Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lionheart in Polish

A Rosetta Stone for LionheartA belated translation sent by a Polish reader has put Lionheart’s text into its eighteenth language in addition to English. Go to the original Rosetta Stone post and scroll to the bottom to read an excerpt from “The Sword of Truth” in Polish.

This translation project has been a great success. Every single one of the translators is a volunteer. None has been paid for his or her work. It’s an example of what people can do when they get together to work towards a common purpose.

It’s also an example of what a real European union means, as a opposed to the stateless monstrosity known as the EU.

Co-operation across national borders does not require any nation to give up its identity, sovereignty, and culture while submitting to a higher authority. Coercion and tyranny are not necessary to achieve it. All it takes is a shared civilization, a common goal, and the liberty to form voluntary associations.

All of these traits are European traditions. They’ve just been lying in the shadows gathering dust these past few decades.

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Flanders Fields said...

You make excellent observations, Baron. Enthusiasm displayed in cooperative efforts will result in positive outcomes. The effort expended will strengthen everyone and inspire others. Thanks for your leadership and your work, Baron, as well as that of all the others.

X said...

Nitpick; unity, not union. Semantics is fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Also see this short video at Brussels Journal, on the double standard in the reporting of hate crimes. Especially interesting, the Brussels Journal introduces the video as if they disapproved of it. Satire and CYA with respect to EU hate speech laws.

Disgraceful video

Ethelred said...

I must be a bit behind the curve, but Lionheart mentions a 4 part post (actually 5 including the opening Sword of Truth), but the Sword of Truth has links only to the first two parts.

Are the other's available somewhere?

I am embarrassed by my ignorance.

That asked and said, anyone anywhere should be allowed to say, "Islam is an evil religion, a religion of hate, a totalitarian ideology," and then proceed to list why according to his or her viewpoint.

Anyone anywhere should be able to speak or write the truth, such as:

-Muhammad was a pedophile
-Muhammad was a rapist
-Muhammad was a thief
-Muhammad was an assassin
-Muhammad was a murderer
-Muhammad was the head of a gang of thieves, whose thievery is "ordained" by his made up god Allah
-Islam rewards thuggery
-Islam has no morality
-Islam has nothing like the Golden Rule
-Islam destroys human souls

Etc, etc.

One could say this is merely "opinion" BUT WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY IT, especially since Islam "holy books" disparage and condemn Judaism and Christianity as a matter of theology.


USorThem said...

Lionheart has a very nice Thank You toGoV and all the translators at his blog. Worth viewing.

Ethelred He also explains parts of essay to come.