete them without reading, however when I saw this mail something snapped inside me. All the more so, because I heard someone that day said all Moroccans should die. That was for me the proverbial drop that tipped the bucket.”

Jos Parbleu, the man who received this mail from Ismaili, had sent hundreds of local politicians a copy of this email, containing statements made by Okay Pala van Hizb ut-Tahrir. In this mail he was worried about the rise of islam, and in particular by this Hizb ut-Tahrir movement, which is under surveillance by the national intelligence agency, AIVD. A few hours later Parbleu found this reply in his mailbox. He said he was startled: “This clearly shows the desperate situation our country is in now!”

- - - - - - - - -
The following mail is the one written by city counselor, Ms. Bouchra Ismaili. Please draw your own conclusions:

Listen, you dirty fool WIJ WILL REMAIN HERE hahahahahahaha DROP DEAD. I am a Dutch muslim woman and will remain that until I die. I don’t feel any pity for your ilk you have to live with hatred, real sad. My father and mother worked hard to build this land and I don’t listen to anything other people say of think. You are a pathetic devil worshiper!!! you sold your soul!!! Strange that you believe in the devil and his minions but deny God1 the almighty, ruler over the heavens and earth. Your ilk are the worst terrorists you terrorize our lives here in The Netherlands for years. But fortunately there aren’t too many of you and most Dutch are civilized and tolerant. You yourselves are the migrants!!!! With Allah on my side I fear nothing and nobody. I AND MY FELLOW MUSLIMS LIVE your ilk is eaten by hatred. A word of advice if I may convert to Islam and find peace in your heart. Hatred eats you away and empties your heart. You have limited time left in this life go and live it and enjoy it will be over soon enough. We live ………………. …. you try to undo and influence the fate of others. Freemason hahahaha you aren’t free you are a slave of the devil. You think you are a god yourself real sad have you head examined! If you are a man with BALLS let me know who you are and talk to me face to face. I know you are empty inside and feel you sometimes don’t exist. You want to be seen and heard but you are ordinary ORDINARY, a gray mouse a miserable little person one of the billions walking the earth. But I hear your call for help I hear you shouting for attention. I will make time available despite the fact I’m busy making The Netherlands more beautiful and safer where people can develop themselves in peace and democracy live no matter their skin color or faith. Where even devil worshipers can have there own spot, for who am I to judge. I leave that to the judge of judges ALLAH A RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!

(Please note that the bad punctuation, spelling and grammar is a direct transcription of the original mail.)

After a reply like this, you normally go to the boss, which Mr. Parbleu of course did. He wrote to the chairman of the PvdA for the community of Charlois (part of Rotterdam). This was the reply:

Dear People,

I wouldn’t give this too much attention.

Ms. Bouchra’s response is understandable but maybe a bit offensive to some, and we as PvdA would not like to be held responsible for it. For example, Jos Parbleu (the constituent in question - translator) posted on the blog mores-mores a reply to an article written by Alain Caruba, a US citizen, as he presents himself. He added an article supposedly written by a Freemason. This article is completely bogus. According to this article Freemasons are out to rule the world. Nothing is further away from the truth, as I, being a Freemason can testify.

Ms. Bouchra assumes in her response to Jos Parbleu that he is a Freemason. Wrongly, as he never suggested it.

Just let it rest.

Translated into American bureaucratese, this response from the boss seems to say the usual CYA “back to work, folks. Nothing to see here.” Why is it that jobs in the public sector seem to kill creativity and actual thought processes?

Poor Max Weber. I wish he had seen his ideas to the conclusions of their unintended consequences.

At any rate, my favorite part of Ms. Ismaili’s screech email remains this excerpt:

if I may convert [you] to Islam and find peace in your heart. Hatred eats you away and empties your heart.

Based on this assertion, Rage Gurl is going to need cardiac surgery herself before too long.


Homophobic Horse said...

Austers first law strikes again.

"Freemasons are slaves of the devil"

On a related note, the European Union recently tried to commission a propaganda cartoon called "Captain Europe". The nemesis of Captain Europe was a certain "Dr D.Vider"; he was decked in purple robes and had a distinctly Jewish look. Incidently Captain Europe also had a distinctly Aryan aspect.

From which we can conclude that both:

A. Jews and Freemasons have a plot to rule the world by dividing people against each other, thus preventing the grand coming togther of the European millenium.

B. Jews and Freemasons seek to unite the world under their godless one-world government and destroy all countries.

Other things to remember: When infiltrating leftist organisations remember that 9/11 was both a mossad inside job and a legitmate response to Americann imperialism by brave Jihadis.

Zenster said...

Ms. Bouchra’s response is understandable but maybe a bit offensive to some, and we as PvdA would not like to be held responsible for it.

Perish the effing thought, Mr. Parbleu. Otherwise you might have to bring up Ms. Bouchra on one of your beloved hate crime charges. Or are all Muslims immune to that because only whites can be racist? How is it that Ms. Bouchra isn't out on the street and jobless after this obviously bigoted and pro-Islamic tirade?

Ms. Bouchra assumes in her response to Jos Parbleu that he is a Freemason.

Who controls the British Crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do, we do.
Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do, we do.
Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We do, we do.
Who robs cave fish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do, we do!

Catfeesh Sammich said...

Re: Homophobic (Hebrew) Horse

On a related note, AIPAC recently tried to commission a propaganda cartoon called "Captain Israel". The nemesis of Captain Israel was a certain "Mullah Hitler"; he was decked in brown robes and head-cloth and had a distinctly European look. Incidentally Captain Israel also had a distinctly Semitic aspect.

From which we can conclude that both:

A. Europeans and Muslims have a plot to rule the world by joining forces against Israel, thus preventing the grand coming together of the Jewish millennium.

B. Europeans and Muslims seek to unite the world under their Islamo-Nazi one-world government and destroy all Jews.

Other things to remember: When infiltrating conservative blogs and attacking Europeans, remember that the Holocaust was both an unforgivable collective sin of all Europeans, and a genocide that was ultimately prevented by the intervention of...more Europeans!

Sodra Djavul said...

Humorously OT

LGF: Vlaams Belang - EEEEEKK!!

Apparently a group calling itself "Cities against Islamisation" held a press conference in Antwerp announcing their creation. The original article mentions that BNP representatives were present. By LGF's guilt-by-association rules, this is double-plus ungood and means all parties there ascribe to all ideologies of the BNP.

Then a smear of the Vlaams Belang. Then a smear of Gates of Vienna and CVF for supporting the VB.

It would be funny if it weren't so predictable. Wait a minute. It's still funny!

Check out the comments section where you will find some serious meltdown of the LGF mob with questions regarding which former European anti-Islamist heroes can still be trusted.

Like I said earlier, these loons are all about trading cookie recipes while sitting on their fat, happy backsides.

- Sodra

KGS said...

There is also some question as to whether the BNP were actually there, since there was only one report about that Charles published.

So it's still up in the air. There hasn't been (as far as I know) any pics with BNP members in it.

U.K. TODAY. said...

AH, - Hizb ut-Tahrir.

In mid-ninetees London I worked for a number of years in Finsbury Park.
I will openly admit, that at that time the only thing I knew about Islam, was that it was a religion of the Middle East.

One bleak mid-winters night, I awaited the overground train for my journey home. The British transport system leaves alot to be desired, and, on this particular night, all trains were running at least half an hour late.

I decided to take a stroll down the high street, if only to stop the blood in my viens from freezing solid, and that - is when I had my eureka moment!!.

Outside a high street bank, stood a queue of frozen customers waiting to use the ATM/cash point facilities. I would not have even noticed them, but for an altercation and the general melee that quickly followed.
Lying, prostrate on the seat of is pants was an elderly gentleman, whos "crime", seemed to be, that of taking too long in time to make his withdrawl. As he struggled to extracate himself from the icy sidewalk/pavement, I caught my first glance of what I now recognise as Hizb ut-Tahrir.

There, - in the midsts of a sub-zero English winter, stood an extremely large, Arab gentleman dressed in the attire of a middle eastern bedouin. Around him, stood his obvious subordinants, bristling with rage at the public at large.

Kaffir - Infidel - Dhimmi - They bellowed!.

I had no concept,(as yet) to the meaning of these words, but by the strength of conviction that they were being hurled, I guessed that they were, of a somewhat derogatory nature.

Perhaps, this event would have totally faded from my memory in other circumstances, but a few months later I was confronted again, by the large Arab, in the relative sanctuary of my own living room.
"Omar-Bakri-Mohammed", read the caption at the bottom of the T.V. screen, as my senses exploded at this "harrowing sight". There, in front of the watching audiences of London town, Bakri gave his first, power packed speach of hate, deriding us all, as creatures of loathing and pity. I would have been furious, if I had taken him seriously. Yet, on T.V., (unlike what I had witnessed of him at street level), he came across as a sort of ridiculous, Arab santa-claus figure, that, (I assumed), would be driven back to the nearest mental asylum during the next commercial break. - And yet - he got away with it. And continued to do so.

Over the preceding years, Arabic attire for both male and female, became a more and more prevalent sight around the streets of London. Sub-conciously, I always linked this to Hizb Ut-Tahrir, yet I know there were far wider forces at work. I decided to study Islamic fundementalism more closely, and was shocked at how piously the Islamic world took this all engulfing religion. Friends and collegues, complained that I had developed a schizophrenic side when relating to the subject of Islam. So with these words in mind, I left the subject alone.

The summer of 1997, was to be my final few months working in Finsbury Park. Throughout my time working in the area, the infamous Mosque had developed a radical reputation, and with it, the social structure of the immidiate surrodings had taken on a more sinister tone.
Bakri-Mohammed, was now a recognisable figure, on television screens throughout the Capital, and although his views were obscene and utterly racist, on all subjects other than Islam, - Nobody seemed to care.

My final (in the flesh), experience of Bakri-Mohammed, is one which will live in the memory till my dying days.
A few days prior to this event, Bakri-Mohammed had "graced" our T.V. screens with yet another of his vile, virtuoso performances. He had acclaimed, that when his Islamists took power in Britain, there would be no more "Spicie girls", from that moment on.
I must confess though, on this point, for the first, last and only time, I supported Bakri-Mohammed and Hizb Ut-Tahrir fully!!!.

I arrived, at Finsbury Park train station and stood surveying the sight on the platform opposite. There, in all of his "glory", stood Bakri-Mohammed, with whom I can only presume was his wife, dressed to the nines in Islamic attire. They looked around in utter contempt at the "dhimmis", in their midst. Unfortunately for him, Bakri-Mohammeds army of minnions had, been involved in an altercation with a local building site earlier that day and Bakri-Mohammed was their recognisable overlord.
Like a bullet from a gun there suddenly appeared a dozen or more "Navvis" and "Brickies", armed to the teeth with assorted pork pies and raw sausages which they gleefully hurled at Bakri to gain their blissful revenge. The "Hissy fit", Bakri threw was priceless!!!. An adolesant child would have been proud. Of course this only delighted his "persecutors" all the more, and reduced "my" side of the platform into hysterical convulsions.
His "wife", was equally as furious, but with her it was just sheer racist venom.

Hizb Ut-Tahrir, to me, are the most poisonous, corrosive Islamic group in Europe. Yet I never understood why a moron such as; Omar Bakri Mohammed, complete with his public persona of "Offensive Imbicile", was ever aloud to practise his visions of hate, for so many years in Britain. The B.N.P could never have gotten away with a fraction of what he did, and we may well pay the price of this fact in future years to come!!!.

Sodra Djavul said...

KGS said: "There is also some question as to whether the BNP were actually there, since there was only one report about that Charles published."

That's a good point, KGS. But I'm still not willing to concede LGF the right to use guilt-by-association as a legitimate evidentiary tactic.

Everyone in the Western World has common cause in this fight. Its outcome will affect your BNP member and your LGF member and your leftist BBC editor alike.

If Kos himself (of DailyKos fame), Keith Olbermann, or even Hillary Clinton were to jump into the fray on my side, I wouldn't demand the purity that LGF does. I would simply point them toward the common enemy.

- Sodra

laine said...

Racist non-whites, especially the Muslim variant (yes Muslims are not a race but Ismaili is a Moroccan) invariably defend/justify their own racism of which there is ample proof by claiming that they were provoked by other people's racism (of which there is no proof and may well be a total fabrication).

This is a new variant in the excuse sweepstakes. Since she cannot point to anything racist in the letter she was supposedly answering, she blames "third party" racism which she chose to displace onto the letter writer.

She has been elected a member of local government in what is known as the most tolerant country on the face of the planet. On the other hand, her country of origin, Morocco, ranks at the bottom for tolerance along with the entire Muslim bloc of nations.

We are now to believe with no evidence that she is deluged daily by racist comments from the most tolerant people on earth, while she immigrates from intolerant Morocco to spew racial hatred that is documented.

This is prime chutzpah, to project onto the tolerant your own sin of racism.

Zenster said...

U.K. Today: Like a bullet from a gun there suddenly appeared a dozen or more "Navvis" and "Brickies", armed to the teeth with assorted pork pies and raw sausages which they gleefully hurled at Bakri to gain their blissful revenge. The "Hissy fit", Bakri threw was priceless!!!. An adolesant child would have been proud. Of course this only delighted his "persecutors" all the more, and reduced "my" side of the platform into hysterical convulsions.

What, no video clip?! We demand a vid!!! Wah!!!

Homophobic Horse said...

"racism which she chose to displace onto the letter writer."

Crucially, because he was Dutch. A Dutchman who made her look bad. Which makes her both racist and narcissistic. What a throbbing red hot phallus of steamy Chutzpah she is. Borat levels of ignorance and Chutzpah.

Incidently, Captain Europe exists: Here. Compete with Wolf (a white nationalist symbol).

Henrik R Clausen said...

Hm, Charles Johnson & LGF again...

I sent him a brief, sort-of polite email suggesting him that before assaulting others on the charge of 'fascism', he should take time to figure out what 'fascism' actually means - and how it is essentially incompatible with the lean-state, free market philosophy that Vlaams Belang and other conservatives stand for.

He never responds to my emails, but, juding from his posts, it looks like he's reading what we send him, and that he has trouble reconciling that with his Stalinist methods.

rickl said...

Maybe we could chip in and send Charles a copy of Jonah Goldberg's new book, "Liberal Fascism". He just might learn something.

U.K. TODAY. said...


How I wish I had, had a camera phone in 1997. The images would have been plastered around youtube at the mere mention of his name. I would pay good money to any other passenger that recorded these images for posterity, but as yet, have been un-able to locate any such source.

USorThem said...

In Lionheart interview at my blog yesterday, he mentions the BNP modernizers trying to break away and for their own wing. they even have own website. he explains how so many people are joining BNP but rejecting tradionalists views.

A good development.

U.K. TODAY. said...

Sonra Djavul - KGS -

The subject of the B.N.P. hurts my head!!.

The reason all Islamists link them to anything they disagree with is because, quite frankly they are an embarrassing shambles, based on a failed Ideology that grew in the 1930s and died in the 1940s.

Hell, have you ever observed some of their members??.

Their complete mental repetoire consists of;

"Ugga-Gugga - More Beer"

and its more illustrious fait accomplis;

"N*****s Out"

Even the English football thugs give these "patriots" a wide birth.

We need to keep the initials B.N.P. away from this subject, if we are to see the credible foundations of an anti Islamist movement in Europe.

Muslims will for-ever link them, as they are a blight on every day rationale, so refuse to be drawn into their despicable scam!.

Homophobic Horse said...

The BNP is no good. Not even a saner break away group with gutted membership, better morals and a new party name will so much as even escape the links with the BNP let alone be a credible to rule a leading free-world country.

With regards to counter-jihad I am pessimistic regarding all things BNP.

USorThem said...

"Not even a saner break away group with gutted membership, better morals and a new party name will so much as even escape the links with the BNP let alone be a credible to rule a leading free-world country."


Do you live in Britain?

What exactly would you suggest for a person who wants the government to begin protecting citizens from the jihadists, and finds the only place to find like minded citizens is the BNP?

The modernizers need to be encouraged now. They need some existing organization as a magnet to attract those with common goals re: anti-jihad.

It would be nice to know that tommorrow we will learn about a SIOE Party meeting called for next week. There won't be. In the meantime ANY modernization of the BNP need be encouraged.

Sodra Djavul said...

Regarding the BNP

You really should check out a transcript of Lionheart's show tonight. It is quite good.

At issue is that no other political party in Britain is willing to tackle the immigrational (is that a word?)genocide of Britain.

Of course purists like Charles Johnson will scream at them from the safety of his basement.

But a political party derives its power from its constituency, not vice versa. IF the BNP is the only British group willing to take on Islamist activity, and IF it receives popular support from the British people, the party itself will be FORCED into supporting views present within its constituency.

What the BNP was 20 years ago is not what the BNP is today. No political group can double its membership every 13 months for 20 years straight and rightly be considered the same party.

But then again, I default to rational thought instead of ideological purity such as that espoused by LGF.

- Sodra

Cincinnatus said...

They are just a bunch of kids over at LGF. No intellectual maturity from any of 'em, except for Jeppo and Bottehond and those that get thrown off (beam).

Charlemagne said...

HH, Sodra, UorT,

I have tried on numerous occasions, and again today, to get someone over at LGF to explain to me what alternative Europeans have to BNP, SD, VB, et al if they are looking for leadership and organization against Islamization since it's obvious that the mainstream parties will never stand against it, nor will the MSM report on it, nor will the official institutions address it. The obvious answer is NO ONE but that is a truth apparently too difficult for the LGF crowd to address.
I have repeatedly said that with nowhere else to go Europeans will turn to these organizations and as they do they will moderate their more intolerant positions regarding race. Spitting into the wind.
The "observers" over at LGF waste God knows how much time ranting and raving about "fascist" European political parties but spend no time actually working on counter-jihad activities.
In my opinion "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and after the war is won, the alliances created out of necessity can be reevaluated and realigned as circumstances dictate.

Cincinnatus said...

Indeed, Charlemagne, as millions join those parties, they will become representative of the mainstream, that is, the anti-Islamic mainstream. Anyway, once they reach 30% support, watch the entrenched parties scramble to steal the anti-Islamic platform and voters. So supporting these "fascist" parties is the only way to finally move the bigger parties.

KGS said...

I would also like to add, are the LGF'rs willing to apply that same logic of "guilt by association" to our elected western leaders? Is GWBush a Wahhabist Muslim infidelophobe for keeping close contact with the Saudis and for visiting and walking hand in hand with Saudi leaders? Or the Pope a closet Muslim for "reaching out to Islamic leaders" etc. etc..?

Just how far are they willing to take their logic? When will they learn that is their written and spoken statements that define what they truly believe, not whom they happen to, or are forced to meet with?

Islamists and Nazis and Neo-Nazis are very open about what they believe and what their ideology stands for. I have yet to hear open statements from the VB that they uphold Fascist beliefs.

Charles is just pounding the same ol' drum again that's not to tightly sealed.

Cincinnatus said...

More specifically, KGS, is the Pope a Nazi because... (drum roll)... he was in the Hitler Youth as a teenager! Quick, Charles, what are you waiting for!?!?!

X said...

The "nazi pope" connection has been brought up a few times, as I recall...

I made the mistake of going over there. Talk about argument from ignorance. I really don't like to call people names - an amusing statement, I know - but, as I explained on a post somewhere on my own blog, I have a particular aversion to people who refuse to learn. Lack of knowledge I can forgive. Ignorance is a step beyond that, to a place where you have the knowledge and refuse to learn it out of stubbornness of spite.

I'm calling ignorance in this case because a large number of people over there refuse to learn the detail of things - like the Flemish secessionist movement, like the origin of Belgium, the cultural character of Europe, the reasons for wanting to reduce immigration (and send some of them back), the difference between "right" and "left", the possibility of evidentiary bias at the source, the actual meaning of fascism as opposed to theirs... the list goes on.

What really gets me is the whole six degrees thing. They've wilfully misunderstood the concept. You can, in fact, link anyone to anyone else by an average of six links. It isn't a tool for proving association; it's a dictum disproving the idea of guilt by association because you can effectively declare anyone guilty with this method. I could, for example, find a relationship between myself and Hitler within six degrees (four, actually, if a family myth about royal paternity a couple of generations back turns out to be true). I can also find a relationship between myself and Churchill. There are associating links between Stalin and Roosevelt, Lincoln and General Lee and even Jesus and the Devil (which works like this: in the book of Job the devil, the accuser, used to regularly meet with God and the hosts of heaven. God is Jesus's father, so the pre-incarnate Jesus must have met the Devil at that point and not blasted him out of existence or, if not met him, then would have known about him through his relationship with his father. Therefore Jesus is as guilty for the fall of mankind as the devil...)

Anonymous said...

Please give this Heritage Foundation Speech more exposure.

The Future in the Face of Militant Islam

other formats:
The Future in the Face of Militant Islam

U.K. TODAY. said...


The enemy of your enemy is your friend;

However, Instead of standing up and putting YOUR points and ideas across forcefully, YOU'LL be watching YOUR back - explaining and apologising for THEIR past sins and catastrophes!!!.
Invite the Devil to hitch a ride and you may very well find yourself in Hell!!!.


Why keep slagging the BNP?half aloaf is better than has been said, it will evolve organically ,the more support it gets.meanwhile i am still waiting for a sioe demonstration in ENGLAND!the enemy of my emeny is my friend?what tripe,still i suppose that when a crazed jihadi bursts into your house you can always hit him with your keyboard,after you have apologised of course!

X said...

CVF would have done very extensive background checks prior to letting people attend the Brussels conference. If they were satisfied, I'm satisfied, and that's the end of it as far I'm concerned.

I too would like to see a protest in the UK. The problem is, these things won't be heavily publicised except in the case where the media can portray it as "right wing bigots", which I'm sure they would do regardless of any involvement by parties some have deemed to be questionable in origin.

ole said...

Actualy there are several countries in europe with with political parties with some hope for developing to the secure organisational base we need to fight Islaam.
The best example is probably the danish DF ;INSIDE this party exists a minoryty of younger people that see things pretty much as here on GOV.
Aslong as there's a chance of joining such a party and changing it from the inside ,I think it's too early to resign ourselves to the un-estetic fate of becoming footsoldiers that "have to apologize for past sins and catastrophes"
Britain may be a special case because of its 2+1/2 party system.
It's also too early to count out the SIOE .
Anyhow ,for a practicaly-minded person the answer is clear : Join the best party you can find, become an active member,and in paralel with all this you can be active in other kinds of organizations ,like civil defense or nabourhood-watch stile activities.
And if this means joinig the BNP ,then so be it...
It would help a lot if they would deklare support for Israel,specialy in the fight against Hamas and Hizbollah.

U.K. TODAY. said...


The B.N.P.s greatest enemy is Israel. Their members deny that the hollocaust ever took place.

Support Israel??.

Are you having a laugh???.

This is a Nazi party we're talking about!!!.

X said...

As I recall the BNP have made several statements affirming their commitment to Israel's right to exist. Now I'm sure that could be spun any way you like but it strikes me that a party with an openly nazi past supporting Israel is consistent with their shift over to supporting the right of a nation to determine its own existence.

I wouldn't vote for the BNP, of course. They're statists and like to talk about nationalising industries and centralising the government even more than it already is. If we had a party with some of VB's policy planks on the liberalisation and reduction of government power I'd vote for them, regardless of their policies on race. A small and limited government is not able to implement racist policies because a small and limited government would, by definition, have very little power to do so.

No such party exists. All of them are statists to a greater or lesser degree. The BNP are the only party actually dealing with issues that matter to the common man. When they get enough support the other parties will swing over to that stance too... but from a statist perspective. It's something of a two-edged sword, because whilst we'll have the mainstream parties finally dealing with the problem, they'll be doing it from a position of authoritarianism.

And no, starting a new party isn't an option. By my reckoning it would take 30 years for a new party to gain the sort of impact that an existing small party has, and quite possibly 60 years for that party to make it anywhere near government. We don't have 60 years. We don't have 30 years.

If enough right-thinking people move to the BNP it will change. This would actually be an example of the immigration problem in miniature, and to our advantage; a large enough influx of new immigrants to a country irrevocably changes that country's national character. The same effect would become apparent with a large influx of new members to a party; they would make the party into something else. When large numbers of socialists joined the Democrat party in the US, it changed very quickly from a party that represented broadly centrist views to a socialist utopia, so why shouldn't it work in our direction too? Why shouldn't we be able to take a small, established party and remake it in our image? It would be a h*ll of a lot faster than trying to build a new party from the ground up, and a h*ll of a lot easier than trying to change one of the Big 3 from the inside.

From what Lionheart says this process is already under way.

Charlemagne said...

GD - "Why shouldn't we be able to take a small, established party and remake it in our image?"

Exactly! Who cares what BNP et al is/are now b/c if/when enough people join them they can't help but be changed to represent the new majority. The Lizards seem unable or unwilling to grasp this obvious point.

Sodra Djavul said...

U.K. Today said:
"The B.N.P.s greatest enemy is Israel. Their members deny that the hollocaust ever took place."

That the Holocaust took place is historical fact. While some of the BNP's membership may question it (just as some lifetime Democrats in the south still frequently use racial epithets), I'm not sure that's an actual political platform. And I think I've seen the BNP confirming their support of the right of Israel to exist.

But I do believe that those who actually survived the Holocaust would be appalled at how it is used today as a club toward anyone of European descent. The Holocaust is now commonly invoked in any debate in which one participant claims to be Jewish. Simply look at this whole LGF imbroglio. There you will see people slandering political parties and entire nations with what I call "the Hitler brush" simply for wishing to retain their national culture and society. I'm sure the irony that the British, those willing to sacrifice the lives of their sons and daughters to save the lives of Jews persecuted by Hitler, are now being slandered as Nazis by Jews escapes most people. But not me. :)

- Sodra

U.K. TODAY. said...

RE Archonix;

Ed Miliband - Minister for Cabinet
David Miliband - Foreign Affairs
Sons of the Marxist Theoretician - Ralph Miliband.

Ruth Kelly - Transport
Long time supporter of "Friends of the I.R.A.
Granddaughter of Philip Murphy -
Quatermaster of the West Fermanagh I.R.A. Battalion.

Alan Johnson - Health.
Branch Official of the Communist party of Great Britain.

Jack Straw - Justice.
President of the Communist society.

Harriet Harmon - Leader of the house.
National council for civil liberties.

John Reid - Former Home secretary.
Secretary of the young Communist League. - Editor of the Socialist Workers Party.

These "Patriots" are now the acceptable face of the British Labour Party. God alone Knows what lurks behind them.

In late Eighties Britain, these politically correct morons, we see running our show today, were a spent force. Their Ideology was bankrupt, and they stood, staring down the barrel of oblivion.
But they did'nt take it lying down. They re-invented themselves as New Labour politicians - and though their core views have'nt changed on anything - Their "Emporers new clothes", have made them an electable force.

Would'nt it be wiser, for those of us whom abhor Islam, to copy this Labour charade, and instead of alignment with the B.N.P., we infultrate the Tories. Cameron, like Blair before him, is no more than a figurehead of the status Quo. Behind him lies the true power and beliefs that will shape our future nation to come.

X said...

Oh, that should be done too, but the tories are a big, conservative party. The big parties, especially the tories, have a hierarchy in place to prevent rapid change where possible. Slow change would work there. I'm less satisfied that a rapid shift in policy would be possible without pressure from external parties threatening to steal their votes.

Not to mention, these new labour politicians fit in with Labour because, at heart, they're aiming at similar goals. Lets not forget that the Labour party in the 50s aligned itself with the soviet union and was attempting to implement their revolution in the UK. It was only their hubris in not ending rationing that put the tories back into power.

New labour has always been old labour with a bit of spin. At heart it's always been a socialist party, with a few "free market" trimmings that usually end up as excuses for more regulation and legislation. It doesn't surprise me to see them headed up by old communists and anarchists.

Zenster said...

U.K. Today, that is an incredibly disturbing list in your last comment. Now I am even more concerned, if not outright pessimistic, over Britain's ability to survive.

U.K. TODAY. said...

RE Sodra Djavul/Archonrix;

Let me put forward a possible senario, to future voting paths.

Sodra, Im unaware from where you reside, so for arguments sake lets say we all live, work and vote in the U.K.

We decide, after no amount of considerable soul searching, that our best option is to put our energy behind - and openly support the B.N.P.

We put aside our worries and get set for action as the General election draws near.

Whoops!! - Rewind.

Back to the last General Election if you will.

As it was called,

Police swooped to arrest Nick Griffin on the grounds of race hate. His crime;

and I quote;

"Islam is a wicked religion".

B.N.P. stopped in their tracks before their campain had even begun, with negitive publicity that damaged them fatally.

It was a cynical, manipulative act by a despicable government, designed not only to derail Griffin, but to court favour among the "Ummah" at large. No doubting Muslims, after this ploy, were instructed in edicts from abroad, to "Vote Labour".
Josef Goelbbels, would have been impressed by that move, so whos to say that they havent got a similar ploy to make it happen again???.

It seems , the charge doesnt even need to have any credible foundations, as we all suspected, only a jury of Muslims could have found him guilty of this trumped up allegation.

The B.N.P. operate from such weak foundations, actions such as this, are always possible, and thus, highly likely. Thats the risk supporting them, un-questionably runs.

U.K. TODAY. said...


Pick a name;

Any governmental name.

Type it into your keyboard - stick around for a while - and its amazing the facts you can find!!!.

X said...

They key, then, is multiple assaults, for want of a better word. Pressure from within and without?

Dee said...

As an American, yes American, allochtoon, I often feel terrorized by Dutch people. How can that be?

Take a look at how some of the Dutch have been behaving lately in the spotlight and you'll begin to better understand the sheer frustration in this woman's letter.

What's an allochtoon you ask? Anyone who has at least one parent who has been born abroad. From Greek etymology it means "apart."

There's a form of apartheid that's been going on here but the Dutch never want to point the finger at themselves and ask why there's a problem with people "integrating." Learning the language doesn't help.

Anyone critical of these folks not wanting to integrate should come and live in the Netherlands for a year to get a taste of it.