Friday, March 02, 2012

Form Letter to MPs Who Endorse Unite Against Fascism

As mentioned yesterday, British Freedom was forced to cancel its party meeting due to intimidation of venue’s landlord by Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

Paul Weston, the Chairman of British Freedom, has prepared the following form letter to be mailed to the Members of Parliament who signed on as supporters of UAF. He includes this note: “We urge readers in the constituencies mentioned to write by post, but ask everybody to email as many MPs as possible. Let’s hit these traitors hard!”

Dear [name of MP],

I was shocked to discover that you are a signatory to the extremist group Unite Against Fascism.

As you may be aware, Andrew Gilligan wrote an article recently at The Daily Telegraph drawing attention to the appointment of Mr Azad Ali to the Vice Chair of Unite Against Fascism. Mr Ali appears to want to destroy British democracy and replace it with Sharia law.

The Daily Telegraph stated the following:

Azad is the community affairs co-ordinator of the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe, which controls the East London Mosque and which is dedicated, in its own words, to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed… from ignorance to Islam.” Through “hisbah” (the enforcement of Islamic law) and “jihad,” it aims to create a “global” Islamic dictatorship, the caliphate, and its “primary work” in this “is in Europe, because it is this continent, despite all the furore about its achievements, which has a moral and spiritual vacuum.”

In addition, Mr Azad Ali has been exposed at the web site Harry’s Place which states that Azad Ali used to attend talks by the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda in Europe, Abu Qatada; that Azad Ali wants Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organisation, Hamas, to be the Caliph of the next Caliphate; and that when an undercover reporter for C4 Dispatches exposed Azad Ali’s political views he threatened him on his radio show, saying: “We’ve got a picture of you and a lot more than you thought we had. We’ve tracked you down to different places. And if people are gonna turn what I’ve just said into a threat, that’s their fault, innit?”

I am confident that you do not wish your name to be associated with such extremist views, and look forward to hearing from you shortly with the urgent news that you have indeed asked the UAF website and committee to remove your mistaken endorsement.

I will check the UAF website in two weeks time, thereby allowing you plenty of time to remedy this appalling situation. Should your name still be there, I will be contacting the editors of local newspapers published within your constituency, and of course the national newspapers.

Yours Sincerely,

A list of current and former MPs who are signatories at UAF:

Constituency Name Contact
Brent North Barry Gardiner MP
Central Ayrshire Brian Donohue MP
Delyn David Hanson MP
Gower Martin Caton MP
Hackney North and Stoke Newington Diane Abbott MP
Harborough Edward Garnier MP
Hemsworth John Trickett MP
Leicester East Keith Vaz MP
Leyton and Wanstead John Cryer MP
Liverpool, Riverside Louise Ellman MP
Luton North Kelvin Hopkins MP
Mansfield Alan Meale MP
Neath Peter Hain MP
Paisley and Renfrewshire North Jim Sheridan MP
Penistone and Stocksbridge Angela Smith MP
Portsmouth South Mike Hancock MP
Sheffield South East Clive Betts MP
Telford David Wright MP
West Bromwich West Adrian Bailey MP
Witney David Cameron PM Internet contact form
Worthing West Peter Bottomley MP
- none - Janet Anderson 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Vera Baird 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Tony Benn -
- none - Roger Berry 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Peter Bradley 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Colin Challen 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Helen Clark 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Harry Cohen 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Terry Davis 2004 no longer an MP
- none - Janet Dean 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Bill Etherington 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Barbara Follett 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Neil Gerrard 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ian Gibson 2009 no longer an MP
- none - Jane Griffiths 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Doug Henderson 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Brian Iddon 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Eric Illsley 2011 no longer an MP
Expenses fraud
- none - Martin Jones 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ken Livingstone - -
- none - Alice Mahon 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Rob Marris 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Laura Moffatt 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Julie Morgan 2010 no longer an MP
Now in Welsh Assembly
- none - Diana Organ 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Colin Pickthall 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Adam Price 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ken Purchase 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Ernie Ross 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Martin Smyth 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Anthony Steen 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Teddy Taylor 2005 no longer an MP
- none - Paul Tyler MP
Appointed life peer in 2010
- none - Rudi Vis 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Derek Watts ??
- none - Betty Williams 2010 no longer an MP
- none - Tony Worthington 2005 no longer an MP


Sultan said...

This link gives me a 404 error, just a heads-up.

southwood said...


Surely they need to know that it's Unite AGAINST fascism and not what they really want, a union WITH fascism, their kind of creeping socialist fascism.

bewick said...

My MP is not a signatory but I suppose I could write to David Cameron and perhaps urge all others to do the same. He needs rapidly to distance himself from this and the sister organisation Searchlight.

Interestingly I rather thought that I read, perhaps 6 months ago, that present and past leaders of both the Labour and Liberal Democrats were also supporters of UAF/Searchlight. Maybe just Searchlight but the two are indistinguishable. OR maybe some politicians actually got wise.

For American Readers Paul Weston referred to "Unite Against Freedom". That was sarcasm. The real title is "Unite Against Fascism" yet this is the most Fascist organisation ever.

Anonymous said...

I doubt this will make any difference. The system of government in Britain is so corrupt, that weeks before the last election for parliament, a leading "independent" newspaper could interview the head of an organisation funded collectively by the 3 main parties, and he could talk with no shame of his job being to work to make sure that a 4th party never got any good media coverage. The journalist interviewing him could talk openly about how the politicians and media colluded against this other party.

There was no outcry about their joint effort to thwart the democratic process.

At the point at which Britain is really in the toilet, that is when the people of Britain will be able to see beyond the trough of welfare-state bondage, and see that the abyss is staring back at them. Then they will vote in a party, a party which will have no choice but to deal with the monthly terrorist attacks/arrests brutally. There will be no civilised solution to this, because the media and political class have made sure of that.

History repeats itself. All the warnings were there, but the elite chose to conceal them. I've no doubt the elite want this civil war. It will serve as a distraction to keep the lower orders from demanding their share of the elite's accumulated wealth.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect any support from the cops -