Sunday, January 06, 2008

“If I Don’t, Who Will?”

Here’s the latest from Lionheart, who is facing arrest for “stirring up racial hatred” when he returns to the UK.

Read the excerpts below, and see if you think he’s a racist:

A murderous section of the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park — Luton threatened my life, as witnessed by two witnesses, and my blog which is my perception of truth based on facts is my response to those very serious credible death threats.

I would rather die a Christian man than a pathetic Dhimmi — What about you?

They have bombed my homeland and they are desecrating my Nation on a daily basis with their Islamic degradation, so I will not back down from them or their gullible Liberal Left Wing tools who are trying to silence me — They are the ones who are at war with my country, and who want to kill me personally — If they want a war based on the facts and they want to kill me, then is it not my right to protect myself? If I don’t who will, do I just let these people kill me or do I run away and leave this to someone else to deal with? And if they are at war with us which they are, as the facts clearly prove, then can we the British people not let them have a war?

Whose homeland is this, theirs or mine?

What is the result of doing nothing?

My Grandfather never fought for Queen and Country so that the blessed birthright he handed to me which was my part of the British homeland as an Englishman could be taken away in my generation and given to an alien Kingdom with its alien Islamic culture so that there will be nothing left for my children other than an Islamic way of life enforced upon them.

I would rather my children know I died a free man for them and their birthright, than a coward and a slave to the oppressors, no matter what form that oppression comes in.
- - - - - - - - -

Ken Livingstone the slimy devil driven racist is the worst of them all!

The time has now come to let people know the truth so that they can decide where they stand in the coming days — I am not calling for people to march in the streets murdering people, we are civilized people we do not need to, we carry the ‘sword of truth’, that is enough at this moment in time, it is time innocent people woke up to this imminent Islamic threat that surrounds them and their children before it is too late.

Just remember we outnumber Moslems in our Country 20 to 1, we never asked for this, but we sure will rise to the challenge of the 21st Century and repel this foreign Islamic invader that has invaded our shores and is now conducting a Holy War against us.

The Islamic Kingdom would do well to look at their history books and leave our land before it is too late.

Lionheart now has a “Support the English Fugitive” button on his sidebar for those who want to contribute to his defense.


Homophobic Horse said...

His writing suggests he is under intense psychological strain.

Anonymous said...

His writing suggests he is under intense psychological strain.

Perhaps, but it's a far healthier and honorable reaction than being cowed.

El said...

of course, the strain will be heightened by the enforced waiting period and the uncertainty over the nature of the charges. this is undoubtedly part of the plan. even if the charges don't stick, make it as painful as possible, scare everyone else off. disgusting.

Frank said...

I thought at first that he was a bit paranoid in his writing, but he's right. These words stuck with me: "Whose homeland is this, theirs or mine?"

For some time I've been concerned that the anti-Islamist movement is missing the bigger picture; 3 rd world immigration in general is the danger, not just Islam. And yes, visible differences among people are also part of that equation, as unsettling as that may seem to a generation of people taunt not to see the difference.

What moral grounds are there for insisting that a self-identified group of people, whether self-identified along racial, religious, or any other lines, must allow other people, with alien culture, alien ways, and yes, even alien looks, into their own land?

We're so caught up in the orthodoxy of anti-"racism" that it's hard to look at the question objectively. In fact, hegemonic wisdom in the west suggests that a colourblind lens is a self-evident "good." But if that is true, ought it not hold true across the globe? If it is universally true, ought we not expect China, India, and even Saudi Arabia to welcome foreigners too? As immigrants, I mean, and not "foreign workers" shoved into compounds with temporary visas hoping no one will riot on them or worse?

It's easy to retreat to the old, smug, and truly racist assumption that we're somehow more "openminded" and "educated" than everyone else, but what if we're just plain wrong and they are the ones who are right? What if we're naively sinking our own ship by inviting the barbarians to cross the Rhine?

Unknown said...

His writing suggests he is under intense psychological strain.

I disagree. He is simply in a frame of mind that one would refer to as a war mentality. The blurred division between peace and war these last few years has created a strange ambiguity that has been exploited by jihadists and has allowed politicians to peddle falsehoods of all kinds. I support Lionheart. My grandfather warred with the British and killed many of them (1919-22) but I still think Britain is a country worth supporting and I'd be immensely sad to see it fall any further than it already has. Imams (on Undercover Mosque) talk about waiting until the Muslims are strong enough to take over. They'll strike when they're good and ready. War is coming. Lionheart knows it and wants to win. Good on him.

U.K. TODAY. said...

We need to expose this government for the cowardly traitors they really are!!!.
I often am left agog, when conversing with my fellow Britons, at how little they actually understand about Islam and its world wide vision.
"Ide like to Know more", is a stock answer from those whom are beginning to question Islams morality.
However, there lies the problem!!. The British government and their Islamic cohorts would prefer that we knew less. MUCH LESS!!!.
Good luck Lionheart!!!. If I am in a position to support you I most certainly WILL!!!.

Charlemagne said...

Imams (on Undercover Mosque) talk about waiting until the Muslims are strong enough to take over.

That is absolutely their strategy. Islam is nothing if not patient. They have battled the West for 1400 years and won't live in peace with us until they rule over us.

I have said before that we must provoke them into action before their numbers are such that our chances of success are greatly diminished. We must act while we still have numerical superiority.

KG said...

"I have said before that we must provoke them into action before their numbers are such that our chances of success are greatly diminished."
YES! Absolutely. We need urgently to move from a purely reactive posture into a position where we set the terms of the debate, where we force them to defend themselves.
And by "them" I also mean Western politicians and leading media figures.

Homophobic Horse said...

How to defend yourself from the "Islamophobia" accusation: The crucial aspect is the use of the word "phobia." By suggesting one is "phobic" one attributes the others ideas and observations to a supposed demented psychology. This invalidates everything that person says. This is useful for getting rid of threatening facts.

Remember my aphorism: Under a socialist regime facts are not permitted. Facts have a certain value and thus can make people unequal, for this reason there shall be no facts.

X said...

El's idea of filing complaints with the police about islamic hate literature is as good a place to start as any, if you want to provoke a reaction.

El said...

how difficult could it be to go into an islamic bookshop in luton (pretending to be in interested in converting if need be), after having already jotted down chapter and verse for the most anti-semitic hadith, make a note of the titles, authors and publication details of a few versions of, say, bukhari or muslim, then nip off home and spend half an hour online, at, say, jihadwatch, digging up examples of how this stuff is still motivating people in the real world.

we could stick that up the bedfordshire police's arse (is it PG13 if it's the unknown english spelling?) for them. unfortunately, i am in the wrong continent, but i will do what i can from where i am.

by the way, a complaint about the koran might be easier to ignore than one about texts the police will be less familiar. get something juicy out of the sira and they won't even know what it is to begin with.

can anyone verify if the police are actually legally obliged to investigate ANY alleged hate crime?

Lionheart said...
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Bilgeman said...


They did the same kind of thing in the USA to public and school libraries concerning Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn".

One of the characters is named "Nigger Jim", and the paleo-PC orthodoxy engaged in the 1970's and 1980's version of book-burning to have it removed.

In fact, the way the American Civil Rights movement broke the back of the Klu Klux Klan is very apropos here.

Islam confronts us already much pre-fractured,perhaps more so than the Klan ever was.(the only unifying underpinning I can see in the West is Saudi money subsidizing the Wahabbist "flavor"of the faith).

All that Saudi money in radical mosque bank accounts...that's the kind of thing lawyers have erections about.

A very great deal of the anti-Klan struggle was done through the civil courts.

SPLC history page

Don't bother with contacting 'em, Moriss Dees tried to make hay against the Militia movement back in the '90's, and is now flacking the "Anti-Illegal Immigration = Racism" meme.

If you check their "Hate Map" you will see NOTHING about Islamic Extremist/Jihadist activities...6 years after 9/11, mind you.

But the tactics may still be valid

Kafir_Kelbeh said...

"I would rather my children know I died a free man for them and their birthright, than a coward and a slave to the oppressors, no matter what form that oppression comes in."

This reminds me of Pattons' old saying: "Thirty years from now, when you're sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you, 'What did you do in the great World War II,' you won't have to say, 'Well, your Grandaddy shoveled sh** in Louisiana.'"