Monday, December 12, 2011

Muzzled Yet Again in Finland


I’ve written in the past about Jussi Halla-aho, Tomashot, and other Finnish writers and bloggers who have been convicted under Finland’s “hate speech” laws for speaking out against immigration and Islamization.

The latest Finn convicted of “incitement against an ethnic group” (hets mot folkgrupp in the Swedish version) is a member of parliament, James Hirvisaari. Needless to say, Mr. Hirvisaari belongs to the True Finns party (Perussuomalaiset).

Tundra Tabloids has the report:

The offending passage:

US: “Unfortunately, with rampant Muslim immigration to Finland, there will also be an increase in genuine real racism, which will target especially the Jews, but also the native population and other ethnic groups. And on top of that, discrimination, unbearable arrogance and rude behavior, anger, women’s oppression, child mutilation (TT:FGM), sexual misconduct, persecution of minorities, rioting, flag burning, disturbances, drugs, looting, rape crimes, pedophilia, polygamy, child marriages, shame violence, ritual slaughter, whippings, stonings, and others utterly disgusting and fully twisted traditions and other phenomena. Eventually, even suicide bombings and terrorism. That is, if we do not dance exactly according to their tune.”

Hirvisaari convicted of hate speech

[Päijät-Häme district court had thrown out the charges around a year ago, saying that the text Hirvisaari had published was simply him exercising his freedom of speech.]

Member of Parliament, James Hirvisaari fined for incitement against ethnic group

HS: What True Finns MP James Hirvisaari published in a blog post on 4 February 2010 at the UusiSuomi online newspaper service, has been given a verdict.

Kouvola Court of Appeal has convicted the True Finns MP, James Hirvisaari, with a fine for ethnic agitation. According to the court what he wrote in his blog was offensive to Muslims. The fine was equal to 1425 euros.

Päijät-Häme district court previously dismissed the indictment against Hirvisaari, because it didn’t deem the writings as disparaging. The district court’s view was that a politician has the right to criticize immigration policy.

The Court of Appeal decided the matter differently. According to it Hirvisaari’s web writings was sweeping and discriminatory, and specified a group of people as criminals.

The Court of Appeal took the view that the characterizing of an ethnic group as criminal isn’t within the limits of free speech as generalization and a provocation.

True Finns Party parliamentary group chairman, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner believes that they’ll take a position on the case, when the decision is final. Although this might still go to the Supreme Court.


Nick said...

I'd like to know what exactly this "hatred" that is supposed to have been incited actually is. And where it resides. And why it even matters.

Is it an emotion felt by some people? If so - who? And of course - prove it.

Is it code for "speaking the truth"? If so - good.

Why does this so-called "hatred" matter? If it is no more and no less than a mirror image of the attitude Islamic immigrants themselves have towards Finnish people and culture, then everyone is guilty of it. And why are Finns prosecuted while immigrants are not?

Could it be because the powers that be have "hatred" in THEIR hearts? Hatred for their own people?

If THEY are guilty of "hatred" then they ought to prosecute themselves.

Nick said...

As for "incitement" - who was incited then? If someone is winding up an irate crowd outside a corrupt corn dealers house, then that may well be "incitement" - but if no irate crowd exists and one is merely talking - and speaking the truth - then no one has been incited, & this notion of "incitement" is absurd.

gsw said...

"According to it Hirvisaari’s web writings was sweeping and discriminatory, and specified a group of people as criminals."

He needs to come straight back with an indictment against the many, many islamic groups, for incitement against Jews and against women, and against democracy and against him.