Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hoist With Their Own Petard

Oslo riots

I think most readers already know how politically correct Modern Multicultural Norway is. Like so many Western Europeans, Norwegians are devoted to the cult of Diversity, and no party in the country is more immigrant-friendly than the Labour Party.

That’s why the article below from The Local is so surprising — the Labour Party is unhappy with the high number of immigrants who won election to the Oslo city council. The culture-enrichers now hold a majority on the council, and that is apparently not the result envisioned by the mandarins of the party.

The story opens with a startling headline:

Labour Party Looks to Slash Oslo Immigrant Dominance

And then continues with this jaw-dropper of a lead paragraph:

Leading Labour Party politicians in Oslo believe voters have too much influence in the city and are calling for changes to the country’s election laws after immigrant candidates snagged eleven of the party’s 20 seats on the City Council.

“Voters have too much influence”? I thought Norway was a proud democracy — how could voters have too much influence?

And these are Labour Party voters, mind you. The most steadfast proletarians of one of the staunchest social democracies in the world. When it comes to progressive European socialism, Norwegian Labour Party voters are the crème de la crème.

Among those backing legislative change is Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, who sits on the board of a local Labour committee that wants parties to be able to present voters with a list of 15 hand-picked candidates.

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty. It turns out that Mr. Støre doesn’t trust the members of his own party with any task as complex as voting. Better leave that to the experts, who can pick the privileged leaders for whom the party rank-and-file may then dutifully vote.

The article continues:
In accordance with current rules, the party populated its list with ten names in this autumn’s city elections.

This left voters with plenty of scope to select their own preferred candidates, enabling seven politicians with immigrant backgrounds to sail into winning positions after managing to secure enough personal votes for a seat.

But the Labour Party loves immigrants! How could it possibly object to having lots of them on the Oslo city council?

The problem, you see, is that Somalis exceeded their quota — three Somalis are too many:

“We’ve now got three representatives from Somalia and Somaliland. That’s in excess of what one might expect,” party veteran Rune Gerhardsen told newspaper VG.

So how many Somalis would have been just right? One? Two?

Mr. Gerhardsen takes great pains to assure the public that there is nothing wrong with all these immigrant councillors, just that there are, well, too many of them:

Gerhardsen stressed that his desire for a rule change did not stem from any sense of dissatisfaction with the current councillors, but he did argue there was a need for greater balance.

And how did these ethnic chaps end up being so effective? By bloc-voting, of course — at which the Muslims in the West are specialists:

“Comparatively small pressure groups can make relatively large gains when they apply enough resources. Ethnic groups have shown themselves to be good at mobilizing,” he said.

Needless to say, the ethnics themselves are distressed by all this racist and discriminatory talk:

Abid Raja from the Liberal Party (Venstre) said he found the comments alarming.

“What he says about his own party colleagues with Somali backgrounds is way beneath his dignity,” Raja told news agency NTB.

“Instead of increasing the number of set candidates we should be going in the opposite direction and getting rid of it altogether.”

And Labour’s leadership is enjoined to remember how much they owe to their loyal immigrant voters:

Raja pointed out that ethnic Norwegian candidates had also harvested their fair share of personal votes, with Rune Gerhardsen himself the main beneficiary. Of the Labour Party’s candidates, Gerhardsen and Libe Rieber-Mohn attracted the highest number of personal votes, followed by Abdullah Alsabeehg.

The 25-year-old Alsabeehg, whose family came to Norway as political refugees from Bahrain when he was very young, denied his election success had stemmed from a recruitment campaign targeting voters of the same ethnic background as himself.

Sure. Right. Go on, pull the other one!

Instead, he attributed his large personal vote haul to the backing he received from the Labour Party’s youth wing (AUF).

“I was the AUF’s youth candidate in the election and was supported by young people of various ethnic backgrounds from around the city,” he told NTB.

Actually, that may be true — AUF members are well-known for their strong support for Hamas.

And other parties are only too happy to see the Labour Party hoist with its own petard:

“I can see that the Labour Party’s City Council group in Oslo is skewed, both from an ethnic and geographical perspective, but that just shows that party democracy is more or less dead within the Labour Party beyond the group of active immigrants,” said Conservative Party (Høyre) MP Per-Kristian Foss to

“That’s a problem for Oslo’s Labour Party; I don’t think parliament should change the election law,” he added.

Anders Anundsen from the Progress Party said Labour would be better advised to move in the exact opposite direction, a view supported by the Centre Party’s Per Olaf Lundteigen.

Forget for the moment the monstrous hypocrisy of the Labour Party, so piously celebrating Diversity and promoting Multiculturalism whilst disdaining the election of its own immigrant charges to high office.

Norway is home to one of the most intelligent indigenous populations on the planet, based on standard IQ tests and the academic achievements of its students. It has a rich history of success in the arts and sciences, and has been the home of many brilliant thinkers.

The Ranting ManHow is it, then, that you, the best and brightest of Norway’s political elite, failed to predict the inevitable outcome of your fervently-embraced policy of importing more and more Third-World immigrants?

How could you be so stupid?

You brought in strangers by the thousands. You gave them the vote. They’re not as smart as you are, but they are politically shrewd. Although still a minority, by using that shrewdness they gamed your electoral system and gave themselves a majority in the legally elected representative body of your capital city.

You didn’t like this result, and now propose to overturn it through procedural manipulation. Good luck with that: the mess you have created may not be so easily remedied, with or without democracy.

But now we know your true opinion of those wonderful “New Norwegians” — you who were so keen to label Fjordman and other immigration-critics as “racists” and “xenophobes”.

It’s time to eat your words now, every single one of them.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


Dymphna said...

One part of the block quotes includes this gem:

“I can see that the Labour Party’s City Council group in Oslo is skewed...

Perhaps there ought to be an 'r' right after the 'k' in 'skewed'? Accuracy in reportage, hmmm?

These folks will hate Fjordman even more for being right.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the innocence! Electoral events are proceeding EXACTLY according to the plan of the New World Order.

The importation of immigrants was ALWAYS intended to permanently enslave both the old - and new - populations of every country by eradicating human and civil rights of all.

First, leaders eliminate human rights via the importation of violent Muslims and primitive violent sub-Saharan Africans.

Then, leaders eliminate civil rights (especially the popular vote) as the only prescribed 'cure' for civilized society facing barbarian rule and ruin.

In the United States, George Soros is funding an initiative that will empower 'elite' liberal lawyers to 'elect' state judges. The plan is for liberal judges to write laws from the bench via interpretation that honors international law - including Sharia Law - ABOVE the Constitution of the United States.

Justice Hijacked: Your Right To Vote Is At Stake

Is ANYONE awake out there yet?!

F***W*T TW****R said...

They could move the boundries to disipate the effect pf immigrant votes. Or would that be gerrimandering?

Anonymous said...

I largely agree with Egghead. This is part of "the plan".

I'd suggest that we have got to the stage where the Left attempts to tell the Muslims that they were "useful idiots" but that their usefulness is now over, so they had get in line or else.

And the Muslims don't want to listen. And attempt their "or else" solution.

How quickly the NWO will reach for the full Police State solution is the unknown.

There is no point in voting, the liberal elite will do what they want to anyway. Short of violent revolution, there is no way to remove them from power. As George Galloway infamously put it, the two main political parties "are two cheeks of the same arse".

bilbo said...


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that when minority groups in the West vote along ethnic and cultural lines, then this is considered to be acceptable.

However, if any White Europeans did this, then that would be considered to be racist.

So why doesn't the Norwegian Labour Party accuse the Somali community of racism?

Yet another example of hypocrisy and double standards that one now sadly expects on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

And what will even more interesting still is watching how the new muslim majority begins to rule Oslo. This of course will prove interesting. We'll try to hold our tongues from saying, "We told ya so."

Anonymous said...

This is just so rich. This is hilarious. The Norwegian elite may be smart, but they are definitely not wise.

Anonymous said...

"We'll try to hold our tongues from saying, "We told ya so."

No we won't."


Vortac said...

Future historians will surely have a good laugh over this. Same as we are now laughing at Caligula who supposedly wanted to promote his horse into a Consul.

Anonymous said...

The New World Order is a vastly smaller subset than the Left who are ALSO the useful idiots of the New World Order.

The New World Order is a group of uber-rich MEN who play complicated power games to gain the power to rule the world via the enslavement of humanity.

The New World Order intends to re-define religion from the worship of God to the worship of 'charity' and 'science' in the service of state taxation.

In an article entitled, "Problems Facing Our Socialism," Obama's father claims, "Theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed." Well, folks, how do YOU spell the word SLAVERY?!

The New World Order still needs both the Left and Muslims to destroy Christian religious symbols and figureheads - and to cull the world population of any people who might dissent to the plans of the New World Order.

Yes, we are talking about a New World Order plan to murder a LOT of people in a third World War.

The ultimate plan is for the New World Order to control remaining people with RFID chips which will record and distribute finance, education, employment, health care, travel, criminal records, etc.

Even chips used outside the body can easily control which roads people will be allowed to travel and which doors people will be allowed to enter.

People may burn down cities, but then people will be trapped in their burnt ruins.

Welfare-dependent people who want to eat will quickly fall in line.

Anonymous said...

Its much too late to avoid muslim majorities in many of Europes biggest cities . The only way to prevent a comlete islamisation of the WHOLE of Europe is to retreat to line that can still theoreticly be defended , if somehow europeans would be woken up .That would mean to let the muslims take completely control of their majority areas and "help" them turn theese into disasterzones, the more the better, while on the other hand making it unpleasant or hopefully illegeal to display the same behaviours outside the ghetoes.
This would not result in all muslims living in the ghettoes , but rather create a growing divission between the hardcore , and the ones trying somehow to be part of the surrounding society .

Ole Burde

EscapeVelocity said...

Who wants to turn their centers of culture, trade, communication, and transportaton, economic, financial/banking, centers located at strategic geographical areas into disaster areas full of Muslims?

Green Infidel said...

Egghead - you mean suspend civil rights and put people into camps like these?

Sagunto said...

Hi Eggy -

Great points! NWO is part plan, part machine. Taxation + monetary planning + voters falling for temptation to use state power to live at their fellow citizen's expense = non-specific (in terms of plans) background of NWO. Solution: shut down the machine, don't waste time fighting this or that NWO plan.

Abolition of the welfare/warfare state = end to NWO = end to Islamization. Muslims, being the Islamic parasites they are, won't survive without a suitable host to bleed.

The so-called "War on Terror" = a typical foreign NWO war (notice the accompanying dissolution of national borders while people's natural rights face gradual debasement). Me thinks WoT = not part of our struggle against the ongoing Islamization of our lands.

Take care and kind regs from Amsterdam,

Anonymous said...

In Norway you can not only vote on a political party, you can also ad the name of your wish, even though they are totally unexperienced or knows the language properly. The only thing needed is for the person to be active member of the party in question.
So, this leaves us with big blocks of voters who barely can write, that is told by their imam who to vote for.
This happened to the labour party, and to their amazent, ethnic norwegians with countless of years of experience was pushed aside by unknown politicians and over 50% of the seats in Oslo is now occupied by immigrants from the 3. World.

The official responce of the labour party was that they loved to see the faces of the leaders of the progress party (who is against the open immigration policy) everytime they had to be seated with so many muslims!

There are several simmilar incidents in other cities in Norway. In Bergen, a iranian member from SV (socialist left party) tried to coup the leader position by dragging along heaps of immigrant friends that he tried to add to the partys memberslist the same day that they should vote for party leadership!

Deeply embarrased, the party leaders had to inform the press that they did not accept these members as they had been mass registered into membership.
Just barely, the party avoided a cathastropic coup, done by just one man and his united force of immigrant voters.

The man claimed to follow democratic rules and of course a couple of party members became his "useful idiots" afterwards and claimed their own party behaved racistic.

Oh, the sweet irony!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to speculate, so here goes. Sex segregation in schools, hospitals, transport. Girls to be allowed to not attend school if families so desire. Modest dress code enforced on Oslo streets. Shops not opening on Saturdays. Severe prohibitions on alcohol sales, though I believe the Norwegians should already be used to this.

Dan said...

God, you gotta just LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sag,

Yes. Islamization is merely a symptom of a much larger problem - namely, the general acceptance of the Western people to forcibly take money from other people as their primary - or only - means of their own support - for lifetimes of welfare or lengthy retirements.

Essentially, whether Mexican or Muslim, foreigners simply exploit the same unsustainable system that indigenous people set up to fleece each other.

When Westerners set the precedent that Westerners may rob each other with impunity, then why would any foreigners feel guilty for robbing Westerners?

Everyone together at the trough. Oink. Oink. Oink.

As the quotation widely attributed to Margaret Thatcher expressed, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."

The welfare state is a part of a long con with current recipients keeping their fingers crossed to reap the benefits of the massive Ponzi scheme before it implodes.

Does anyone REALLY believe that the welfare state can support either welfare or retirement payments that last longer than the average person's working life?

Whatever generational agreement that ever existed is completely severed as current beneficiaries of the welfare state bleed their fellow citizens dry for each successive welfare payment.

An 18 year old black urban welfare mother is intimately linked with a white middle class social security recipient. Both are going to vote for the party that offers the best deal for their monetary payments.

Either would say, "Somebody's got to pay for my kids/retirement. Somebody else besides me...."

Anonymous said...

This can be proven to be going on in the UK, but the politicians and the media remain silent. At the last Census, Tower Hamlets was around 30% muslim. Yet 66% of the local councillors are muslims:

This shows that muslims will vote for a muslim candidate over preference to a non-muslim candidate, regardless of party. It also shows how the dhimmis do not operate this policy. I had a friend who had devoted years of work to the Labour Party in another culturally enriched part of London. On the night of the selection process, buses full of muslims arrived, none of whom had ever been seen at a Labour Party meeting before. And of course, a muslim candidate was chosen. My friend would complain to me about this obvious fixing. But he's too scared to complain to the Party itself or to the media, because then of course he would be called "racist".

It is going to come too late for the socialist parties in cities around Europe. By the time they dare to stand up for principles of equality, they will not be in control of any of their traditional strongholds.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


That explains the reason for the opportunities. But why would anybody go through the upheaval of moving job and house - not within a country but to another continent?

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