Thursday, January 10, 2008

All the News That’s Fit to Stage

We’re used to managed news here in the USA.

Those “town hall” meetings with a picked audience. The candidate Q&A sessions with planted questions. The puff-piece network interviews with Democrat politicians…

But Germany seems to have entered a new zone in staged-news embarrassments. According to Transatlantic Conservative, the seams are really starting to show in German state-sponsored television “news”:

Germany just had its very own Rathergate, or if you wish, Fauxtography scandal.

Brigitte Zypries and Oezcan MutluThe German blog “Politically Incorrect” (PI), which abbreviation also significantly stands for “Private Investigator” has published a video/audio tape of a talk show at the state owned ARD TV station.

In it, nobody lesser than the German Secretary of Justice, Brigitte Zypries and one of her Turkish colleagues and member of the German Federal Parliament (corr.: member of parliament of the city and state of Berlin), Oezcan Mutlu, have a whispered conversation that was evidently not meant to be shared with the general audience and that PI recorded and made public . While a young and allegedly reformed violent Turkish criminal, asked by the talk show host:” What could Germany have done to offer you a better existence”?, answers “Well, nothing specific really comes to my mind. All the opportunities have been there, you just have to look for them a little bit”, a shocked Secretary of Justice and the Turkish MP have the following exchange:

Mutlu: “Has he not been briefed”?

Zypries: “He has”!
- - - - - - - - -
Their mimics clearly show how they disapprove of the conciliatory words of their political client. So, the take of PI and others, including myself, is that the State media in Germany is presenting biased and doctored contents to the tax paying audience who pays for their own media indoctrination. Obviously, the young Turk had been prepared to say things along the party line of the German government coalition, to which the Secretary of Justice and the Turkish MP belong, and whom they represented during this talk show, had not been following his prepared script or “briefing”. They really expected him to complain about German “islamophobia”, nazi tendencies and racism in the general population.

In light of the actual political background in Germany, where the people becomes increasingly aware of the links between socialist and green politics on one hand and the muslim immigration and entitlement on the other, this will not play well and I am certain, that Miss Zypries and Mr. Mutlu will find that their political life sucks severely after this episode. Then again, maybe not. A certain part of the German public is pretty enlightenment resistant.

Go over to TC’s post for more information and a link to the video of the episode.

In a recent comment on an earlier Gates of Vienna post, Bottehond said:

That’s the way it has to be done, because NO European government or their state-sponsored media will inform its people about the death cult. We will have to do it ourselves.

Nothing illustrates Bottehond’s point better than what is happening on German state television.


Homophobic Horse said...

It's happening across the board. The BBC for instance now actively aid terrorists.

The BBC made a documentary called "Don't Panic I'm Islamic" which featured some "youths" playing paintball. It turns out a certain Mr Hamid among the group was a terrorist sympathiser who personally knew of the 21/7 bombers and their plans:

Ms Suleaman [BBC Journalist] said that Mr Hamid was agitated after the July attack. She said: “I think he was worried that perhaps the men might call him because they were on the run at the time. I think he was very, very shocked about the fact that the men he knew were accused of this.”

The straightforward implication here is clear. The conversation took place at a time when they actually were on the run. She says this. She uses the word "on the run". This whole thing would hardly be an issue otherwise.
The other telling quote, regarding the timing of when this conversation took place is in the following paragraph:

Duncan Penny, for the prosecution, asked Ms Suleaman if she had told Mr Hamid to go to the police or contacted the police herself. Mr Penny asked: “Here was a man who told you that he knew those individuals who, as I understand it, were still at large for what on the face of it was the attempted bombings of the transport network a fortnight after it happened, and he was telling you he had some knowledge of them? There was a worldwide manhunt going on, wasn’t there?”

Why would there be an issue about Mr Hamid going to the police otherwise? If the suspects weren't ACTUALLY terrorists and ACTUALLY on the run, it would be just a normal case of BBC giving licence payers money to people committed to the destruction of the United Kingdom: i.e. a normal working day (Omar Bakri Mohammed, Inyat Bungawala, MAB, MCB etc.

The corporation is pretty much dammed out of her mouth. All of the following statements imply that she was talking about an ongoing situation:

She replied: “I got the sense that he was already talking to the police. I referred it to my immediate boss at the BBC. I wasn’t told that there was an obligation. In fact it was referred above her as well. It was such a big story.” She added: “I don’t think it’s my obligation to tell another adult that he should go to the police.”

There is an implication that Mr Hamid didn't just know Mr Mohammed and Mr Osman, but through his wide connections, the very connections that Miss Suleiman valued him for, knew Mr Ibrahim and Mr Omar as well.

The sad fact is that it is only a news story because of the fact that the BBC may have prevented the police from having information that would lead to the arrest of the terrorists responsible for one of the worst atrocities in Europe. What should be a news story, however, is the fact that the BBC gave money and succour to the complete scumbags responsible for making this piece of worthless propaganda in the first place.

They thought, after 9/11 and Bali and all the beheadings and suicide bombs, "hey, you know what? People are starting to think that Moslems are dangerous. We can't have that. I want you go out there and find a bunch of wacky Muslims to put the other side of the story".

Who did they find? A bunch of suicide bombers.

You couldn't make it up.

Protestant said...
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Protestant said...

I know this blog likes to force a neat and tidy, dichotomistic, Islam-vs.-"The West" paradigm on us all, but the reality is that Muslims are NOT the enemy. The incident described above shows us this. The homosexual radical (but European by blood) Ms Brigitte Zypries works to undermine the German nationality far more than some Turk working at a doener-kebap stand in Berlin.

The true enemy is, of course, within. The cultural marxists, who have had a U.S./Soviet-military-enforced stranglehold on German politics and German culture since 1945, are the problem. The cultural-marxist Left and the cultural-marxist Right (today often called "neoconservatives") work in concert to prevent any possible rise of white ethnopopulism. Foreigners of alien racial stock and alien cultures/religions are their tools towards that end.

An irony is that the cultural-marxist Right (neoconservatives) oftentimes tend to attack and agitate against Islam. This is a red-herring. The true opposition to Islam is from the blood-and-soil patriots (e.g. NPD), who the neoconservatives hate just as much as they (claim to) hate Islamic radicals.

1389 said...

Here are links and information about THREE webcasts featuring threatened UK blogger Lionheart and his friends. Call in with your questions!

Zenster said...

Protestant: the reality is that Muslims are NOT the enemy

Well then, that's certainly a relief to know. I’m so very glad this has all been cleared up. Now the Baron can shut down this site and all the soldiers can come home from Afghanistan and Iraq. But first, Protestant, why don’t you do all of us a favor and test your premise by walking—unarmed—down a crowded street in Islamabad, Kandahar or even one of Paris' wonderful banlieus.

The foregoing article is yet one more sterling example of why state controlled media is a Very Bad Idea™. Once again, we must all be grateful for the Internet. Lest we forget, it was the horrible US military—in the form of DARPA—that brought into being this electronic boon to mankind. How odd that—one more time—America’s military may well yet save our world from itself.

Ronbo said...

Islam is not the enemy? Hmmm. I suppose Hitler stood for world peace, Stalin wanted only the industrialization of Russia and Castro is an agarian reformer?


Henrik R Clausen said...

Bild (a large circulation tabloid newspaper) runs the story.

Apparently (I didn't check the video myself), PI got it wrong who said what.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Protestant:the reality is that Muslims are NOT the enemy.

I agree with Protestant. Muslims are not the enemy. Islam, in its fundamentalist intepretation, is.

X said...

This is certainly true. If we had the "tall fences and wide gates" Thompson was talking about the other night (Michelle passim) we wouldn't have to worry about the muslim threat because they'd all be outside the fence fulminating and gnashing their teeth and so on.

ole said...

jesus C.S. said "Muslims are almost powerless on their own...."
This depends very much on what kind of power or abilities to achieve power we are talking about.
In the meaning of MILITARY or ORGANISATIONAL power muslims are obviously far ,far behind.
But if we think that theese are the most important kinds in 2008 we make a deadly mistake.
The most important way to chieve power in 2008 is by manipulating or utilizing the global media.
How is this done ?
WE dont have a clue.
But muslims seems to do this as naturaly as fish swim in water.
Maybee their ancient traditions of cunning an hiding their real intentions give them an advantage.
Anyhow we must admit to ourselves that as an adversary they have shown a dangerous TALENT in acieving their aims whithout any "real" power.

dienw said...

"The most important way to chieve power in 2008 is by manipulating or utilizing the global media.
How is this done ?
WE dont have a clue.
But muslims seems to do this as naturaly as fish swim in water.

First, the media, government, academia, and most major cultural institutions are in the hands of the left: "the long march through the institutions" remember from the '70s; and don't forget the Fabian socialists' incrementalism. These leftists believe as an article of faith in the revolutionary idea of "tear it all down" for the sake of an unknown "perfect" future (see David Horowitz).

Second, these leftists give a pass to each other: they can lie like dogs and not be called to account: treason is patrotism. This is the leftwing version of taqqiya: we have become so corrupted by it that the truth is called a lie and those who speak it are called extremists.

The truth has become the counter-culture.

Third, the left has identified Islam as the total opposite of the West and see it as the perfect agent of destruction. Thus the agents of the left cover for Muslims and enable Islamic taqqiya, combining their own in unison.

In short, Islam is not manipulating the global media; instead, the global media are delibrately colluding with those who would destroy the mutually hated West.

And yes, it is deliberate suicide: they agree to their own death in service to the revolution. It is mirrored in the socialist, environmentalist movement.

The counter-culture (the truth) is the enemy and thus is being resisted when it tries to use the media: as the Eagles sing; "it's [their] world now."

Only a rod of iron is going to undo it. And we aren't the ones holding it.

Sodra Djavul said...


Owwww... Talk about one serious hangover.

Sodra last night decided to experiment with the patented "Pirate Juice" for the upcoming Gasparilla 2008 celebration in Tampa, with disastrous consequences. :)

Feel free to point at laugh at my posts last night. I am. :)

At any rate, if anyone will be in Tampa at the end of the month, and would like to meet up for the party, please e-mail me.

- Sodra

Unknown said...

I sort of agree with Protestant, above. I don't think Muslims per se are the real enemy here. This is an opinion that represents a change in my thinking.

For the last 2 years I have been dating a Sunni Muslim from Syria (I'm Catholic). She is blond and green-eyed, educated in France and Germany, and is far more 'Western' than the deracinated white Americans that I know. She (and her family, who I have also come to know well) absolutely does not conform to the Muslim stereotype propogated by Western neocon media and often by Muslim fanatics themselves.

She is very critical both of the fundamentalist element within Islam, as well as the Jewish influence on Western politics. Which brings me to my point: I don't think the West would be facing this crisis if Western elites (many of whom are Jewish) were not traitors. The ideology of Multiculturalism and mass non-white immigration have been shoved down our throat by white Marxists, liberal Christians, and liberal Jews. These are the people at fault. They are the ones with blood on their hands. They are the ones who, when the war of liberation in the West finally starts, will be the first to go.

So the real targets requiring elimination are not necessarily Muslims living in the West, but the left-wing elites who are using Muslims (as well as blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.) as shock troops to conquer and destroy the West.

If we are honest about it and decide to act against the treason of the elites, I think Islam in the West would not be in such a position of strength. So, forget about dropping bombs on the Middle East. I think we should consider targeting the liberal elites who have encouraged and facilitated not only the Muslim invasion of the West, but also its degradation, humiliation, and suicide.

ole said...

I agree completely with way you see the self-hating ,self destructive role of the left.
But the muslims have not been a passive ,helpless partner in the destruction of the West's belief in itself.
In the game of politics and psycologic warfare they have played their cards well.
One thing they have perfected is the good-cop-bad-cop routine : we better give the "moderate" muslims all they want, otherwise they just won't be capable of RESTRAINING their extremeit cousins..
Some of their trics seem almost impossible :
All Israeli-arab wars end with the israeli army somehow beeing cheated out of its hard-earned victory.. in EXACTLY the right moment ,just when the Israelies are finaly closing in for the KILL , the muslims somehow manage to make the transformation from The Big Bad Muhammad Army into The Poor Misledd
3-Wold Fugitives.
And ofcourse the US,UN,EU and Russia imeadiately come charching to their rescue.
This is a great talent that the muslims have for DISTORTING reality. It is based on OUR stupidity ,but so is all great magicians TRICKS.

dienw said...


I did not say that Islam was a passive partner. The left has formed an active partnership.

Both parties make use of the lie and they have been extra-ordinarily successful. The success is so marked that one can almost believe that the lie is truly a magic amulet. The left made such progress in the West that it rolled right over the conservatives and Christians. Islam joining with the left is advancing its lie almost unimpeded.

Think about that. Really ponder that. Lies do not have typically such power; here they do. For Christians, that speaks of demonic principalities and powers. For me as a Christian, this recalls Christ's prophecy that he will send a great delusion on the people in the last days.

What does the unbelieving man have against such?

dienw said...

Here. Read this:

Its an article by Diane West. Here is a money quote:

'That "key aide" is Cmdr. Hesham Islam (USN ret.), an Egyptian-born, Arabic-speaking Muslim whom Gordon England describes as "my interlocutor" and "personal, close confidante." According to Gertz, England's interlocutor and confidante confronted Stephen Coughlin seeking "to have Mr. Coughlin soften his views of Islamist extremism." '

Who else has such a familiar? We know Hillary has hers; Thompson has Spencer Abrams(sp?). Who else? The Arabist State Department plays this role for the nation.

The liars are at our leaders very ears: their lips brush the very lobes of our leaders and clerks. How is the truth going to get past these?

Mitch said...
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Zenster said...

NJArtist: One thing they have perfected is the good-cop-bad-cop routine : we better give the "moderate" muslims all they want, otherwise they just won't be capable of RESTRAINING their extremist cousins..

One question: If the moderates are "capable of restraining their extremist cousins" then—when they do not—aren't they in some way culpable for the extremists' crimes? If not as direct accessories, they certainly remain complicit in that refuse to intevene in or report any wrongdoing despite foreknowledge of its existence.

I definitely agree that this "good cop/bad cop" ruse is something Muslims play like a frickin' violin. Fatah runs this identical scam all the time with their Palestinian alphabet soup proxies. It's also something that should be used to tar all of them with responsibility for refusing to quell extremism within their ranks. The violent Islamic factions are used as pit bulls to be unleashed whenever resistance is encountered. If the moderates wish to pretend that they hold the leash, then they must be made responsible for restraining their extremist elements.

Confronted with accusations of culpability—if these extortionist moderates deny all affiliation with the extremists—then this should be used to drive a wedge between these two factions and begin atritting their ranks. Two such criminal elements must not be allowed to act in tandem without penalties being assigned to both as well.

NJArtist: What does the unbelieving man have against such?

Something a little more powerful than the words of a Messiah who has been dead for a few thousand years.

It's called "reason". To paraphrase Old Bill:

A lie by any other name would stink as sweet.

The more people abandon reason in favor of faith or emotion, the more susceptible they become to lies. Only the rational mind has any ability to detect and reject lies as they are presented.

Baron Bodissey said...

Mitch --

Please don't paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post's comment section.


Mitch said...

Dutch ministry of foreign affairs paid 200,000 euros to broadcast two items on Europe on public television.