Friday, December 16, 2011

The Federal Government vs. American Sovereignty

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about the Obama administration’s recent success in shutting down even the most vestigial enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

Sheriff Joe's credibility is undermined by this report. Unlike the charges against him regarding immigration law and "discrimination," which I discount, this report alleges that his office has been negligent regarding child sex crime allegations. If true, the Sheriff is in a lot of deserved hot water.

hawkeyedjb said...

Though you may agree with Arpaio on the issue of border security, please do not spend any of your effort supporting this buffoon. He is not a law enforcement officer, he is a walking clownshow. His effectiveness against illegal migrants is far less than that of the professional police departments in Arizona; the difference is that they don't feel the need to hold a press conference when they arrest a few dishwashers. Serious criminals have nothing to fear from Arpaio; he goes after easy targets and avoids anything that might require effort or law-enforcement skills. Read the reports about the rapes and child molestations that Arpaio wouldn't even investigate until public reports forced him to act. This man is a cartoon, a blustering, inept attention-seeker. Thank the lord we do not depend on him alone for protection.

66chevelle said...

Overlord, keep in mind that when one is targeted by the government, allegations involving children and sexual abuse are some of the most potent weapons at the government's disposal. Remember why Janet Reno stormed Koresh's compopund in Waco. Also, to accuse his department of negligence, or "failure to properly prosecute" is to allow a great deal of leeway to insinuate what was or was not done and interpret the meaning of "properly prosecute".

Another thing to consider is that, according to the charges, most of the abuse cases involved Mexican or Hispanic children. I live in a city with a sizable Latino population, and it is a fact that our police force has a problem catching and punishing the victims of many kinds of Latino-on-Latino crime, because many of them are illegal aliens and don't want to risk disclosing their immigration status. It could be that Arpaio is being cynically blamed by his enemies for a problem which he has limited legal ability to deal with in the first place.

Sheriff Joe's biggest mistake was probably investigating Obama's Birth Certificate. That will definitely bring the heat from Holder.

gadfly said...

There are two reasons to take the new government attack on Arpaio with a grain of salt.

First, the charges of discrimination against the 'dark skins" comes from (wait for it) the US Department of Justice which will not even come clean on there own nefarious "Fast and Furious" gun-running operation - and secondly, the Justice Department official in charge of the Arpaio yellow journalism paper is named (are youe kidding me?) PEREZ!

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Sheriff Joe's biggest mistake was probably investigating Obama's Birth Certificate. That will definitely bring the heat from Holder. - 66Chevelle"
Interesting coincidence, now that you mention it, especially given the Fed gov cancelled Arpaio's 287g agreement leaving his jurisdiction no longer able to verify immigration status. Isn't that the point of O's bc?

babs said...

About 17 years ago I lived in Southern CA in a neighboring city to the city of Santa Ana. The crime rate in that city was skyrocketing and the city gov't managed to talk the then INS into a "pilot project" by placing an INS agent into every police station to check the immigration status of EVERYONE being booked.
It turned out that 35% of those being booked were in the country illegally, the overwhelming majority being residents of countries in Latin America.
I think the pilot project lasted about 6 months, maybe 8, at which time the INS agents packed up and went home...
What an eye opener! Can you imagine that 35% of your police power and prison expenses are being spent on people that shouldn't be in the country in the first place and the INS just walked away?
The very idea that the immigration status of someone being booked is not only not checked but, being barred from being checked by our Federal Gov't is insanity writ large.

1389 said...

This has plenty to do with the counterjihad, and we should all be concerned.

Not everyone, and certainly not all of the criminals, who are illegally crossing the Arizona border, are Mexican.

The “Other than Mexicans” (OTMs) include Muslims from all over the world, some with known terrorist connections.

Once again, the Obama Administration is doing all it can to provide cover for allowing jihadis unrestricted entry to the US.