Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cities Against Islamization

Cities Against IslamizationLast Thursday a coalition of right-wing European parties met in Antwerp, calling themselves “Cities Against Islamization”. Vlaams Belang, the FPÖ (Austria), Alsace d’Abord (a regionalist party), and Pro Köln (Germany) participated.

Before I wade any further into the inevitable controversy that will accompany this post, I must note that it has been widely alleged that the BNP (British National Party) was a partner in this coalition. This assertion derives from a single source — an Australian newspaper — and is uncorroborated by the European media. There is no mention of the BNP in the Radio Netherlands report.

In addition, I received an email from a reliable contact in Belgium who confirms that the BNP was not represented in the coalition. Here are some excerpts from his email:

I just spent an hour googling “BNP Antwerp” and “BNP Antwerp Dewinter” trying to find other press reports than Australian ones about the “alliance” between VB and BNP. Found nothing.

Nothing at the BNP website either. You would imagine that the BNP would mention their “alliance” with the VB, wouldn’t you?

Since when are Australian MSM reports authoritative sources about Belgium? Australia!! No place can be further away from Antwerp.

The party [Vlaams Belang] does not have the manpower to react to every piece of misinformation written in MSM, certainly not it they are as far away as the antipodes in Australia. Not even American parties, who are far richer than the VB, engage in PR activities of this scale.

Since I am not paid by the party to do this, I cannot do it either.

Moreover, I fear that the VB is not interested in what the Australian press writes. Their only worry is to win elections in Belgium.

If one screens all the papers of the world it is easy to come up on a daily basis with some piece of disinformation.

You are not wrong if you write that the BNP is not part of the CaI group.
- - - - - - - - -
However, I do not know how many people attended the meeting, which was a public presentation as well as an open press conference, and who they were. Bart Debie told me that there was an uninvited Brit, who might have told an Australian journalist that he was a BNP member.

I find it strange, however, that (as far as I know) the British press has not written anything about this. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

Remember that the VB, with 25% of the Flemish electorate, is one of the most successful of the counterjihadist (and pro-Israeli) parties in Europe. It would be a major victory for the Jihadists if they can destroy the party. You are aware as well, I think, that Jihadists with Saudi money are currently buying stakes in the major MSM.

For all we know the Brit may have been an agent provocateur. Or he may have been a genuine BNP member who just came to have a look. Perhaps as a private person or perhaps on behalf of his party.

I repeat, again, that only four political parties belong to CaI:

The VB, the Austrian FPÖ (which is no longer Haider’s party), the Alsatian regionalists and the Cologne city party. Only these four parties spoke at the press conference in Antwerp.

CaI aims to establish a network of local politicians from a municipal level. The cities involved in the network are cities with a strong counter-jihadist representation on the municipal level: Antwerp (VB), Vienna (FPÖ), Strasbourg (Alsace) and Cologne (Germany).

Cities with BNP or FN representation had not been invited and were not present because the group is pro-Israel as well as anti-Muslim.

I think that bloggers should be more careful in checking their sources when parroting what the MSM write. If not, they will soon lose all credibility — as is already the case with some blogs as far as I am concerned.

(By the way: the Australian paper also says that parties from Denmark and Italy were present. This isn’t true either. Radio Netherlands is more accurate and does not mention the BNP at all.)

I’m the first to acknowledge that the BNP is a flawed party. Not only is it officially race-based, it’s statist and socialist in its political philosophy. It’s not a party that I would personally tend to support.

But not everyone who supports the BNP is an agent of Satan. Lionheart, for example, is a non-racist pro-Israel BNP supporter.

I suspect that there are many other disgruntled Britons who feel the same way. They don’t like the anti-Semitism or the socialism, but they’re desperately longing for a political party that is truly dedicated to halting the Islamization of their country. They know that the UKIP has so far proved to be completely ineffectual.

Who would you support?


VinceP1974 said...

Thanks for the article.

Why am I not surprised that the Stalinists at LGF jumped the gun on this.

AngleofRepose said...

According to Filip's speech at the New Years party:

"Welkom in Antwerpen aan onze Nederlandse, Spaanse, Duitse, Franse, Italiaanse, Deense en Oostenrijkse vrienden"..

Welcome in Antwerp to our Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish and Austrian friends

But the VB press release says this:

"Het initiatief bevat vertegenwoordigers uit onder meer Oostenrijk, Denemarken, Duitsland, Spanje, Italië, Frankrijk, Nederland en Engeland..."

The initiative contains representatives from among others Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands and United Kingdom...

So, who knows.. but the overall gist is that the BNP aren't listed as members of CaI.

Charlemagne said...

Were I English I wouldn't hesitate to support or join the BNP and if enough like-minded and concerned Brits did just that they could very easily overwhelm the 'old guard' and transform the party into a real force for the rebirth of English pride and for the preservation of British culture.

X said...

People will jump at any evidence they can find to support a flawed position. The global warming fanatics tend to do the same thing. Creationists (such as myself) also will do so; most people prefer to be right rather than wrong and if something supports a favoured viewpoint then very often it will be used as evidence no matter how weak it is.

What surprised me was Robert Spencer joining in with this. Still, the guy is sound; if he sees evidence he was wrong he'll correct himself.

Lionheart as stated that he no longer supports the BNP. Just for the record. :)

U.K. TODAY. said...

The B.N.P., currently are in a complete mess. I'd doubt very much, having lost key members to " A Voice of change", Nick Griffin would have either the guile or resources to implement any such European venture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Baron. How very interesting... I researched this when LGF first posted it and I couldn't find any evidence that the BNP were present either. Even if they were, that would not mean that Vlaams Belang necessarily supported everything the BNP stands for. Still, it's terrible that people are just taking it for granted that the BNP was there when there truly is no concrete evidence that they were.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Transformation is exactly what's going on right now.


Griffin has lost more than just a few key members - it's over 70 organisers, fundholders, elected councillors and other activists involved in trying to transform the party, change its constitution, introduce internal democracy, get rid of the nazis (well, one in particular) - make it look at least electable. And that's just those giving overt support - there are many others supporting covertly.

Whether or not any individuals attended as individuals I couldn't say, but I can say categorically (and I do have a little inside knowledge on this) that there was no formal BNP representation.

The BNP has lost no members to anyone - the current tussle is all internal to the party, and was set off by attempts to expel "Young Nazi and Proud" Mark Collett. Griffin set his "Intelligence Department", led by a former member of the South African Security Service (a department the vast majority of the party didn't even know existed), Lance Stewart assisted by Arthur Kemp onto the people concerned. First they bugged the phone of an elected councillor, Sadie Graham, then they illegally entered her home while she was out and removed her computer (HER computer, not the party's), they trawled through all her private files, publishing some on the web (some of these files they trawled through were private correspondence between Sadie and her constituents in her capacity as councillor). A few days later the police turned up armed at her house, having been informed that her partner possessed an illegal firearm, and they searched the place with a fine-tooth comb, as they do. Found nothing, of course.

It has all been too much for many of us. I wouldn't vote for people who behave like this - would you? So it is going to be overhauled from top to bottom whether Griffin likes it or not. Go here and spend a couple of hours reading back through the posts and you'll have the whole story:

Start with the oldest posts first.

PS The BNP is not an anti-semitic party. It IS anti-Islam.

AngleofRepose said...

BTW, I find it interesting that one of Charles' sources used as 'evidence' to back up his VB claims, Michael van der Galien, had this to say about Geert Wilders just 6 days ago:

Although Charles is certainly right to say that Americans shouldn’t associate with Vlaams Belang, it seems to me that he and people like him aren’t quite aware of the nature of Geert Wilders. Wilders is still considered acceptable, an ally, but he isn’t conservative, he’s a bigot, and it would be wise for Americans not to join forces with these people… if they do, it’ll be impossible for conservative critics of integration and immigration like myself to work with them, for we wish not to be associated with bigots. Directly or indirectly.

Why do I call Wilders a bigot you ask? Because he is. His freedom isn’t about freedom, it’s about bigotry.

I'm not picking on Michael here.. just highlighting the fact that one of CJ's sources may not be the best go-to person when it comes to judging others.

KGS from Tundra Tabloids also posted about another CJ source. A post quickly ignored by CJ when just days earlier he had highlighted a different KGS post.

I realize Baron wanted to put all this behind us, but with CJ continually harping about us "apologists", it might behoove us to hammer back from time to time.

Henrik R Clausen said...

BNP is a statist (big state) party?

Yuck. I don't think this works well for anti-Jihad purposes.

Sagunto said...

Seems like Jihadwatch has been plagued by little green fireflies over this 'issue'.

"Vlaams Belang allies with British National Party"

Among the first thoughts that came to my mind also: Australian journo's experts on the intricacies of Belgian politics?

"..I also wonder why a small article in an Australian newspaper from 'our correspondentS' (group-journalism?) should be taken more or less at face-value? Are they the usual experts to round up when Belgian political parties are concerned? And the update of which Mr. Spencer on second thought is also not entirely convinced? Why not ask "your man in Flanders" instead of a journo from Down-Under? One that at least understands the political/cultural situation in Belgium (needed to understand what Vlaams Belang stands for, and to prevent statements about this secessionist party that should try to aspire to be an anti-jihadist movement). Why not ask the chairman of Vlaams Belang himself if the Aussie-rumour was true that the BNP was present at this "Cities against islamization" eh.. happening?.."

Now the discussion at JW is being dominated by arguments about VB and it's so-called association with the BNP (which is just another way of recasting the old green little handbags libel against the VB). It all seems a lot of wasted energy to me. Hope they'll act as wisely as Fjordman did and leave the little green agitproppers in peace.

Why Robert Spencer still hangs on to the misleading title of the topic he started is beyond me, and indeed beyond his own calls in Brussels for unity among anti-jihadists.


ba ba said...

I used to be in the BNP, and i am pro Israel, by a long way. Infact my last girlfriend was a 100% Jewish, all be it American Jewish.

laller said...

I've looked at pressreleases by pro-Köln and pro-NRW(Bürgerbewegung pro-Nordrheinwestphalen) and neither of those mention the BNP(Before anyone says pro-NRW weren't there, it seems that the leader of pro-Köln is also the leader of pro-NRW).
Wether the BNP were there or nor, I don't know. It is weird though that none of the other participants we know of mention the BNP.

Epaminondas said...

'reliable contact'?

This is all now, "what do you want to believe"

I heard Philip Dewinter avoid disclaiming the idea of a white europe in his own words.

I believe BNP being at this rally is consonant with that.

Ideas that VB is too tiny to counter deadly stories about alliances with BNP, but yet garnering 25-30% of the flemish vote are counterintuitive.

It is at least time for critical skepticism , a positive western virtue, to invade not JUST the Australian printed report, but also holding fast to VB, AND it's undenied desire for white europe.

This can't end not because of the JUST the MSM, or multiculturalism, but because of what VB wants, and what they failed have FAILED TO EXCORIATE.

U.K. TODAY. said...


Out of the ashes of the current B.N.P. debacle, must come a coherent and credible voice - free from the accusations and constraints of the Jew bating - Hitler worshiping - nightmare it has become under, not only Griffin but John Tyndall afore him.

They're are many people in Britain like myself, whom have always kept well away from the B.N.P., because of these very points, yet now when faced with subjects such as radical Islam and political correctness we find we have nowhere to find a political sanctuary of our own.

To use a musical analogy, - If, at this point in time our government can be constrewed as Simon Cowell - then we're the Sex Pistols. Standing on the margins of society - seething at what OUR government has in mind for US - and yet not adverse to coming in from the cold to find OUR VERY OWN gendre in the years to come.


Ed Mahmoud said...

If the BNP just dropped its whites only membership party, and admitted all UK born people who respect the British culture, and who oppose creeping Islamization, they'd do a lot better. I'm not in the UK, and this is just my opinion, but as long as they are 'whites only' it'll be hard to defend them against charges of racism.

As Sarah D noted at GCP, Chuckles the Dancing Clown has not (and will not) correct his assertion that the BNP was present.

To quote Chuckles-
Here we go again. Now the Belgian Vlaams Belang party is openly allying with the British National Party, in a new group opportunistically named “Cities against Islamisation.”

And remember: the BNP’s white supremacist leader Nick Griffin, a friend and ally of David Duke, has explicitly detailed their plan to attach themselves to the anti-jihadists, in order to gain political legitimacy.

Nice company that Gates of Vienna, the Center for Vigilant Freedom, Brussels Journal, Fjordman, and Atlas Shrugged are running with. Will they distance themselves from the Vlaams Belang now, or are they OK with the British National Party too?

If I had to predict, I’d bet they’ll be OK with the BNP. It’s easier after the first step.

Charlemagne said...

Charles seems to be "against" a lot. Just what is it that he for? I've yet to determine just what it is that he will support, what he stands for, or who he deems worthy of an alliance.

When he's not just linking to relevant articles he's bashing someone in the Europ counter-jihad.

Ed Mahmoud said...

On the road to Wichita County, Texas, to try to find more American sources of oil. May be away from world wide interweb for a few days.

Wish me luck

Gaeidhil said...

Charlie is just angry that nobody ask for his permission to engage in free association.