Tuesday, December 06, 2011

One Rule for Them, One Rule for Us

Paul Weston’s latest essay concerns the two-tier system of justice in the United Kingdom, as evidenced by the slap on the wrist given to a gang of Muslim girls for viciously assaulting an indigenous English girl.

One Rule for Them, One Rule for Us
by Paul Weston

Someone holding governmental authority badly needs to tell the British public why there appears to be one rule for them, and one rule for us, when it comes to racially aggravated crime and murder.

Paul WestonToday’s article about Rhea Page is a case in point. Kicked unconscious by a girl gang of drunken Somali Muslims, screaming ‘kill the white slag’: one would have thought this would be labelled a racist incident. Ms Page stated: ‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I was white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

But no, in the eyes of the perverse British judiciary this is not a racial incident, of course. Even worse: Judge Robert Brown allowed them to walk free because he accepted that as Muslims they were unused to drinking… Judge Brown also thought the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Ms Page’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack.

In the wake of the terrible Stephen Lawrence murder, the Macpherson Report defined a racial incident very clearly: “A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.” Is it not a little odd that such a straightforward statement, eagerly embraced by the British police, is open to question only when the victim is white? Ms Page clearly believes this was a racial incident, so why don’t the police or the judiciary?

And this is not a solitary case. Only last week 19-year-old Danny O’Shea had his throat slashed by a gang of black youths outside his mother’s front door in Newham, east London. The police are not treating this as racist murder. Why not?

In 2009, Christopher Folkes died from severe head injuries after he was brutally attacked by three “Asian” males in Queen’s Park, Blackburn. This was not treated as a racist murder. Why not?

In 2004 Christopher Yates was beaten to death by a gang of Muslim males in Barking, east London. One of the attackers, Sajid Zulfiqar, boasted: “We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business.” The Crown Prosecution Service makes it perfectly clear that this was a racially aggravated murder, but again the racial element was overlooked. Why?

Perhaps the most savage murder was that of Mary-Ann Leneghan in 2005. Tortured, gang raped and stabbed to death by a gang made up of Muslims and blacks, this yet again was not a racist incident. The eagerness with which the British police pounce upon white racial transgressors is matched only by their reluctance to label non-white perpetrators as racists.

This simply has to stop. It is bad enough that we are to become a minority in our own land within the next fifty years, but to become an ethnic minority whilst being subjected to grossly unequal state-sponsored racial prejudice is both shocking and horrifying.

Police chiefs often describe the tensions in multicultural areas as “nerve jangling.” Hardly surprising, really. The anger is steadily growing amongst the native Britons, caused partly by the obviously unfair discrimination from which they suffer simply because they are white. If the government and police continue to stoke this anger by their appalling racist attitude toward the indigenous whites, then they must accept and understand that they will be held accountable for the unavoidable multicultural violence of the future.

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Anonymous said...

Hardly a shock to read about this in the UK, the most degraded of all the European states. I lived in London in the 90's and you couldn't pay me to go back. It was bad then, I can't imagine what it is now!!

Anonymous said...

Dear men and women of Great Britain, please for the sake of God, for the sake of the world, for your own sakes, do not allow yourselves to become a minority in your own homeland. I love the English people and the great heritage of the English people. I do not wish to see Great Britain pulled down by jackals. You, right now, have it within your power to save your homeland. Start right now spreading the word amongst yourselves and preparing yourselves in all ways for the coming fight! And then fight without mercy for the enemy. Get the hell off of your bleeping asses and get to work right now! What men of great Britain, do you want to live forever?

gsw said...

Forget racism (like time, that arrow only flows one way!).

How about "They beat me up because I was trying to stop them desecrating a Koran"

Then just sit back and watch the judiciary slam them for fear of 'retaliation'.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Croyden, London, a lone white Englishwoman has been banged up, had her children taken away by the Thought Police and she has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence, a charge I must emphasise that concerns only ‘verbal abuse’, not a violent, physical mob attack.

“Magistrates took the decision to refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had received death threats and that her address had been circulated on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.
There were outbursts from supporters of Miss West, who shouted ‘treason’ as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.”

To my mind this is not ‘treason’, this is State sponsored white Ethnic Cleansing and one way or the other it is going to end in blood.

Comment contributed by one seriously annoyed Seneca III.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2070647/Racist-woman-tram-spend-Christmas-bars-protection.html#ixzz1fqFjLp4D

Anonymous said...

It should be obvious to anyone now that the delights of multiculturalism stop at the variety of cuisine (which you can actually have without the people - but better to go to that country for that cuisine). Beyond that, groups go into factions, there is no mixing of cultures.

The experiment was doomed from the beginning due to a naive misunderstanding of human nature and a ludicrous belief among liberals that other cultures would wish to conform to ours, or even be capable of doing so.

As for the Somali girls, I've heard talk from Muslims that they are "not proper Muslims". Of course, we know nothing could be further from the truth.

The left elite seem to be on a mission to create complete economic and social breakdown in the UK, using all measures at their disposal, from the benefits culture to misandry to biased courts.



Racist tram rant accused Emma West remanded after court hearing.

A bail application was made by Ms West's solicitor David Ewings, but it was denied by the magistrate Ian McNeal to protect her safety.

Emma West's safety can only be guaranteed in prison, protected from what?

Tram Experience - *explicit language*

Pierre_Picaud said...

It's called institutional racism.

Anonymous said...

Recognizing the difficulty to list all similar cases, an article like this is not complete without mention of the case of "Charlene Downes".

I am not one to miss an opportunity to NAME AND SHAME those involved in legally botched cases resulting in blatant injustice as that of Rhea Page's case which mocks justice and undermines 'social cohesion' or 'civil harmony' or whatever phrase of the week these PC/MC morons coin.

For those unfamiliar with the Downes case, the following quotes are from the link embedded in Charlene Downes identity - all emphases, mine:

"A police report put together following investigations into Downes' disappearance stated that "[y]oung people were being groomed and sexually assaulted both inside and outside of premises by a number of takeaway owners and workers". According to a Daily Telegraph article, the report "identified 11 takeaway shops in the town centre which were being used as 'honeypots' where the


who were given food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sex." The Telegraph report claims that Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent with Lancashire Police, has stated that the police were aware of this for some time, but that "investigations were being hampered by political correctness.

During police investigations



Albattikhi and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi were put on trial in 2007."


"The jury failed to receive a verdict and a retrial was set for April 2008. However, senior police officers raised objections to the evidence and the Independent Police Complaints Commission and Crown Prosecution Service were notified. The CPS offered no evidence against

Albattikhi and Reveshi,




- who claim never to have met Downes -



Anonymous said...

I once had a friend, now deceased, who was an ex-Prison Warder (he left the Service when the imposed political correctness finally broke his will – amongst other things the Warders were told that they could no longer order ‘white’ tea or coffee but would have to use the phrases ‘with/without milk’).

He told me that the black, Muslim Somali prisoners could not even be described as animals, and he wouldn’t insult the animal kingdom by placing them in it such was their way of life and behaviour towards each other, other prisoners and the staff.

He was not an uneducated man and was normally quite erudite but in this case he was at a loss to describe the sheer feral, mindless irrationality of them other than to explain in detail some of the things he had witnessed, none of which can be repeated here or anywhere else in the public domain.

And still we sad, sick fools let them enter in ever-increasing numbers to parasitise and predate upon our people and our rapidly dying culture. Truly those whom the gods would destroy the first make mad.

Seneca III

Anestis canelidis said...

Judge Robert Brown - in the words of Michael Savage -" Liberalism is a mental disorder."

Anonymous said...

Seems the trial by tribulation has begun. I suspect the anti-Christ is alive today.

sundancekid said...

Why do whites tolerate racism?

I believe it is pride - we cannot bear the thought of just being one interest group among many. There's something demeaning about it.

But we cannot go on like this.

Anonymous said...

officialdom in the US is the same as in GB, just not to the same degree. We're getting there though as we gorge ourselves at the trough of multicultural suicide.


Anonymous said...

"If the government and police continue to stoke this anger by their appalling racist attitude toward the indigenous whites, then they must accept and understand that they will be held accountable for the unavoidable multicultural violence of the future."

The murderous assault I suffered at the hands of the police last year was in retaliation for my having made a similar statement (though my statement was not explicitly concerned with racist motivations for failing to enforce the law equally).

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

I bet y'all are sorry now you gave up your guns.