Monday, January 21, 2008

Iraqi Refugees in Denmark: Spies for the Insurgency?

Refugee Resettlement Watch is an organization that monitors and draws public attention to the wholesale resettlement of Iraqi “refugees” in the United States.

Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that the USA is going to lose the war in Iraq just as it did in Vietnam, and is therefore expecting the Iraqi equivalent of the “boat people”. The solution? Let’s allow all Iraqi citizens who worked for or had contact with the Americans in Iraq — which means many thousands of people — to resettle in the United States with the minimum of background screening. It’s an invitation to Islamists to put on a refugee disguise and slip through the golden door into the heart of the Great Satan.

And now it seems that something similar has happened to Denmark. According to today’s Copenhagen Post:

Iraqi spies worked for Denmark

A military intelligence source reveals that Iraqi interpreters working for the Danish army in Iraq were spies for insurgent groups

At least three Iraqi interpreters working for the Danish troops in Iraq were spies for insurgents, according to a high-level Danish intelligence official, reports Nyhedsavisen newspaper.

The former head of Danish intelligence in Iraq, Major Torsten Lind Thomsen, claimed that no background security checks were ever made on the Iraqi interpreters working for the Danes.

‘I was told to keep my hands off their backgrounds. At the time, officials were under enormous pressure due to the media coverage,’ he said, referring to the political drama that unfolded last summer when the interpreters faced persecution and possible death in Iraq.

Amid pressure from human rights organisations, the public and the press, the government granted most of the Iraqi interpreters asylum in Denmark. [emphasis added]
- - - - - - - - -
Thomsen halted his investigation but handed over his findings to the British intelligence in Basra when the Danes left Iraq.

According to Thomsen, three different sources last summer provided the Danish intelligence services with concrete evidence that three interpreters were in collusion with the militia group JAM.

‘According to my sources, two interpreters leaked information to JAM due to sympathies with their cause while the third did it for money,’ said Thomsen, whose claims are backed by an anonymous high-level official.

Some 306 out of 373 interpreters and their families were granted asylum last August.

The Danish People’s Party are now demanding that they be investigated to determine if there could be spies among the country’s new residents.

The Defence Ministry has confirmed that the interpreters’ backgrounds were checked upon their arrival in Denmark.

No initial background checks. Enormous political pressure. Multicultural ideology. White guilt.

It’s a poisonous mix.

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Dr.D said...

It will work the same way in the US, except that there will be no one to play the role of the Danish Peoples Party requesting the investigation.

Zenster said...

I must add yet another oxymoron to my growing collection:

Trustworthy Muslim

X said...

Completely OT, but I just blogged something that might be worth watching. I'm going to try and get more information about it.

xlbrl said...

As of eighteen months ago, it was very common for interpreters for the American Army in Iraq to work for the other side.
No surprise here.

Anonymous said...

I have a solution to the deserving refugee problem. Since we are sure to have some long-term military presence in Iraq and all the other trouble spots we're dealing with, could the military establish a permanent safe zone near our military base for natives who help us? This way, everyone's safe. Even after we leave, the fact that all the friendlies are in one area will enable them to defend themselves.

Also, the Baron refers to "white guilt." This is a common assumption that we should re-examine. Reasonable people can disagree about who is white, but if you take a good look at Iraqis and other middle eastern people, you'll notice that many of them are white. I often see pictures of Palestinians, Iraqis, etc., with their shirt off, while doing military exercises for instance, and inside the tan line they're dead white. They only appear different from us because of their tan, beard & different clothing.

It's important to notice these things, because then we can't be manipulated by white guilt. Many of these "non-white" people are as white as any southern European, so in many cases non-white is a term of art. When they move here and lose their tan, they'll be indistinguishable from Italians, for instance. So, what white guilt?

p.s. that pic isn't me, it's Monica L. I thought I'd add that so I don't have to keep identifying myself as a Jewish woman, so people don't automatically assume I'm some other type of person.