Monday, December 26, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/26/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/26/2011The United States has budgeted at least $40 million to buy back anti-aircraft missiles that Libyan militias stole from Muammar Qaddafi’s arsenals. The missiles pose little threat to modern military aircraft, but the U.S. government is concerned that they might be sold to terrorists and used against civilian jetliners.

Speaking of terrorists, the Christmas bombings in Nigeria were so serious that the White House actually used the T-word, condemning them as “terrorism”. President Obama, however, declined to use the I-word or the M-word to describe the ideology motivating the terrorists. The pope also condemned the slaughter in Nigeria. There was general hand-wringing all across the West about the awful events on Christmas.

In other news, Adolf Hitler’s favorite singer died at his home in Bavaria at the age of 108.

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Lawrence said...

How much would it cost to land some Marines and just take them?

I'm not sure a military answer is any cheaper that straight out purchase, but why give these Islamist rebels $40 Million?

We clamped down our own banking system to prevent the flow of financial aid to terrorists, but then we turn around and offer them $40Mil cash.

C'mon, Man!

bewick said...

I can only agree with Lawrence. It seems CRAZY for our troops, UK, and Americans, to be comnmitted to Afghanistan when that particular country has never been conquered. We British have tried many times.
Local warlords will always prevail until the Afghanistanis acquire some balls. Oops sorry they are Muslim so balls doesn't figure.

You won't believe me I know but I always thought that this was a new Vietnam. It is.
Look what is now happpening in Iraq. Keep out and let them kill one another would be my advice.
Where western forces ARE needed urgently is Somalia and now Nigeria, perhaps Kenya. Zimbabwe come to that.

Boko Haram could be eliminated in days, weeks, or months but the US still faces the spectre of "Black Hawk Down" so chooses to allow the atrocities. Somalia doesn't have oil does it?
Black Hawk Down was I think the result of too little too late.
Pull out of Afghanistan NOW and SWAMP Somalia with troops.
The Afghans will either kill one another or otherwise reach something vaguely resembling some sort of (Islamic?) peace.
Boko Haram would quickly be eliminated restoring some sort of peace to Somalia and possibly stopping the pirates.

I could go on but the essential point is that we are stupidly fighting unwinnable wars instead of winnable and needed ones.
The Arab League? Another name for the Ummah. THEY won't intervene until Muslims or their oil revenues, are threatened.

bewick said...

I have written to the Austrian Ambassador to the UK.
I have mentioned that Vienna, with a prototype EU, repelled the Islamists in the 15th century and that Hitler, the fascist, was actually Austrian.
Have also objected to the fact that ESW was prosecuted and found guilty simply for paraphrasing what all can find in the Q, the suras, and the Hadiths.Also mentioned that calling Jesus "gay" (no indication in the New Testament) would NOT result in prosecution. that is an untruth about Christianity which wouldn't result in a prosecution.
Truth about Islam apparently does.

I had to choose my words very carefully because now there is something called a "European (totalitarian?) arrest warrant" and I do not wish to be arrested, old as I am.
I told the Ambassador not to bother replying if he passed the task to minions gushing platitudes but that if S/HE didn't reply personally then I would publicise that fact. Let's see.

I urge all to write to the Austrian Ambassador of their respective countries. Time for fight back.
And hey I shall not return soon to Austria, and Egypt etc are now totally off my travel plans. Starve them of tourist cash. Shame. I would have liked to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx before the islamic morons destroyed them - as they will before descending into Islamic poverty.