Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our First Black President Has a Dream

While his wife must be having a nightmare.

Hat tip: Per

[ends here...you don't get to see him fall off the chair]


Papa Whiskey said...

Too funny! I wonder if it'll get the same kind of play Reagan's snoozing in cabinet meetings got.

Zenster said...

Priceless! A tidy little glimpse into how concerned liberals actually are about minority causes.

laine said...

Bill obviously got little sleep the night before and chances are that he wasn't burning the midnight oil for Hillary's campaign as this kind of carelessness could be costly with a thinking electorate.

The speaker is all excited about MLK, but to a Democrat like Bill, it's just a drone to be suffered through in order to pocket minority votes. And as long as a minority believes "everyone owes us and should look after us forever because our ancestors suffered", then Clinton could stretch out full length and snore on the podium, and their votes will still go to the Dems.

The black majority studiously ignore the few black conservative thinkers who expose the terrible results of shirking individual responsibility and blaming others. The poisonous Democratic nannies have managed to destroy the black family since the 60's with their racist low expectations of blacks, Welfare and other entitlement policies, and abortion on demand.

Apparently the comfort of assigning blame outward and receiving handouts is greater than actually improving one's life.

Since the world is moving left, it is time to start wondering whether the nannies and their immature charges actually are a majority among world populations?

It can be frightening having ultimate responsibility for oneself especially when you've been indoctrinated from kindergarten on that there are wiser people who can look after you if you only vote for them...or live under totalitarian systems such as Islam or communism that feed helplessness with mother's milk.