Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Poitiers to Paris

2,500 French people demonstrated in Paris yesterday against Islamic fascism, Salafism, and sharia. The march remained peaceful, thanks to the French police, who did their job and protected the authorized demonstration.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Article and more videos at F. Desouche (in French).

Partial transcript:

00:04 The demonstration is about to start, we thank you for not...
00:08 Hello there! The
00:12 demonstration is about to start, we thank you for not...
00:16 Who is blocking our procession?
00:20 Start advancing, start advancing, in order to join
00:24 against the journalists who
00:28 will retreat.
00:36 So I remind you of the 2 first slogans. We'll see if
00:40 you can retain them: From Poitiers to Paris,
00:44 ré-sis-tance against the Islamist fascism,
00:48 from Poitiers to Paris,
00:52 ré-sis-tance against the Islamist fascism,
00:56 from Poitiers to Paris, ré-sis-tance
01:01 against the Islamist fascism, from Poitiers to
01:05 Paris, ré-sis-tance against the Islamist
01:09 fascism, from Poitiers to Paris,
01:13 ré-sis-tance against the Islamist fascism, from
01:17 Poitiers to Paris, ré-sis-tance
01:21 against the Islamist fascism,
01:25 ré-sis-tance against the Islamist fascism.
01:29 They are racists, all of them are fascists, and go, all of that into
01:33 the trash container.


Nick said...

This has been picked up by a few media outlets - and I mean a few. It's linked at Patriot's Corner to the book written by the brother of Mohamed Merah, and the typically islamic upbringing the Merah children received.

Anonymous said...

Decades ago, "La Resistance" was famous for its peaceful marches down public streets and chanting of anti-nazi slogans. Oh wait...

Somehow (!) the results were a bit different. The new nazis deserve the same treatment as the old nazis. It got them out of France the first time around so "if it ain't broken let's not fix it".

And most of all, the Republique of Vichy 2.0 needs to go.

You can't teach civility to barbarians. They understand force and brutality. Maybe we've been using the wrong language all along. You can't sell peace to those who want to destroy you. No wonder we're losing.

There should have been 20,500 people, no, 2,5 million people, no, 20,5 million people. As courageous as it may seem, this is not resisting, but merely saying "OK, you can invade my Country and destroy my Society, but I'm not too happy about this".

Does the Enemy care that we call them fascists? It's like pleading to a Serial Killer that finishes his every sentence with "put the lotion in the basket". Do they care that they are fascists? Do they care that they want to replace our Freedom with Slavery?

Time for us to do some caring for ourselves. If we're going to escape the pit, we need to claw our way out of there. After the ascendancy of Hussein to the throne of post-America, there will be no one coming to rescue us and nowhere else to run. We are against the wall now. We must push back.


Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

I find this tremendously encouraging. At about 3:20 the speaker describes this demonstration as "this first ever protest in French history against Islamic fascism." This would appear to be an historic moment, and they got 2,500 on their first try!

Thank you to all the counterjihad people, including prominently the Gates of Vienna, whose longsuffering efforts in the face of so much vilification and marginalization, and so many threats and attacks, have educated and encouraged people all around the world, and certainly in France. I know there is a long way to go yet, but when 2,500 French people take to the streets in spite of the threat of stigmatization which still exists, I think a certain barrier has been broken.