Friday, January 25, 2008

Update on the “Patriotic Party”

Update: Our Flemish correspondent VH has sent a more accurate translation of Philip Claeys’ statement, so I am now using his version.

It seems that the organizers of the new EU-wide Patriotic Party may have jumped the gun as far as the participation of Vlaams Belang is concerned. According to a spokesman, VB is engaged in “discussions”, but has made no commitment to join an actual party.

The following is from the VB website, translated by machine and then slightly revised for coherent syntax. If any of our Dutch or Flemish readers want to correct the translation, please leave a message in the comments our Flemish correspondent VH.

Vlaams Belang is holding a conversation on European cooperation

Today, at the initiative of the Austrian Freedom Party, a meeting was convened in Vienna with MPs from the parties that belonged to the now disbanded ITS parliamentary group (identity, tradition, sovereignty) in the European parliament.

There were numerous cases discussed, and also the possibility of forming a right-national umbrella organization was examined.

The chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, declared a desire to establish contacts with democratic right-wing parties in all European countries and support each other in the struggle against the politically correct establishment in all these countries.

Vlaams Belang also took part in these discussions. Vlaams Belang is obviously willing to maintain close contacts and the best relationships with like-minded parties abroad. At this time, though, we cannot commit to any kind of European political party formation. In addition, the whole thing is quite premature. For Europe imposes unreasonable criteria for the formation of a European political-party umbrella, by which the ideological rules of political correctness are layed down in an unacceptable and undemocratic manner.
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The preference of Vlaams Belang extends more towards bilateral contacts with European likeminded spirits than an umbrella party.

A consensus was reached, however, on a number of cross-border matters, such as opposition to the possible accession of Turkey to the EU, and also to the Treaty of Lisbon, which is actually a new version of the European constitution which was rejected earlier.

Philip Claeys

Hat tip: CVF.


Imperialistu' said...

If they join up with these people, than i believe it's becoming clear that Vlaams Belang is no better than the National Front and others. The ITS groups was made up of sore losers, Baron. We don't need those people.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Imperialistu' doesn't know jack about the machinations of the European Parliament. The ITS was formed - and I know this from the inside - as a technical, not an ideological, joint venture. It said so in the press releases, and it was clear before it was created.

This rampant condemnation of people who largely are doing their best is unfounded, demotivating and damaging.

AngleofRepose said...

OT, but sorta relevant..

Interview with Geert Wilders on Fox News now on youtube:

Part I

Part II

Thanks to VH for the clarification on this issue. Yet more corrections for Charles.. wonder if he'll do an update?

/rhetorical question

X said...

To support Henrik's stance, if you examine the make-up of the various umberella parties in the toy parliament you'll see that more than a few are made of of parties who are ideologically opposed to each other on just about every issue. They group together in order to get voting rights, not because they agree with each other. It's all part of the madness that is the EU.

Imperialistu' said...

I know a madman when I see one and I know that when living among them, you might go insane yourself. That's why, my dear Henryk, I'd suggest you smarten up and leave the "OMG THE ANTI-PC PARTIES RULE" stance.

Sodra Djavul said...

Political Correctness is to blame for much of the social and economical decay present in Europe. If you feel differently, please reply with a logical response so that intelligent debate on the merits can be had by us all.

Simply labeling an opposing view the ruminations of a "madman," or "insane," or suggesting that your opponents "smarten up" does not qualify as intelligent response.

I haven't been around Gates of Vienna for a bit, as I was prepping for Gasparilla in Tampa. It was a fantastic party this year, almost upwards of 400,000 people. And NO CODE PINK people showed up to ruin the festivites. I think that was because of their recent run-in with Cubans in Miami who they thought would find common cause with them.

- Sodra

Imperialistu' said...

I am anti-PC, but I am not going to support extremists (there are a few out there - I just named one from my own country) just becasue they denounce the politically-correct establishment. I'm not gonna support the USSR just because I hate nazis, if you get my point.