Monday, December 12, 2011

Off With the Mask!

Jason Kenney, the Canadian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, talks to Ezra Levant about his government’s decision to require all candidates to uncover their faces when taking the oath of citizenship. In other words: No burkas! No niqabs! No ski masks! No KKK robes!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the accompanying news article about the Canadian government’s new policy:

Face Time Required to Become Canadian Citizen

If you want to become a Canadian, you’ll have to show your face.

Under sweeping regulations that take effect Monday, Muslim women will have to remove their niqabs or any other face-coverings such as burkas before reciting the oath of citizenship to become Canadian, QMI Agency has learned.

Those participating in citizenship ceremonies - the final step in the process to officially become a Canadian - will be given two warnings to unveil themselves.

The first would be upon arrival, when a department official will explain the requirement. If the person refuses, a citizenship judge will ask the individual to show her face before reading the oath.

If the person refuses the second request, the judge will ask them to leave, putting their citizenship in jeopardy. But they will be given other opportunities at future citizenship ceremonies if they change their mind.

If they don’t, they will remain permanent residents and give up their right to vote, run for office and hold certain jobs. Permanent residents can be deported for serious crimes.

The new rule requires the citizenship judge to see the person’s face as the oath is being spoken. Once the oath is completed and the national anthem sung, the individual can cover her face and begin a new life in Canada as a citizen.

The new rule is part of a wider package of reforms Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has implemented throughout the department.


månesteiner said...

Yes, banning the burka, the clothing, the mere apparel of tribal 3rd world people when they take the oath to become citizens of Canada, yes, that's a bold step.

That's the ticket to preserving the history and culture of your country. Your kith and kin will sleep well tonight knowing that the burka ban is in place during the citizenship swear-in ceremony.

Don't bother with the more sensible act of not importing unassimilable 3rd world people into your country in the first place - people whose values, culture and history aren't even remotely compatible with yours - people who have no interest in the society you've built up over hundreds of years - people who, by every historical indication, will discard all of your values as soon as their numbers allow them to.

No, ignore all that. Invite them in by the thousands, the millions. Just insist on a strict dress code during the border crossing ceremony. That'll show them who's boss.

gsw said...

"If they don’t, they will remain permanent residents and give up their right to vote, run for office and hold certain jobs."

I would suggest extending this to their spouses, since it could be to the benefit of many husbands and fathers to keep their 'females' less privileged.

Let us see how fast they uncover their faces when ordered to do so by their 'guardians'.

Eddie Willers said...

Ye Gods and little fishes! A politician has acquired a spine (wonder where he stole that from?).

bewick said...

@ Eddie Wilders
A bit of a spine perhaps so let's hope it develops and fast.
The Ozzies sort of tried it on a motoring offence but lost because the burkha clad woman who presented herself at the police station couldn't be identified - because she didn't unveil herself. Legally known as a procedural error or some such.
The Mossies have SO may tricks up their sleeve.
As for the UK. Well OUR politicians haven't yet woken up. Maybe they will eventually if only to avoid popular revolution.
Yesterday I witnessed a Sikh friend call her misbehaving 3 year old "you little Paki". Ooops. Had I said that in public then I would be locked up for "race crime".
Guess how Pakistanis refer to themselves in public or private. Yup "Paki" but they are never locked up. something wrong there.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful solution, and so logical: no naturalisation, but permanent residency. Unless of course you commit a crime or try to break up community, and without the rights that enable real citizens to have their say in the country. Citizenship as a privilage and an honour.

But how incredibly idiotic that it wasn´t like that all along..

Does this mean that up until now a human form with an invisible face can become a Canadian citizen by raising it's hand??
Say it ain´t so?? Please?

Anonymous said...

It is a reasonable first step to require that immigrants demonstrate at least some respect for the oath they swear. But only a first step.