Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MSM Report on Tommy Robinson

A report on last Thursday’s attack on Tommy Robinson has been published in Luton Today:

EDL Leader in Lay-by Attack

POLICE have launched an investigation after English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon was violently assaulted in a lay-by outside Luton.

Mr Lennon, who calls himself Tommy Robinson, says he was driving along the A6 at about 2am last Thursday (Dec 22) when he pulled over after another car, a black Vauxhall Zafira, flashed its lights at him.

When he got out of the car he was attacked by three men, with the beating only coming to an end when a ‘good Samaritan’ stopped at the scene, he said.

Mr Lennon, who runs a tanning salon in Luton, said: “I was on my way back from Dunstable and near Streatley I noticed the car flashing me.

“I pulled over and got out. The car was being driven by a girl and three lads jumped out and I took a beating.

“As soon as I got out the passenger leapt out and I could tell straight away what was going to happen.

“I started fighting back and then the other two got out.

“The geezer that pulled over to help me said one of them had a pole but I didn’t see anything. But the hospital said the injuries looked like they’d been caused by a blunt object.”

Mr Lennon drove to Bedford Hospital where he was given a CT scan, which revealed bruising on his brain. He was released later the same day.

“I didn’t want to go to hospital but the guy that helped me kept insisting that I had to go,” he said. “They had knocked me out when he arrived – he said if he hadn’t pulled over they would probably have carried on.

“I’ve never had a kicking like it. I had to go home to my kids looking like that.”

Mr Lennon said claims on an anti-EDL website that the attack had been faked or had been carried out by football hooligans were “pathetic” and had been fabricated by people who had been kicked out of the EDL for being too right-wing.

He described his attackers as being of Asian appearance and said they were wearing jeans and bomber jackets, with one wearing a checked scarf.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said it was as yet unclear what the motive for the attack was.

They appealed for any witnesses to come forward, including the good Samaritan, saying: “He was driving a silver Ford Mondeo and was called John or Jonathan.

“The officer investigating this case is Det Con Tom Hamm, contactable direct on 01582 473322. He would like to hear from John or anyone who knows who John is.”

Take a look at the original article to see a new photo of Tommy’s busted-up face.

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Anestis Canelidis said...

Now if England allowed the right to carry a gun like Arizona this would not have happened to him. I can carry my 9mm around most any place in AZ to defend myself against such thugs.

Pierre_Picaud said...

This "good samaritan" business absolutely reeks. Sorry but people in England just don't show this kind of generosity any more.

It was probably the Special Branch bod tasked with tailing Tommy that day, who was absolutely sh*tting himself over what might be the consequences were Tommy to die: hence the repeated insistence that he go to hospital; only for the person to disappear later on.

Nemesis said...

I didn't comment on the previous post concerning Lennon's 'bashing' as the evidence presented wasn't much to go on as far as pointing fingers go. And in my opinion, that is still very much the case.

I also note that some commentors like to draw a 'long bow' whenever incidents like this occur and tend to assume way too much. As an ex-cop I would suggest to those who think from the armchair before broadcasting their theories, to exercise a little caution in their thinking and wait until all the facts are in. The plot in this incident, as they say, is still thickening.

While the EDL has become a magnet to those Brits who don't like what is happening to their country and are willing to protest peacefully their displeasure to those who may notice, the EDL was also a drawcard for those who felt that violence was the only answer for the problems that now confront 21st Century Britain. Lennon, to his credit, has largely alienated those voices who were calling for blood in the streets, and because of this action, he has created many enemies from his own background in the process.

He also has the radical Muslims he marches against to consider whenever he assesses the threats to him and his family, as well as to other EDL members. In short, he is well aware of the dangers now posed to him and to those around him, and he should not be wandering the roads without some kind of protection and being mindful of situational awareness.

He should never have got out of the vehicle he was in. He should have waited until an occupant from the 'flashing' vehicle approached his car while he remained behind the steering wheel with the motor running and the car in gear ready to drive off.

On the first sign of trouble he could have then driven from the area and continued his journey, deciding on the way whether to report the incident, or not to the police.

Lennon has become 'high profile' in the public's eye and he should be exercising caution when out in public places and on public roads, because if he doesn't do this, then the next bashing, if it occurs, may just do him in.

66chevelle said...

Lennon wuld do well to heed the advice of Nemesis, especially if he still plans to take a high-profile position witht the BFP. He's already been through a lot in his young life and apparently come through it for the better, but his rough edges and impetuosity are holding him back.

Judging by his story at the EDL website, wherein he details the trials and travails of his run-ins with Police, Islamists and antifas types, he should have already been taking into account everything Nemesis put forth.

And Pierre Picaud is onto something also. It struck me as odd that Lennon would refer to the man who possibly saved his life as a "geezer". That's an insult, albeit a mild one, in my neck of the woods, and it may have been used to signal that Lennon knew the exact nature of the intervention by the "Good Samaritan".

Like it or not, and all past injustices considered, Lennon would be better suited by dropping the adversarial stance and developing a working relationship with Law Enforcement. He might even find he has some following among them if and when he goes mainstream with BFL.

Anonymous said...

When someone has unlawfully injured you in the past, there has to be some overt action on their part to restore trust.

Even more so when they claim to act as law-enforcement.

The police have already acted in a reprehensible and criminal fashion towards the EDL and Tommy personally. They need to make amends for that before it makes any sense to speak of the EDL having a responsibility to "reach out" to them.

And blaming the victim? Simply unacceptable. Particularly in a nation that forbids citizens from taking the most effective measures to ensure their personal security against criminal assaults.

Chiu Chun-Ling.

Anonymous said...

As I understand the law on that point, one is allowed to use "reasonable force" to defend oneself - you can act in a like manner to your assailant in order to stop them from assaulting you.

But. You can't go beyond stopping them from attacking you and dish out "retribution" - i.e. give them a good kicking to teach them a lesson.

Try that, and you're the one who'll be charged with assault.

Isn't life in the UK lovely nowadays?

Always On Watch said...

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said it was as yet unclear what the motive for the attack was.

Yeah, right. [heavy sarcasm]

bilbo said...

"As I understand the law on that point, one is allowed to use "reasonable force" to defend oneself "

true, but what IS reasonable force when its 3-4 against 1?

Tommy needs to get himself a minder, or the BFP/EDL should get him one.
preferably one with good martial arts skills.