Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make Big Money Simulating Lunacy!

Cultural Enrichment News

One of the characteristics of Muslim immigration into the West is the propensity of the new arrivals to learn very quickly how to scam their host nation’s welfare system. In the more heavily enriched cities, particularly in Europe, the fleecing of the benefits agencies is quite systematic. New arrivals are quickly schooled by the old hands in the best techniques for extracting the greatest amount of money and services from welfare officials.

Sweden and Norway are particularly prone to immigrant scammers, since they have a long tradition of trust, great social homogeneity, and an absence of corruption. Their system is not designed to detect fraud as effectively as those in low-trust societies, so they are often defrauded by their immigrant beneficiaries.

This latest case from Sweden involves a man who scammed the state out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by fraudulently claiming his daughter was mentally ill. Interestingly enough, the convicted perpetrator was actually sentenced to four years in prison.

The article doesn’t mention the culturally enriched background of the scammer, but our Swedish correspondent Freedom Fighter has this to say:

What the article doesn’t tell us, but one can see in the TV report, is that this is once again a press cover-up in the name of Multiculturalism. For anyone who has seen or listened to this guy it is obvious what he is.

There is a group of immigrants who think that their religion gives them the right to cheat us non-believers. It’s the Mohammed factor again.

And here’s the story from The Local:

Prison for Dad Who Made Girl Fake Mental Illness

A 46-year-old father who forced his young daughter to pretend she had a mental illness in order to cash in on assistance benefits was sentenced to four years in prison by a court in western Sweden on Thursday.

The man was convicted of aggravated fraud and aggravated benefits crimes after having received around 2.4 million kronor ($343,000) in personal care and medical assistance benefits meant to reimburse him for taking caring for his supposedly ill daughter.

Between 2003 and 2010, the man provided false information to both the National Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and local authorities in Malmö about his daughter’s mental health resulting in weekly payouts of roughly 25,000 kronor.

The now 18-year-old girl has been held in isolation since the age of seven with the father claiming that she was infantile and unable to express herself in any other way than sounds and body language, leading to a diagnosis of autism and severe development disabilities.

But last autumn the girl ran away from home with her boyfriend and reported her father for unlawful threats, bringing his scam to the attention of the authorities.

She was then placed in a youth home, where the social services carried out an investigation which revealed that, contrary to all previous diagnoses, she had a high-level of mental functionality.

The father, who was arrested last summer, has continually denied committing any crime and still maintains his daughter is mentally ill.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a mortgage broker and generally try to avoid dealing with muslims. I certainly don't buy anything from them and would sooner walk home in a rainstorm than get in a muslim cab...
Recently got to do a couple of mortgages for a couple of Bangladeshis. (charged them a big fee in cash,Ha ha)
Both of them pay no tax, nor have they ever to my knowledge) self employed, declare tiny incomes, and have large families. Can barely speak English, and couldn't fill out any form even if their lives depended on it. One gets £200 per week in benefits, the other over £300. There must be someone at the mosque doing this for them.
Forget the billions in foreign aid, the amount muslims suck up in welfare must exceed this, they're all at it.

Lawrence said...

And in the end, this man made $343,000 in return for 4 years in jail... unless he's parolled or pardoned early.

That is some pretty good money, much more than he could make just working.

Did he have to give any of it back?

If not, then even with the jail sentence, Sweden simply extends their own fleecing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just spitballing here, but I don't remember reading anything about him having to return the money... and he still gets his food, shelter and gym membership in jail on the taxpayer's tab. All in all, a win-win situation.

Keep on rewarding bad behaviour and then wonder why it doesn't go away but only increases.

Can we please start deporting immediately these parasites? "No going to jail, no going through the start box and not collecting $2.000 first?"

Konservator said...

"It’s the Mohammed factor again."

Not in this particular case (with the simulating daughter). They're gypsies. So, it's not the filthy kuffar they're leeching from, but the filthy gadje. Very culturally enriching, nevertheless.