Monday, January 21, 2008

TA DA! — Presenting The Award-Winning Gates of Vienna (in Sweden)

The trophySteen sent wonderful news this morning: the Baron has been given an “anti-dhimmi” award by Swedish FOMI, the Forum Against Islamization (Forum mot islamering). In the “foreign anti-dhimmi” category, the Baron tied for third place with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which is a signal honor indeed. First place went to Nicholas Sarkozy, and second to Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti).

The entire FOMI post is below the jump. It hasn’t been translated, but even with my resistance to foreign languages it’s possible to work out the main categories, the prize winners, and what their placements were — e.g., utrikes must mean “foreign.”

In addition to the dhimmi winners are those designated as halal-hippies. That phrase is easy, specially when you see the winners: unfortunately George Bush took first prize — probably because of his penchant for holding hands with Saudi princes and declaring ceaselessly that “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” Well, at least he hasn’t had to lie under oath or to proclaim “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Second place went to one of my favorite villains, Freddy Thielemans, the mayor of Brussels and a fiendish machinator.

Third place was a tie between Naomi Klein and Vanessa Redgrave. In case Naomi is not a household name where you live, do google her. Just looking briefly at her work, it seems she ought to have taken first prize on this one.

Anyhow, way to go, Baron! This calls for a celebration. Champagne for everyone… that’s champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends!
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Rösterna har nu räknats. Här följer listan på samtliga vinnare i FOMI AWARDS 2007.


1:a plats, förkrossande seger:
Fredrik Reinfeldt/Sveriges Regering

FOMI kommenterar: Regeringen Reinfeldts flata agerande under Vilks-krisen gjorde många svenska antiislamster besvikna. När till och med påstått konservativa partier som Moderata Samlingspartiet vägrar ta tydlig ställning för svensk tradition verkar det stå klart att samtliga partier i svensk riksdag företräder en islamiseringsvänlig linje.

2:a plats: Mattias Gardell
3:e plats: Mona Sahlin, Jan Guillou, Folkpartiet liberalerna

1:a plats, överlägsen segrare: Freddy Thielemans
FOMI kommenterar: Bryssels Borgmästare Freddy Thielemans har med sina 15 muslimska kollegor i beslutsposition agerat fullständigt principlöst i och med stoppandet av fredliga och fullt lagliga demonstrationer mot sharialagar och teokratiskt styre. När man desssutom beslutar sig för att häkta och trakassera lagligt valda EU-parlamentariker går man över gränsen från principlöst till oförlåtligt.

2:a plats: Gordon Brown
3:e plats: Karen Armstrong, Europeiska Unionen

1:a plats: Lars Vilks
FOMI kommenterar: Konstnären Lars Vilks har trots sin kontroversiella status imponerat på många svenska islamkritiker genom sin chosefria läggning, kompromisslöshet, principfasta stöd för konstnärlig frihet och rätten att yttra sig fritt. Hans tidiga beslut att utmana etablissemangets implicita isalmtabu har varit intressant att följa och förtjänar en eloge.

2:a plats: Björn Ulvaeus

1:a plats: Nicholas Sarkozy
FOMI kommenterar: Frankrikes nya president Nicholas Sarkozy har imponerat på många antiislamister med sitt åtminstone retoriska försvar av fransk kultur och västerländska värderingar. Kritik och utvisningar av kriminella muslimska element har också imponerat. Hur länge Sarko fortsätter att hålla denna linje återstår dock att se, retoriken gentemot Turkiet har på sistone varit tvetydig som bäst.

2:a plats: Pia Kjaersgaard
3:e plats: Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

1:a plats, förkrossande seger: Lisa Bjurwald/EXPO
FOMI kommenterar: Lisa Bjurwald anlände som kandidat relativt sent på året, men när EXPO:s fria fantiserande om svenska högerspöken och ett fredligt, oskyldigt islam väl uppdagades stod det nog bortom all tvekan att Bjurwald skulle gå mot en stark seger som 2007 års Svenska Halalhippie.

2:a plats: Mona Sahlin
3:e plats: Svenska islamologer, Mattias Gardell, Diego Maradona, Lars Vilks

1:a plats: George W. Bush
FOMI kommenterar: Med ekonomiska kopplingar till diverse islamistiska saudier, terrorkopplade islamister på besök i Vita Huset samt ett frekvent mediamissionerande om islam som “fredens religion” har George W. Bush anförskaffat sig titeln “2007 års internationella Halalhippie”.

2:a plats: Freddy Thielemans
3:e plats: Naomi Klein, Vanessa Redgrave


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Baron!
You certainly deserve it!
By the way. The phrase 'Halal-Hippie' was invented by Naser Khader (Member of the danish parliament)a few years ago in order to describe these naive multi-culti-fools. It has now been adopted as a 'new' danish word.

Quote from the danish board of language:

halalhippie (2000) 'person som i et misforstået forsøg på at være tolerant over for indvandrere forsvarer reaktionære træk i indvandrerkulturen'


Halalhippie (2000) 'A person who, in a misunderstood attempt of being tolerant toward migrants, defends reactionary/fundamentlistic charateristics in the migrants cultural heritage'

(Or something like that!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's quite an honor that you certainly deserve :)

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Baron,
I love it, I have had a good laugh, it has lifted by depression. The Germans just over the border would have described you as the third winner there are no runners up in Germany. Well many here in Europe have you down as a winner anyway. Having had the pleasure of your company I am certain fame wont go to you head, but just in case you are tempted, remember the words of Napoleon when he invented the “Legion of Honour” Men are lead by toys.

Deep Regards

Yorkshire Miner



Bloody bad company for Baron Bodissey!
- - - - -

"...even with my resistance to foreign languages it’s possible to work out the main categories, the prize winners, and what their placements were — e.g., utrikes must mean 'foreign'"

- - - - -

1st place: Nicholas Sarkozy
FOMI comments: France's new president Nicholas Sarkozy has impressed many antiislamists with his at least rhetorical defences of French culture and western values. The act of criticism and deportation of criminal muslim elements have also made a great impression. How long Sarko continues to hold this line remains, however, to be seen; his rhetoric vis-à-vis Turkey has lately as best been ambiguous .
Sarko, when he recently visited Saudiarabia, hailed Islam as "one of the greatest and most beautiful civilisations the world has ever known" and said that France and Saudi Arabia "share the same objectives of the politics of civilization."
"Fourteen centuries ago, from this place, went forth the great élan of piety, fervor, and faith that would carry off everything it met, that would convert so many peoples and bring about the birth of one of the greatest, most beautiful civilizations that the world has ever known. Here in Saudi Arabia are the holiest sites of Islam, towards which every Muslim in the world turns to pray. The West received the Greek heritage thanks to the Muslim civilization."
- - - - -
Just an ordinary national traitor!

spackle said...

Sarko was #1 !? Maybe if the award was given the day after his election, but now! I guess I have been reading the wrong stories in the news as of late.

Anonymous said...

First place went to Nicholas Sarkozy (...)

Yes, of course, that is a very well deserved award. After all, he recently called Islam "one of the greatest and most beautiful civilisations the world has known".

Oh, wait, was it the anti-dhimmi award?

Zenster said...

Wonderful news! It's good to see that the Baron's tireless campaigning is being recognized in Europe. The Continent is far closer to the precipice and in dire need of undistorted reporting about Islam's global jihad. Congratulations to Gates of Vienna!

carpenter said...


I believe those FOMIs named Sarkozy #1 since he, in his speech at the meeting with the Swedish PMs, spelled these beautiful words:
"There are too many Muslims in Europe"
...whereupon Swedish halal-hippie socialist, culture-Marxist, Trotskijist tabloid Aftonbladet went furious:
"During a meeting with Fredrik Reinfeldt in Paris, Nicholas Sarkozy chocked his surrounding.
By a long, anti-Muslim monologue"

Know what I mean? Sometimes, it's enough when the "68-ors" of Aftonbladet bashes someone, to name him/her as one's favourite! I do believe this is the case
What we can tell from the story above, is that Sarkozy is a very uncertain card. What does he intend to do? Firstly, he says that there are too many pedophet-followers in Europe. Only two months later, Islam is "one of the greatest and most beautiful civilisations the world has known"
How are you gonna have it, Monsieur Sarkozy?
In the name of France and Europe: Choose the former!

Imperialistu' said...

Congratulations, Baron!

P.S. Dymphna, somebody's been watching "The 25th Hour" :-). Great movie and brilliant actor (Norton).

Paul Weston said...

Well Baron!

having had the pleasure of your company a few months ago, I can only say you have been shortchanged.

Without you and GoV, events that happened last year would not have happened.

That may not mean much to those unaware of the momentous changes which occurred in 2007, but you were solely responsible for the beginning of a civilised and organised resistance within Europe.

And believe you me, we Europeans owe a debt of gratitude to you. A Yank who not only cares more about Europe than the Europeans appear to, but the driving force of potential change, which if we accept it, may yet be our salvation.

I am proud that you have been honoured in this way, but am prouder still that you have done more for my country - indeed for the whole of Europe - that any honour TODAY can hope to recognise.

If we come through our present travails it will be no exaggeration to say that you were not merely a man at the forefront of the battle, but a man who marshalled it as a leader and organiser, and a man who in saner times would be a national figurehead.

God Bless you Baron. When we prevail, it will be because one man - by which I mean you - had the bravery and tenacity to set the standard for others to follow.

Kylie said...

Congratulations, Baron.

You do wonderful work, not only with your own writings but also by providing a forum for others equally concerned about the lights going out all over Europe.

I'm glad you are getting some of the recognition you deserve.

lowandslow said...

Congrats, to both of you.

costin said...

Congratulations! I admire a lot your work and I check your site everyday more than once.
About the Sarkozy... he was a breath of fresh air in the beginning. now, i don't really know what to think of him.

Keep up the good work!

X said...

Sarko is french, and the french bend with the wind very easily. I bet you he'll be back to the other side of things again after a few weeks.

All things to all people.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I should comment on this, since I'm one of those who pushed for the Baron to be nominated. Simply put, without the Baron, there would be no European anti-jihadi movement. The Baron has not only helped us organize in terms of practicalities, but more importantly, he has become a figure who *inspires* people. He is, as the Muslims would say, an uswa hasana, an excellent model of conduct. His ability to build bridges is, I dare say, based on his deep understanding of societal processes and unwavering commitment to Western humanitarian values. That, and he's great at parties, too.

But in case anyone feels left out: there are plenty of other people who have also been important in this struggle, such as Dymphna (organisatrix par excellence), Aeneas (one of many safeguards of Western civilization), and, well, the whole of CVF, many of whose members undoubtedly read this blog. Rest assured that all your efforts are appreciated, and that they do influence the course of everyday events, even here in Thule. (Just witness the Baron, myself and many others being quoted and "analyzed" in the pro-fascist rag Expo - a grand honour indeed.)

So, a thank you, gracias, tack, spasiba and merci to all and sundry who have in any way contributed to our cause. And last, but not least, a big thank you to all those Muslims who show, time and time again, that we're just plain right!


> Reinhard,
Please inform us - why Sarkosy, this incontestable Kadafi-hugger?

Anonymous said...

The motivation for Sarkozy: "France's new president Nicolas Sarkozy has impressed a lot of anti-islamists with his at least rhetorical defence of French culture and Western values. Criticism and deportations of criminal Muslim elements has likewise impressed us. How long Sarkozy maintains this policy is left to be seen, the rhetoric concerning Turkey has of late been ambivalent at best."

Sarkozy deserves respect for his hard stance on the criminals in French suburbs, as well as for directly anti-islamic stuff like his dismantling of Tariq Ramadan on live television. However, he does seem to sometimes take two steps forward and one step back.

On the other hand, his dating an ex-model/singer right after his wife left him, kind of encapsulates everything I love about the French.

X said...

The EU perspective has to be considered here, too. Sarkozy, for good or ill, is operating under the assumption that the EU is designed to protect and further the interests of France in the wider world. His ambivalence toward Turkish accession is brought on by the conflict between: being tough on the Islamists in france, and widening the EU net in order to strengthen France's position.

In itself this is an example of why the one-size-fits-all policy of the EU (and the US state department, it has to be said) simply doesn't work. If enough French people can be convinced that the accession of Turkey directly threatens France, they'll be out of the Union faster than you can say fraternité internationale, and our problems will be solved for good.

Exile said...

George Bush took first prize — probably because of his penchant for holding hands with Saudi princes and declaring ceaselessly that “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” Well, at least he hasn’t had to lie under oath or to proclaim “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Yes.. but did he have sex with the saudi prince....?

Congratulations on the award. Well deserved.

1389 said...