Thursday, January 24, 2008

“The Retarded Islamic Culture”

Geert Wilders has made it into the American MSM. In an interview with Fox News, he had many interesting things to say about his views on Islam and his upcoming movie.

Some excerpts from the Fox article:

Geert WildersA Dutch politician known for his views against Islam plans to air a film he produced that is critical of the Koran, which he likens to Adolf Hitler’s hateful writings.

Parliamentarian Geert Wilders spoke to FOX News about the documentary, insisting the Muslim holy book is dangerous and should be banned.

“I believe the Koran is, indeed, ‘Mein Kampf.’ They are the same package,” Wilders said. “I believe that our culture is far better than the retarded Islamic culture.”

Wilders has around-the-clock guards protecting his life, and Dutch television is staying as far from the movie as possible. Wilders said he will release the film one way or the other, even if he has to post it on the Internet.

A number of people have said that the Netherlands is not like Denmark, so it will be interesting to see whether Mr. Wilders’ countrymen fall in behind him or shun him for his opinions.

The government, of course, is worried:
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Dutch authorities are worried about the 10-minute movie being shown, and for good reason:

Two years ago, outspoken filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot, stabbed and nearly decapitated in Amsterdam over his film “Submission,” which portrayed abuse against women in the name of Islam.


Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, promised widespread protests and a review of Iran’s relationship with the Netherlands if Wilders’ work is shown.

“If Holland will allow the broadcast of this movie, the Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it,” Boroujerdi said, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news agency. “In Iran, insulting Islam is a very sensitive matter and if the movie is broadcasted it will arouse a wave of popular hate that will be directed towards any government that insults Islam.

One assumes that Iran is promising not just the Salman Rushdie treatment, but the full burning-cars-and-embassies intifada like the one provoked by the Motoons.

But Mr. Wilders will not be deterred:

Wilders calls his film “a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamicization” and said it could air as early as this week on Dutch television.

“People who watch the movie will see that the Koran is very much alive today, leading to the destruction of everything we in the Western world stand for, which is respect and tolerance,” Wilders, the 41-year-old leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom, said last month in a telephone interview with

“The tsunami of Islamicization is coming to Europe. We should come to be far stronger.”


Five months ago, he called for the Koran to be outlawed in the Netherlands.

“I believe our culture is much better than the retarded Islamic cultures,” he told “Ninety-nine percent of the intolerance in the world comes back to the Islamic religion and the Koran.”

Notice that the Dutch government blames Geert Wilders if the Muslims get mad enough at him to do their usual number:

The Dutch government has publicly warned him about the potential for violence at the completion of his film and has expressed concern over his personal safety and expressed concerned about peace within the country and interests abroad.

And some fine words from the prime minister:

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said the Netherlands is ready to act quickly if the film causes unrest.

“The government will not tolerate such a situation. We are engaged in combating extremism and terrorism. We are working to right wrongs. We champion the cause of both freedom and respect. These are principles we will always defend. This country enjoys a long tradition of freedom of expression, religion and belief.”

Fasten your seat belts, Europe. The next few weeks may prove to be a pretty wild ride.


heroyalwhyness said...

“If Holland will allow the broadcast of this movie, the Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it,” Boroujerdi said

The government of Netherlands should use this same tactic against the Iranians with their film interpretation of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Geert Wilders is awesome... I think it's great that he's doing this. The next few weeks in Europe shall be very interesting indeed...

Henrik R Clausen said...

Talking of Fox News, here's a comment from JihadWatch:

OT I just peeked at and their front page is full of fatwa and bad Muslim news stories. Any theories why they have suddenly gone non-dhimmi?

Are they improving?

Whiskey said...

Belmont Club has a link to a very strange report from five anonymous NATO generals (assumed to be all Europeans).

The report says that NATO should use first-strike nuclear weapons against proliferators. BEFORE they break-out to nuclear capability.

What does this have to do with Wilders?

When Pakistan, Iran, and perhaps Yemen, UAE, Syria, Egypt, and other nations have nuclear capability, anything Wilders, the Pope, and obscure Swedish artist, or someone completely unknown say or do can cause say Rotterdam and Amsterdam, or Copenhagen, or Rome to be nuked. By perhaps merely a faction of a weak, tribal, and divided nuclear Muslim nation.

Europeans are SCARED. The US probably *can* survive the nuking of NYC and DC, because we are big, large population with wide geographical dispersal. In that case, the US would simply reduce the one billion Muslims in the world to something half that number. A horrible spot of killing, but the US would still remain as a nation and a culture.

For Danes, the loss of Copenhagen means largely the end of Denmark. Probably the same for the Dutch with the loss of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Italy would probably be mortally wounded if Rome was destroyed. They can't rely on the US to protect them from that risk -- that someone in Europe will do something to "provoke" Muslims to nuke a European city.

Thus, the idea that say, Denmark can create it's own ICBMs and look to it's own forces. Small European nations can't construct 20 Carrier battle groups, but if Pakistan can create ICBMs so can they. A lot quicker. A "first-strike" against Nuclear facilities, transport, and electricity generation and transmission would leave say Iran unable to make nukes. Nuclear material does you no good if you can't move it to places where you can mill it, refine it, and shape it.

Wilders is only one part of this. So too is the Muslim response, including a potential nuclear one. And the breakdown of the American security umbrella (useless against shipping container nukes).

no2liberals said...

My greatest hope, viewing the brave and uncompromising position Wilders has taken, is that other Dutch citizens, and perhaps citizens of other European nations, will be emboldened by his stance. Perhaps there is another young man or woman, that understands what the stakes are and what Wilders is saying, and can take it to another level. Perhaps there is one who is a better organizer, or is more charismatic, and can raise the consciousness of an Army of non-dhimmi Euro citizens. If the sacrifices that have been made aren't enough to wake the warrior spirit, and the desire for self-preservation isn't strong enough, then Wilders is alone in the wilderness. I would like to believe his sense of purpose is so compelling, that other Dutch citizens will take heed, and start demanding a change to the intolerable Islamiczation of Holland, and Europe.

Zonka said...


The 5 authors of the manifesto is not anonymous, they are:
* John Shalikashvili, former American defense chief under Clinton and NATO commander in Europe.
* Klaus Naumann, former German defense chief and chairman of NATOs military committe
* Lord Peter Inge, field marschal and former British defense chief..
* Henk van den Breemen, former Dutch defense chief.
* Jacques Lanxade, French admiral and former navy chief.

Charlemagne said...

The irony of blaming Mr. Wilders for the coming violence is lost on the dhimmi politicians of the Netherlands and the rest of the "leadership" in Europe.

I love the idea of this film. I've been agitating for provoking Muslims into rioting for a long time. This is just what is needed to wake the narcoleptic Euros from their slumber.

R. Hartman said...

We had a charismatic man, standing up against Islam and the socialist altruïsts: Pim Fortuyn. We all know how that ended. As soon as Wilders is becoming enough of a power to really threaten the cultural marxist's interests he will face the same fate. And again, it will be planned carefully and not be a muslim killer; the left will see to that, as they did with Pim.

My suspicion is that the same is in store for Ron Paul, if he becomes more of a threat to the US establishment. The NWO has no place or patience for outsiders that do not follow their agenda.

Yes, the narcoleptic Euros need to be woken up. but it's not going to happen, not from yet another round of rioting and burning cars and buildings. They're getting used to that now and will just wait till it's over, before resuming their rounds of drinking tea with these thugs. Nobody will be proscecuted, nobody will be compensated and Geert Wilders will be assigned all the blame.

People are already advocating to withdraw his security guards, as taxpayer's money is wasted on somebody that does not want to listen and keeps provoking Islam. If anything happens to him, well, then that's his own fault. As if Theo van Gogh's murder was a sort of 'assisted suicide'. It's sad, but that's the state of things in Eurabia at the moment...

Henrik R Clausen said...

"s soon as Wilders is becoming enough of a power to really threaten the cultural marxist's interests he will face the same fate. "

No he won't, for we'll protect him this time. The guy is doing a real avantgarde job, and he needs all the support he can get.

That includes ourselves taking the work of defending him in newspapers, blogs and wherever this problem is being discussed. In here, we're of course in agreement about the goodness of what he does, but we need to get a little away from GoV and into the great, wild world of MSM to voice our opinion and support the politicians in funding his support.

Both are a very valuable investment in our future.

Winston Smith said...

To All Good Infidel Bloggers:

"The Study of Revenge" blog has been deleted and I'm wondering if the Islamists had a hand in it?

I know they did get Google to label it a "hate" website.

--Your Mate at the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith

Charlemagne said...

Winston - I just went to Study of Revenge and it appears as though it's still up.

Elric66 said...

Why cant we have someone like Wilder in the US? He is someone who we need in these trying times. Someone like Hillary, Obama or Bush wont cut it


no2liberals said...

r. hartman
When I spoke of the sacrifices that have been made in Holland, I was alluding to Fortuyn, as well as Van Gogh, and a lesser extent, Hirsi Ali and Geert.
As for Ron Paul, if you want him, he's yours. Just make certain he stays on his psychotropic meds. The man ain't right in the head, his elevator doesn't go to the top floor, his biscuits aren't quite golden brown.
You get the idea.

Zenster said...

No2Liberals: his biscuits aren't quite golden brown

What a superb euphemism for "half-baked". A real keeper!

Conservative Swede said...

Yes indeed. In Sweden we talk in terms of how the snow hasn't been shoveled all the way up to the front door. But how the biscuits aren't quite golden brown is a real beauty I never heard before.

That's what you get with libertarianism: half-wits/half-nerds as Ron Paul, and model countries such as Somalia.

Of course, whenever I tell a libertarian "Go to Somalia with you!" they invariably claim -- quite as the communists did about the Soviet Union -- that Somalia is not real libertarianism. That they of course fully support how the state has been removed there (the state that is by definition evil), but seem rather surprised how it leads to anarchy; and how anarchy leads to piracy etc.

Don't you have to be a real dimwit or hyper-ideologically super-blinded to be surprised that anarchy leads to anarchy? That is, a state-less society (i.e. anarchy, which literally means no rule) leads to anarchy in effect, i.e. piracy, mob rule in the streets, etc.

The combination of i) failing to understand the simplest of logic: how anarchy leads to anarchy; ii) while at the same time advocating anarchy as the highest good; is what constitutes libertarianism. This ideology as such doesn't have its biscuits quite golden brown.

There will of course come libertarians now who say that they are not this kind of hard-core libertarian, and that they do not believe in taking the core ideas all the way. But this is just how the Marxists exist in a spectrum where not all are communists, but actually most are socialist, social democrats, green, etc. And we now how this works and turns out...

PapaBear said...

It does no good to ban a blogger, as long as there is a blogger community. The blogger can just return under another identity, make himself known to his friends, and they will all link to his new identity and let the rest of the world know where he has resurfaced

no2liberals said...

Zenster and Conservative Swede
I have other down home sayings, from the American South, that I will spring on you, when the time is right.