Sunday, December 25, 2011

Getting the Butter of Norway

The following video is a reminder that the butter shortage in Norway is no laughing matter.

During this festive Christmas season, when butter is an all-important ingredient in various traditional Norwegian delicacies, the lack of the crucial dairy product is felt most acutely.

In the video below a Norwegian… umm… person chides Americans for making fun of the Norwegian butter crisis. And if you Danes think your churlish mockery will go unchastised, think again! Watch this video all the way to the end — Denmark is not spared.

WARNING: Some salty language is used in this clip. Sensitive readers should cover their ears:

Hat tip: Apollon Zamp.


Anonymous said...

Yes, what about your sweet potatoes and your sour cream? What about them?

Don't you know that butter is the main ingredients in Pussycats?

Don't you know what it feels like being without butter in Christmas time?

I will come to your house! I will take the butter out of your frigerater and eat it in front of your eyes!

You will beg and cry!

Outrageous! And totally hilarious!

Anonymous said...


My sympathies go to the Norwegians, who are short of butter due to the corporate socialism (fascism) they have used as their state-approved butter production model.

The good part is, you can deliciously emulate butter by using olive oil or other liquid fats. Any oil-based pastries or cakes have to be served cold. It's far healthier, also. I understand the death rates in Denmark and Norway went down during World War II, in spite of severe shortages, because the shortages included butter.

Nilk said...

I've actually got a spare tub of butter in my fridge.

Is there somewhere I can send it to and so put this poor lad out of his misery?

I can shop tomorrow for more.

Baron Bodissey said...

Nilk, what makes you think this is a "lad"?

You heteronormative bigot!

Dymphna said...

Gosh, Tommy!

Don't suffer. I'll give you my four pounds of butter. I got it on great sale -- $2.50 a pound -- and was going to make ghee with it. But y'all need it more.

You can have my yams cuz they're off my diet, but don't touch my sour cream. I need it for the herring.

A greasy holiday for all of you. May the gods of the capitalists shine upon you...eventually. And then you'll never run out of butter again.

Vent your spleen against the central planners who permitted this to happen to you, Tommy.

bewick said...

Oh b****r Dymphna. So the half price in America even extends to butter?
We in the Uk are used to paying £ per $ for electronic goods and even more for what you call "gas" but even butter? Beggars belief. As it happens I have less than a pound of butter in my fridge and that was intended for cooking (I've been partially following your excellent advice)
I may be able to offload that to Norway at a profit on Ebay!!!

Anestis canelidis said...

If I woke up in the middle of the night to find this scary looking woman, like her, stealing my butter I will probably faint. Her English is terrible and I wondered why she is embarrassing herself so much in front of the world.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to make your own butter with cream, just shake it in a jar for a few minutes.

It is a good activity for kids to learn something about foodstuffs.

Nilk said...

LOL Look at the hands! If that's a lady, I'd be surprised. Unless we're talking transexual, pre- or post-op.

Tommy could just be a cross-dresser. Doesn't really matter either way. I'll send my extra butter over. I know what it's like to run out. It's a capital crime.

Margarine should have been outlawed from the get-go lol!

Anonymous said...

Dude (?) Use margarine.

Sagunto said...

ROFL! Thought I posted a funny clip featuring Hans Teeuwen, but this is just hilarious (if it weren't so tragic also for the few Norwegian people who genuinely oppose state interventionism).

So Tommy, "ze Americans" stole the butter from your fridge eh? OMG, still got stomach ache from laughing about this ehm.. this sweet butterlips metro-Norveggian, haha. Keep it up Tommy boy!(ehm.. well, "person").

Looking forward to the next clip where you complain about Americans stealing "ze eggies" from your henhouse, you rugged little viking you!

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Hugo Schmidt-Fischer said...

This psychotic/neurotic woman on drugs makes the perfect case why immigrants are to be allowed only very selectively into Europe

Anonymous said...

There is no GLOBAL butter shortage in the world, just a local shortage of butter in a country with less than five million inhabitants. If they need more butter than they are able to produce, they just have to import it from Germany, USA, France, New Zealand, what they like best according to their taste, and any country will be more than happy to supply them. Norway is one of the richest country in the worls and they can afford to import enough butter and cream to drown in it. The circumstance that that really stupid blogger ignores such a simple fact make me LOL.

Anonymous said...

Amuurrikkan commandos musta slipped in and done stole all their butter.
Our bad--us nasty right-wing commado butter thieves, or something.
What REALLY happened? I bet their Islamophobic cows are on strike.
Serves 'em right.

Sagunto said...

Never mind Norveggie buttercups like Tommy-boy(?) (though he's good entertainment value; well, sort of ;)

The real sad thing for the Danish people, scorned by Tommy for "zs..ausages", is that their wise overlords swallowed the US (USDA/CSPI/NIH) bred propaganda campaign against fat (and concomitant promotion of fattening carbohydrates).

So now the good people of Denmark suffer from yet another small example of criminal state interventionism, i.e. the fat tax.

Watch this, it's funny and informative.

The use of state power to "do good" should be a lesson for all CJ's who still maintain, in a Boromir-like fashion, that we (they) can and indeed should use the power of an allegedly benign welfare state apparatus to combat Islam.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Green Infidel said...

Obviously, there is one person who is the reason for this, just as he is responsible for all of Norway's other problems - Fjordman...