Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Message From Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson in Luton

Tommy Robinson has sent a message today to his supporters in the English Defence League. He wants everyone to know he is recovering well from his injuries, and will soon be as good as new.

Tommy says he is now in Luton Town Centre “standing on his own and proud”. He also says that 2012 will be the start of a new era for the EDL.

Concerning last Thursday’s attack by “youths”, Tommy reports that the Luton police are treating the incident as a “racially-motivated crime”.

He also says he will be releasing a new video within the next few days.

His primary concerns, as usual, are for his children and his mother. The latter is in extremely poor health at the moment.

Tommy extends his “best wishes to every single one of you for a fantastic New Year”, and says he “can’t wait to be at the front in 2012!”


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Tommy's mother; please pass on my best wishes to Tommy and his family for 2012.


Anonymous said...

All the best to Tommy and family.
All eyes are on the police to see that they use the same vigour to apprehend and lock up these racist attackers as they do with anyone else.

goethechosemercy said...

Well, at least they haven't called the attack "random."
Still, the motivations for what happened to Tommy are much more complex than mere racism, and if the authorities are not aware of this, then they really are in no position to dispense any kind of justice here once the attackers are apprehended and arrested.
Robinson is not a criminal.
He doesn't blow up mosques, he doesn't kindap children, he doesn't murder people in the street and he doesn't shout down people whose words offend him.
He has done a civilized thing in offering a message of his own in counter to Islamization.
So what, what really has he done?
And why would anyone choose to use violence against him?
To go into this investigation assuming that Robinson is nothing but a provocateur and this is some kind of reciprocal answer to the EDL will not produce a constructive end.
The English nation is not the multicultural construct, it is not an ideological project.
England is not an ideology.
It is a concrete, objectively-existing nation and English national identity is indeed Western, European and British.
There is a historical English culture, and then there is the culture that has been imposed from the outside, and from people who can only be called dishonest and oikophobic.
The two cultures do not resemble each other at all-- one can easily be distinguished from the other.

john in cheshire said...

If the somali muslim women are anything to go by, these thugs will be allowed to walk free, with the excuse that they aren't used to living amongst civilised people.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Tommy has the spirit again, thinking about his recovery, his family and especially his mother.

Anonymous said...

Tommy spoke out knowing the risks. Indeed, it is because of the risks that it is important to speak out. There are basically two sides here, those who believe it is permissible for Islam to silence criticism by the use of violence, and those who do not accept this.

We all are making that choice, every day, every waking moment. It is a choice that has consequences.

Here's a consequence for Tommy, "God's blessings be upon you, friend."

Anonymous said...

Just mentioned in the local paper:

Art50 said...

A mention in the local rag. Checkout the comments from SWP (Socialist Worker Party) types that unfortunatley have a strong presence in Luton.


Anonymous said...

Here Tommy shows the rest of us how one gets back on their feet after evil takes a swipe at us. Thank you for standing up, Tommy. We're behind you. God Bless.
-- RoR