Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Kosovo Connection

I have written previously about the Albanian Kosovar criminal networks that control most of the heroin trade in Western Europe. Discussing this undisputed fact is actually against the law in Sweden, as Dahn Pettersson, a local politician in Skåne, discovered last year.

Now we find out that along with the skag, the Kosovars are importing automatic weapons into Sweden. Here’s the latest from The Local:

Four indicted after major weapons seizure

Four people have been indicted in Malmö on gun-running charges following the seizure last autumn of a major consignment of weapons.

Customs officials in Malmö found 40 semi-automatic weapons concealed in the seats of a car on October 10th last year.

The driver of the vehicle was pulled over after customs officials noticed him behaving in a nervous manner when crossing the border from Denmark to Sweden.

One of the driver’s two passengers was also arrested. A woman travelling in the car was released almost immediately.

A criminal investigation conducted by the customs authorities also led to the identification of two further suspects.

“Cooperation on the international and national levels has worked extremely well,” said Rolf Bårdskär, head of Swedish Customs’ investigative division.

The customs authority has described the haul as one of the largest weapons seizures ever made in Europe.
- - - - - - - - -
The four suspects, each with addresses in southern Sweden, have been indicted on arms trafficking charges.

Both men arrested at the Lernacken border station in Malmö admit to smuggling Beretta and Zastava weapons from Kosovo to Sweden. The two suspects arrested later deny committing an offence.

The terrorists and criminals who import these weapons aren’t concerned about Swedish restrictions on firearms. We don’t need no stinkin’ permit!

But the average Swede is obliged to go about unarmed and without effective protection against the thugs and criminals brought into his country by unlimited immigration.

He’s learning that possession of firearms is nine-tenths of the law.

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Canadian Infidel said...

While this doesn't surprise me, it is never the less disturbing. Islamists are arming themselves to the teeth and the average Swede is left totally unarmed.

The State needs to allow "Law-abiding" citizens to be able to arm themselves for the inevitable civil conflict that is certain to come. That, or it will be a short and bloody battle that the sand people will win, as there appears to be little will to fight by the politicians.

tsarbomba said...

I consider myself a law abiding citizen of the USA. But if the day ever arrives that Uncle Sam thinks he's going to come and take my firearms, that will be the day that I become an outlaw.

Afonso Henriques said...

Please, try to understand, we in Europe will never be able to face fire arms like you Americans, and it is a pitty, indeed.

We can not because trough the centuries, we Europeans have been with no one which we could have a fight (i.e. Indians in the west, the all concept of "The West", etc).

We gave the power to the police, the church and our elites who were in charge of rulling us.

We went to war without swords but with agricultural instruments. Before that, we went to war with sharped objects and halmets provided by the King/Emperor/Leader. We would have arms only if we were by our own, which meant that we were already no good for society.

The problems between average people were solved in the base of the good one on one combat with no arms. It was an honour to win in a honourable manner. Duels were to the elites.

We, Euros will never consider arms as 9/10 of the law, even if they are. Because our elites (who should look for the sake of the people so you can see how important ethnic composition is (was)) would be the ones to whom we could cry for help.

We can not anymore.

PRCalDude said...

You can make your own guns. You can buy a tabletop mill and lathe and arm yourself. Or you can go the expedient route. One thing's for sure, you must have them.

Zenster said...

Afonso Henriques: We, Euros will never consider arms as 9/10 of the law, even if they are. Because our elites (who should look [out] for the sake of the people so you can see how important ethnic composition is (was)) would be the ones to whom we could cry for help.

We can not anymore.

[Emphsis Added]

This is a very important point. Europe never had its “Wild West” era where people routinely carried or owned firearms, especially sidearms. Colonial Americans had to hunt their own food and defend their own homesteads. By the time European hunter-gatherer or subsistence cultures had faded, firearms largely had yet to be invented.

The Feudal system placed arms and militias in the hands of Kings, Barons and Dukes. This distributed military structure nowhere saw the peasants or commoners in possession of firearms, especially handguns, on any sort of regular basis. As others have noted elsewhere, both World Wars served to make Europeans more gunshy than less. They also instilled an abhorence for armed conflict that has seen Europe sink into a morass of dhimmitude rather than raise a hand in anger.

In light of this, Afonso Henriques observation only carries more weight with respect to how—in the absence of individual self-protection—homogeneous ethnic composition represented a linchpin in preserving Europe’s social fabric. Elite multiculturalists are now intentionally shredding that fabric at every opportunity. With it goes any sense of unity or even paternalistic protection by government. As both he and—more recently—El Inglés have noted, the time has come for Europeans to reacquaint themselves with the weapons they will need to preserve centuries of progress from Islam's Neanderthal savagery.

History Snark said...

Can't speak for the Continent, but I read an article a few years back about the "slippery slope" of gun control in the UK. The right to bear arms was assumed there until the 20th century, when the left started the process of taking them away, one step at a time. First (going from memory, so details might be wrong)it was semi-automatic pistols. Then it was "assault rifles". Then all handguns, then it was hunting rifles and shotguns.

About one change per generation, thus getting a lesser number of people who *had* owned guns, while ensuring that the younger generation of voters knew that there had been previous laws passed which hadn't brought society to a crashing halt.

And of course they always managed to point out the evils of that particular type of weapon, while emphasizing that it wouldn't effect the other types.

I suppose one part of my mind admires the Machiavellian manner in which they pulled this trick on (roughly) four generations of Brits.

But the American in me sees that as proof that gun-grabbers can never be trusted.

Hustla said...

More info on European gun laws would be useful.. See in Australia i can join a gun club, have to store my gun at the club though and after 6 months of being a member (shooting practise)i can take whatever gun i have home from the gun club and keep it at home, albeit locked in a gun safe.. you telling this cannot be done in Europe..?

PRCalDude said...

GTW makes a good point. We're well down that path here in the US. First it was SMGs, then 'assault' rifles, next it will be handguns...Unfortunately for the gun grabbers, the cost of home machining of firearms continues to drop. This current trend of 'fab at home' spells the doom of any gun control measures for those who desire to have them. However, the cost is not dropping fast enough for Europe, meaning that not everyone will have home fabrication capabilities by the time this whole Islamization blows up. It's almost a reality in the UK already. Now, the punishment for getting caught making SMGs seems to be quite a bit less in Britain than the US. The Englishman Luty who I linked above did only five years for getting caught with his gun. You'd do about 20 years here (even as we talk about letting people out of prison early in the most Mexican states). It seems the benefits outweigh the costs in the UK of making your own guns, especially after seeing what is happening to Lionheart.

I think American gun nuts who read this blog should start thinking about creating plans for various easily-built firearm systems that we can make avail. to our European friends. It should be something along the lines of an AR-180 or Ak-47, where the receivers can be made out of sheet metal and welded together. Welding torches are pretty cheap and can be rented. I have Sten Mk II plans for anyone interested, though I haven't attempted to make one myself because of the idiotic NFA law.

Zonka said...

I can't speak for all European countries, as I don't know their laws, but in several, including Denmark, the option of joining a shooting club and getting a weapon's permit is open unless you have a blemished criminal record. also available is the option of volunteering for the Home Guard (National Guard equivalent), which will let you store military rifles at home (and I believe sidearms if you're at officer's level).

I wouldn't worry about getting a weapon, that is the easy part, the hard part is to get a supply of ammunition. And I would think that it would be hard to manufacture ammunition yourself, and if you did you would have a much higher malfunction rate, unless you revert to gunpowder and front-loaders... So if you're into making your own weapons a good alternative might be to make crossbows (like the chinese Chu-ko-nu) and crossbow bolts are very easy to manufacture in numbers.