Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yeah, I Wish the Baron Were Here, Too

You guys must really be missing the Baron’s prodigious output about now. If he were home, by this time of day he’d have had at least three posts up with plans for more.
He’d be coming downstairs for lunch and to tell me the latest news from the emails and comments so far. There would be a discussion of Europe’s swift decline and how it could be halted — chapter 538 of that question.

I miss him, too. He has incredible stamina and focus, while I’m more inclined to walk in circles with one foot nailed to the floor. Actually, it is his indefatigable work that makes me want to post in his absence; it wouldn’t be right to let all that effort slacken while he’s gone.

Soooo…I’ll do what I can until he returns from his trek to make a living. I ask your patience and good will until his homecoming.

I sure hope there is no delay in his plans. He’s the only one who can make the new espresso machine work.

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Charlemagne said...

D - how about a post expanding on the subject of this American Thinker article?

Dymphna said...

I'll see if I can get to it. However, he does cover a lot more material than I can address. I wish the essay were more focused, or perhaps divided into two parts...

...or maybe it's my ADD...

X said...

ADD? Wouldn't that mean you'd be always chasing off after new ideas right after oooooooo that dog has a fluffy tail!

*achem* Anyway, why not take one aspect of the article and expand on that? He briefly touches on the hypocrisy of companies like google and co and the labelling of people who disagree with the prevailing paradigm as "haters". I bet you could do a good article on the role education plays in this paradigm, since he only mentions that in one of his latter paragraphs and doesn't spend too much time dwelling on it. Your experiences in this area could make a cracking expansion.

Just a thought... :)

1389 said...


Everyone, I'd like your help:

Here's an article that I have been asked to pass along and to make into a "blogburst":

Balkan Terrorists Target Euro Police Convention

Please read the article. If you like it...

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Those of you who are bloggers, and who would like to re-post the article, please email me for a text file (or click here to contact me).

Feel free to post it in forums or wherever else you can.

Thanks very much!


Unknown said...

there will be a briefing on the dangers of sharia finance systems in Washington on Thursday. I will try to attend

Charlemagne said...

If you can make it can you capture any of the meeting on video?