Friday, December 16, 2011

The Law Behind the Veil

Our Swedish correspondent AS sends this cover shot from Polis Tidningen (“Police Times”):

Polis Tidningen: Veiled cop

As far as I can determine, the headline reads: “Veiled cop: Donna became the first police cadet wearing hijab”

For readers who can understand Swedish, the entire article is available at Polis Tidningen.


Anonymous said...

This is so insane that it is difficult to find words.

If police officers dress in this "religious symbol", with all that it stands for, confidence in the Swedish police will disappear totally, to say the least.

We can (soon) no longer stay in our own contry.

Kind Regards,
Angry and sad Swede

Anonymous said...

And what´s the problem with that? It´s their controlling agenda, view of women etc that´s the problem with islam.

goethechosemercy said...

When Muslim women are compelled to wear the hijab, niqab, etc. Muslim men have a way of telling the infidels from "their own", and thus they have a way to target their rape Jihad.
The veiling facilitates the rape of the women who are not veiled.
It sets Muslim women "free" to watch with all self-righteousness, the ruin of infidel women.


According to the shabby Swedish Constitution, which by the way since 1972 has lulled Swedish subjects into believing that human beings all have the same VALUE - one reason for the enthusiastic inlet of people from MENA seeking wellfare - all power proceeds from the people through their lawfully elected representatives.

So not for this muslim female and future cop by the name of Donna,
for her all power proceeds from Allah. And has so done for 1400 years!

In the interview she says:
-Previously, I had not bothered so much. I probably thought that I would do as mother who started with a veil in her 40s. But when I was 17 I went so much more into the religion. I wanted to complete everything and to have the veil was the right thing for me, says Donna.
-I want to change people's views on women wearing veils, as being oppressed and speechless victims.
-Some have been forced, but other actually carry veil because they are convinced that it is the right thing.
- And just because you have a veil does not mean that you put very much emphasis on it, she says.
- - - - -
Whit such an opinion - why at all WEAR a veil - while working as cop?
She is a 27 years old mother of two and she has not yet left her teens.
Yet another stupid and immature cop in Sweden.