Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Murderous “Muslim Boys” Are Back

Back in 2005, I reported on the phenomenon of the gang in London which called themselves “The Muslim Boys.” Since their tactics haven’t changed, click on the link to see the perverted ingenuity of these “boys.”

Evidently, they’re gaining in strength:

In September 2006, another member of the Muslim Boys gang was jailed for 10 years for weapons possession. 22-year old Joel Simmonds had a Mac-10 with 10 rounds of ammunition, as well as a stun gun and body armor.

In the same month, the South London Press reported that with many of their leading players in jail, police were claiming that the fearsome reputation of the Muslim Boys was fading.

Ruth Marriott [the mother of one of the many murder victims of the MB’s]was skeptical. She said: “I don’t think this is the end. The courts are too lenient and these guys are treated like royalty in prison. They regroup inside and come out with even more confidence… The Muslim connection is a load of crap. They use it to hide their evil deeds behind. I know true Muslims and they would never behave like this.”

That is the interesting part of this story. These are Muslim “converts,” described here by The Liberty Post in 2005:

Afro-Caribbean “Muslim converts” [who] began violently “taxing” the south London criminal community. Dressed in long, flowing black leather coats, as in the film The Matrix, and initially dubbed “the Taliban Terrorists”, these were exconvicts who had been turned on to Islam in prison, and who began to use the austere discipline of Islam to fashion a criminal network with a “higher” purpose.

Their first targets were other criminals - especially local drug dealers and pimps - who were ordered to pay “protection money”. If the dealers refused, they were held at gunpoint, often facing the muzzle of a MAC-10.

In the early days, there were about 25 hardcore members, plus 40 “ foot soldiers”. They had come out of a gang called the SMS, the South Man Syndicate, and now began to rope in other crews, such as The Brotherhood and the Stockwell Crew, evolving into an umbrella crew called the PDC, Poverty Driven Children. To this day, gang members refer to themselves as PDC, regarding the Muslim Boys as a term used by outsiders.

By January 2004, the gang had managed the unique feat of uniting the bitterly divided south-east black criminal-fraternity against them.

The enmity of other criminals doesn’t deter them. Nor does police action. One thing which does anger them-mortally so for their victims-are peers who fail to convert to their way of thinking, or who backslide. They are dealt with summarily and without mercy. Forced conversions are a new twist on an old terror; for the bruvs, it’s all a part of loyal family feeling.

Putting these wildings in jail does no good. It’s merely an opportunity to have another environment in which to intimidate, bully and kill, as the latest article goes on to explain:

Though there may be fewer active members of the Muslim Boys on the streets of south London, their activities in jail are still giving Britain’s prison service a headache.

Many of the Muslim Boys gang members were incarcerated at Belmarsh, a prison that was constructed in 1991. This prison has traditionally housed the majority of Britain’s convicted Muslim terrorists. One of its notorious inmates is hook-handed Abu Hamza al-Masri, former firebrand preacher at the Finsbury Park Mosque. A serving prison officer at HMP Belmarsh has recently stated: “The highest-risk prisoners are kept in the High Security Unit. It’s a jail within a jail. The talk of the unit is always Abu Hamza. None of the prisoners ever bother him. A lot of the Muslim Boys look up to him. In addition to a portable TV, he has his own laptop provided by the Prison Service, a few books and a prayer mat.”

Inside Belmarsh jail, the Muslim Boys have imported their savage and ferocious behavior. They have carved for themselves a unique position within the prison hierarchy, feared by inmates and treated with caution by prison officers. To achieve this, they have violently attacked inmates and staff alike.

- - - - - - - -
In December 2005, a leaked internal security report from the jail stated: “Prisoners reported abuse, assaults, intimidation and threats. Some of the atrocities were carried out with impunity during associations causing victims to fear for their lives. Most of the perpetrators are believed to be members of the Muslim Boys gang who intensified their drive to recruit other prisoners to the fold. They force prisoners to accept the Muslim faith - those who refuse suffer assaults. They promise potential converts protection from other prisoners and staff who they challenge at every opportunity.”

A month later, a source inside the prison stated: “The Muslim Boys’ gang master orders most of the assaults on fellow prisoners. They rule through fear and are very hard to infiltrate.”

In a vain attempt to control the violence led by the Muslim Boys gang, one gang leader was transferred in December 2005 to Brixton jail. This individual was said to have had “An extensive custodial history of drugs, assaults and threats of assaults to both staff and fellow prisoners.” Another Muslim Boys leader was sent to Whitemoor jail in Cambridgeshire. This man was described in the leaked security report: “In league with others he engaged in intimidation, assaults and recruitment of others into the Muslim Boys Gang/Muslim religion. The membership’s aim is to confront staff and cause major disruptions to good in the prison. Has been seen, along with two others, going round the landing tooled up [carrying weapons].”

In February 2006, a prominent member of the Muslim Boys gang led an attack upon prison staff that led to a riot in the prison’s high security unit. A prison guard was set upon by two inmates. Two of these were Muslim Boys gang members. Another prisoner then joined in. The officer was hit around his head and upper body with a pool cue and also a sock that had been filled with cans of tuna. He received cuts and needed hospital treatment. The incident led to further violence in which two other prison guards were also attacked. One of these was punched and kicked in the shower block of the unit, and the other was assaulted in the medical treatment room. About ten prisoners and ten staff fought with each other, and five prisoners were given disciplinary action.

On Good Friday, April 14 2006, one member of the Muslim Boys was “punished” for trying to convert out of Islam. When the Belmarsh prisoner was in the toilet, eight Muslim Boys gang members attacked him. The victim received head injuries. When prison officers tried to intervene, they too were attacked. The Home Office denied that the attack had been a serious incident, but a spokesperson said that four men were being subjected to “administrative action.”

In May 2007, a leading member of the Muslim Boys gang again led an attack upon Belmarsh prison staff. On the morning of May 4, this individual was asked to hand over his laptop computer to a prison officer. In March 2006 the prison had controversially authorized the issue of laptop computers costing £1,000 apiece ($1,958) to 28 of the prisoners in the jail, including terror suspects and Abu Hamza. The prison authorities argued that these computers were to be used for prisoners to prepare their legal defenses.

The Muslim Boys gang member had been suspected of using a smuggled card to enable his laptop computer to be connected to the internet. He refused to give the computer to the officer and then punched and kicked him. Other prisoners then joined in, brandishing pool cues. When the security alarm was sounded, three more prison officers were attacked, in what was regarded by staff as a pre-planned assault. One of the prison officers received a broken chin and another underwent shoulder injuries.


The Muslim Boys are in no way typical of either Muslim gangs in Britain, nor the “traditional” gangs that inhabit Britain’s largest cities. Some police have suggested that they emerged after 9/11, and their claims to support Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda are part of a campaign to intimidate and rule by fear. Their rule on the streets of South London may, for a while a least, lack influence. In Belmarsh, a Category A jail where some of Britain’s worst terrorists are housed, it appears that their campaign of fear is showing no signs of going away.

These guys are sociopaths looking for a home, and membership in The Muslim Boys gives them that. For a thorough history of this sink hole of human behavior, read the whole series in Family Security Matters:

Part One of “Britain’s Muslim Gang Culture: Coming Soon to a Town Near You?”

Part Two is here.

The final part ishere.

I urge you to go through all three parts. They make compelling reading.The author, Adrian Morgan has done a masterful and painfully thorough job of research. He deserves a medal for this. Mr. Morgan also writes for Western Resistance.

This kind of wilding behavior is not Britain’s alone. None of us can escape it in one form or another. Every Western country has its version of "A Clockwork Orange".

There are lots of villains to blame here, but the tenets of the modern socialist religion, e.g., children raised by the state, welfare payments for doing nothing but breathing, the creeping fascism of absolute “tolerance” for so-called victims and teh multitude of the terminally aggrieved -- not to mention a foundational disdain and rejection of achievement, competition, etc. have brought us to this precipice.

The Muslim Boys are probably not salvageable, any more than pedophiles’ basic behaviors can be “cured.” We are stuck with them; just as Daniel Moynihan tried to warn us forty years ago when the Democrats moved to enlarge our welfare programs and thus disrupt black families. No legislators listened to his prescient observations. Now have a considerable and growing number of deviant, conscienceless and dangerous people among us. The police cannot control them, incarceration simply gives them more scope in which to recruit, and everyone is afraid for their own children.

What is to be done?

Hat tip: Holger Danske


spackle said...

I dont know if the UK prison system is the same as the US, but if it is, the time will come when new prison gangs will form to counterbalance these "Muslim Boys'. Then things will be as bad as the US system. I wont even comment on these guys activities in the free world. Reap what you sow.

Zenster said...

The Muslim Boys are probably not salvageable, any more than pedophiles’ basic behaviors can be “cured.”

This goes to the core issue. Recidivism among serial rapists, child molesters and repeat offense DUI drivers is almost guaranteed. Muslim radicals rapidly are joining this community of constant threats to the common weal.

What is to be done?

One word: Supermax.

People who are willing to inflict cruel and inhuman punishment upon others cannot be rehabilitated. Their moral compass has been demagnetized and no amount of kindness will do anything but encourage them to take further advantage of such perceived weakness. Abesent the banning of Islam in Western nations, Muslim radicals and gangsters must be placed in solitary confinement. That Abu Hamza is allowed any contact with fellow inmates goes beyond the believable. Persons of this sort are active nodes in spreading radicalism and criminality. By doing so they abandon any right to a place in civilized society.

The cost of housing so many individuals in solitary confinement is a direct reflection of Western reluctance to impose the death penalty. There is no need to dehumanize criminals who act like rabid animals as they do this all by themselves. It is the judicial system's responsibility to isolate, confine and—when appropriate—eliminate those who engage in predatory behavior. Allowing such elements to roam at will merely guarantees that their numbers will multiply beyond law enforcement's capacity to curtail such asocial conduct.

No one forces a criminal to be violent and predatory. It is a voluntary choice which the vast majority—save those who are truly psychopathic—know damn well to be wrong and immoral. The especially vicious perpetrators are much like ill-mannered drivers on a freeway. It takes only a bare few of them incurring seemingly minor disruptions to cause a complete deterioration in smooth and orderly progress. Far too much of society's resources are being directed at supposedly rehabilitating or coddling these brutal gangsters. Prison has become so hospitable whereby it no longer represents any sort of disincentive.

Supermax incarceration essentially amounts to sensory deprivation and poses a severe punishment for those who enter such quarters. In dealing with society's most hardcore elements, it is vital that they be confronted with jail conditions so undesirable that it gives pause to anyone considering a life of crime. That is nowhere near the case in Britain and the outcome of such inconsequential penalties is readily apparent.

Unknown said...

Zenster is partially right.

Europeans are outspurcing so many things - why can't they outsource prisoners as well? Say, China. Lots of work and less human rights for those who have already undermined the human rights of others. Tit for tat - seems to be the best way of education (I would recommend the book "Evolution of cooperation").

Diamed said...

Death penalty for all violent criminals. Simple solution.

Unknown said...

The problem with the Super-Max is that the same problem we have in the US will spread to other places.

Our most secure prisons are nothing more than finishing schools for the gang's soldiers where promotions to "officer ranks" is gained.

Then there's the reality that even the most secured convicts still have plenty enough communication to the outside to act as command and control of what goes on in much of the street activity.

These are people who have declared war upon their host society. Prison sentences of how ever much time serve an extremely limited usefulness in such cases. Even those locked up "for life" have access to the perks of membership and influence on those outside the prisons.

Unknown said...

There is very little chance that any of these jihadists will ever see the light in the same way that say Walid Shoebat has.

Most of them are too dangerous to let live, let alone live amongst the rest of society.

Those that have raped, killed, or attempted to kill need to be executed. The rest need to be shipped for life to some remote island penal colony and used for slave labor.

Zenster said...

I think Richard is onto something. A new Australia needs to be created as an offshore penal colony from which convicts simply cannot ever re-enter society in any meaningful way. We need to buy out Easter Island or another exceptionally remote location and begin stacking jihadis and Muslim gangsters there like cordwood.

Sadly, nothing less than a terrorist nuclear attack would ever get Europe to reconsider its ban of the death penalty. Even then, I still sincerely doubt that such a heinous atrocity could do it. This is what makes Richard's suggestion so powerful.

Just as immigrant Muslim populations need to be repatriated to their countries of origin and then a military cordon erected around the entire MME (Muslim Middle East), so do we need to export our entire Muslim prison population to the aforementioned remote location. Consider it the judicial equivalent of an isolation ward whereby the most contagious radical cases can be Qur'antined (pun intended).

Any other functional alternatives are far more ghastly and will involve immense loss of human life. The rocketing population growth of imprisoned Muslim radicals is just another line item on the butcher's bill whose grand total swells with each passing day's neglect. Ignored long enough, this unaddressed shortfall in Western countermeasures will result in a Muslim holocaust. Islam pushes towards this devastating conclusion during each waking hour and Western inaction only encourages the most catastrophic imaginable head-on collision of these two immiscible bodies. While Islam bears ultimate responsibility for what promises to be a horrendous Muslim death toll, the West's flaccid leadership most likely will bear responsibility for the radioactive ruins of a few great European or American cities as well. If so, these malfeasant politicians should answer in open court for crimes against humanity.

U.K. TODAY. said...

Here in the U.K., this Lionheart situation seems, (at last) to be hitting home as far as U.K. bloggers and their audiences are concerned.

If, 18 months ago I had trawled my way through the U.K. Blogging fraternity, - any reference to Islam - Muslims or sites openly hostile on the subject, would have quickly been disregarded and shouted down as BNP - far right - half wit - Moronic Nazis, and all bloggers and commentators would have lined up to agree with one another and generally stick the knife in.

Lionhearts pending arrest, is not only making them visit his site, its also making them think!!.

His alleged affiliaton to the BNP doesnt do him any favours, as far as these cyber freaks are concerned.
However, take away that thorny issue, and with some, the penny seems genuinely to be dropping.

The freedom of speach issue, which at first, they all assumed had come to pass because he was one of Adolf Hitlers diciples, is now not going down too well at all. And, trawling through his blogs, a staple question being raised is; "Ive got a nasty feeling theres some truth in all of this".

Writer, Melanie Phillips is now being discussed as a credible voice when just a few months ago she was derided as "Mad as a box of frogs".

It may be of little consolation to Lionheart at this present time, but the saying, all publicity is good publicity, may, in this case be ringing true!!.

Robohobo said...

The disarmament of the UK and the major cities in the US only perpetrates this kind of behavior amongst the young toughs. They are not nearly as brave if their victims can fight back. In fact they will only engage with those they can successfully intimidate.

Zenster said...

U.K. Today: "Mad as a box of frogs".

That, dear heart, is a genuine keeper. Definitely on a par with:

Dumber than a sack full of hammers.


Stupider than a box of rocks.

And, courtesy of Foghorn Leghorn:

About as sharp as a sack of wet mice

X said...

Not wanting to derail the topic, but Lionheart's "links" with the BNP amount to little more than saying that he and they have the same stance on the issue of islam. Anything beyond that is either fiction or "six degrees" logic.

IIRC Belmarsh was the last prison ever build in this country, and they're refusing to build more for some stupid reason.

U.K. TODAY. said...


Thats the fundemental problem, with vast swathes of the general public. The initals B.N.P, signal an instant rejection of the topic in hand.

If we could seperate the two issues completely, I genuinely believe we would find a more receptive audience across the U.K..

laine said...

Prisons for serious offenders were polluted with the same nanny mentality as the outside, except perhaps even more quickly. Either the penal system attracts mush brains on staff or they are made so after years of contact with felons. The keepers lose their bearings and are "played" by the inmates.

The nanny mentality incorrectly reckons that if you baby criminals, "re-parent" them so to speak, giving them all the benefits they supposedly missed the first time around, like understanding, being allowed to lounge around in TV and computer equipped rooms like idle teenagers, have their food served to them and laundry done without their having to lift a finger, that this is somehow going to improve them.

If one is going to re-parent, do it right, the way most middle-class parents actually do it. Make them work hard. There is no reason for taxpayers to be saddled with high costs to support these physically fit specimens. In fact, it is ludicrous to give them weight rooms so they can bulk up to be more threatening predators in future. If they want to lift something, do it building something for someone deserving. They must work for their keep. No work, no eat. No privileges of any kind until they are earned by work well done and extra initiative.

Bring back the chain gang without the chains, but ankle bracelets and/or a shock perimeter and let them build a community center, retirement home for indigents, homes for the handicapped, whatever. Those good with their brains can be given accounting work etc.

The beauty of this system is that it allows for rehabilitation of those who have the desire the only way that works - by building up their skills base and self-esteem through work. There is no time to be sharpening toothbrushes into shivs or brewing drugs. It is idle hands that make the work of the devil.

Of course the hardcore would still have to be isolated but there's plenty of constructive labor one can do from one's cell, even if it's just peeling potatoes or stuffing envelopes for charities before a single phone, TV or computer is turned on for them. No stamps, no conjugal visits, no family visits unless earned. Work is the only route to privileges.

This is so commonsense but lefties don't get it. They don't raise their own kids by letting them be lie-abouts with idle hands because they sense how that would end up, having to support them for a lifetime but all of a sudden their commonsense deserts them when it comes to "the underprivileged" whether in prison or on welfare which should be workfare for the able bodied.

X said...

They don't raise their own kids by letting them be lie-abouts with idle hands because they sense how that would end up, having to support them for a lifetime

You'd be surprised how many do in fact raise their kids this way. Or perhaps not. you're probably right. Perception is the big problem, and so much of our perception is shaped by the BBC, who's line even the raggiest of redtops will slavishly follow nine times out of ten... your point was well demonstrated by the reaction of certain US blogs to his alleged "affiliation", and the way they dropped support for him like a hot brick the minute those three initials turned up.

Zenster said...

Laine: This is so commonsense but lefties don't get it.

Sadly, neither do our labor unions who tend to raise total hell over job loss due to convict labor. I definitely agree about the weight rooms. It is idiotic to allow these thugs to bulk up. Street gangs now refer to incarceration as, "getting strong". Let them have treadmills to tucker themselves out on. They can't outrun a bullet.