Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Culturally Enriched Repeat Offender

Cultural Enrichment News

The video below is from Danish television, and features a traffic stop by the police. The suspect is a repeat offender — 48 previous citations for driving without a license. Yet he is absolutely certain that the police only stop him because they are “racists”. And he uses a few choice epithets against them, repeated frequently.

If you’re Danish, you can probably detect from this man’s accent that he is a culture enricher. You may even be able to identify his country of origin, but the report doesn’t specify it.

Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. WARNING: The culture enricher in this clip is prone to excessive use of vulgarity and obscenity, and Steen has translated his epithets faithfully for the subtitles:

As a matter of interest, this video went viral immediately after Vlad first uploaded it last night. Since then it has had about 20,000 views.

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Ex-Dissident said...

Pathetic. They just let him walk away after all that abuse. As bad as things are here...this is just sad. Danes, if the Danes don't revolt and throw these bums out they are nothing more than slaves.

Feli said...


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Anne-Kit said...

He's a Bosnian, apparently, according to Steen's blog.

Kenneth Duke Masters said...

I mean this is just nuts, anyone can see what is going on in the world with
this crap. I feel sorry for the police being abused like that, back in the good old days (which were not perfect of course) this guy would have had the biggest ass kicking in history. If this is not stopped it is over, the primitives will have won, end of the story of Western Civilization.

Anonymous said...

"...Until We Reach the White House."

Dude, it is pretty obvious that the Caliph-in-Chief ALREADY lives in the White House.

Anonymous said...


Yes, my dad was a village cop in the fifties in Germany. I still remember how he treated a drunken thug locked safe in the basement of our house after he refused to pick up some furniture he had thrown over.Figure this guy in Danmark facing one single US-Trooper.

St.George said...

Time to get rid and clean the place up!

Anonymous said...

"He's a Bosnian, apparently, according to Steen's blog."

Rather, he claimed to be "Bosnian" to get asylum.

Anonymous said...

I watch "Cops" and therefore I'm qualified to give an expert opinion.

Why wasn't this guy cuffed right from the outset; he exited the car, started mouthing off, and was waving arms around. Each one of these alone would justify cuff restraint, which is not necessarily arrest.

These cops needlessly endangered themselves.

St.George said...

Simple explanation!
Did you know that interbreading causes mental and physical defects.
The "mosque"itoes have been at it for 1400 years - how nuts can you get?!

TobyTucker said...

How did this character manage to rent a car without a license in the first place? And why do the cops let him walk away instead of taking him to jail? There seem to be some pretty lax standards at work here.

1389 said...


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I'm a Christian of Serbian heritage. Suppose I spent some time anywhere in Europe writing and speaking about the dangers of Islamic expansionism. Somehow I expect that I would be treated with far less leniency than this miscreant is getting. It is not a simple case of lax standards, but of standards that are unevenly applied. Ironically, the very immigrants who claim "racism" are the ones who are getting the most lenient treatment.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing ironic about that. When people are really being persecuted, they don't see the benefit of telling this to their persecutors.

Of course, the principle of honesty may require such forthright denunciation of the authorities to their face. But one doesn't engage in that with the expectation of being well treated as a result.