Monday, September 05, 2011

Clone These Men!

Dec. 2010: Geert Wilders and René Stadtkewitz

Our British correspondent Paul Weston was one of those invited to the Freiheit rally in Berlin on Saturday. Below is his brief account of the day’s events.

Clone These Men!
by Paul Weston

A year after the launch of René Stadtkewitz’s Freedom Party, Berlin found itself again hosting the potential saviour of Germany as he prepared for the elections to the Berlin Senate on September 18.

The hall was filled with some 700 supporters who had come to hear not only Stadtkewitz but also Geert Wilders and the charismatic Oskar Freysinger.

In his opening speech Stadtkewitz captivated the audience and reminded them that far from being a one-trick anti-Islamist party, Die Freiheit also represented the Euro-sceptic arm of German politics. He proceeded to lay waste to the fantasy world of Angela’s Merkelonomics by stating “no more bail-outs” and calling for an end to Germany’s exposure to European third-world debt.

Stadtkewitz further commented that Thilo Sarrazin’s bestseller “Germany destroys itself” had been read by 1.5 million people and its principles supported by some 50 million plus Germans. This flies in the face of elitist German opinion, as demonstrated by Angela Merkel, who despite not reading Mr. Sarrazin’s book was not slow in describing it as “not helpful.”

Berlin, Sept 3 2011: Geert WildersHaving demolished the current political elite thinking, Stadtkewitz sat down to a standing ovation and was followed by Geert Wilders, whose speech encompassed the genuine democracy of small nation-states, the totalitarian leanings of the European Union, and the cultural relativism that denies indigenous Europeans their cultural heritage. He reiterated the need to support the sole democratic state in the Middle East, which is of course Israel.

One of Wilders’ closing points was to reaffirm the importance of freedom of speech in these peculiar times, tested only seconds later by two Antifa specimens, who were soundly thrashed verbally by the audience and Mr. Wilders. The latter pointed out the irony, not perhaps lost on the renegades, that freedom of speech, despite their best efforts is still alive and well in Berlin. To round off his speech, Wilders made the pertinent point utterly lost on his leftist foes that freedom of speech is the main armory the right currently if we are to avoid another Breivik-style atrocity, bearing in mind that Anders Breivik considered the democratic process no longer open to him.

Berlin, Sept 3 2011: Oskar FreysingerEnter Oskar Freysinger, who with a mixture of hard facts, comedic delivery, and a tremendous stage presence held the audience in the palm of his hand. He explained that the Swiss franc was not strong, but the European Union monetary policy could best be described as Greek. Freysinger went further and described the freedoms Switzerland’s constitution allowed vis-à-vis the thoroughly democratic process of referenda, such as enabled the banning of minarets in 2009. Here was a classic example of people-power and democracy in action, contrary to the top-down edicts of the totalitarian EU commissars.

Although it was not supposed to be the Freysinger Show, Oskar stole it adeptly, showing what can be achieved through personality and politics. Europe needs many more characters like Freysinger, who is wasted on a functioning democracy such as Switzerland.

We hold out the highest hope that Stadtkewitz, Wilders and Freysinger clones will make themselves apparent in the very much undemocratic states which currently comprise the European Union.

In closing, it must be noted that those Germans who believe in a genuine democracy have only one political party available to them and that is Die Freiheit and René Stadtkewitz.

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

Freysinger's spirit isn't wasted on Switzerland's functioning democracy, to be honest. Though direct democracy is still a Swiss right, self-described islamophiles such as socialist Andreas Gross would love to make that dependent on the feelings of the so-called "international community"; which, as we all know, is the politically-correct expression to describe the OIC-Norway-Sweden-Lab-LibDem-Tory dhimmi alliance for sharia in the West. And, since the biggest Swiss media group is now in the hands of Gross's fellow member of a self-described group of "intellectuals" named the Club Helvetique, Roger de Weck, whose views on democracy are exactly like those of the EU (elections are all fine, so long as voters "get it right"), the Swiss system of direct democracy, much like the American 1st Constitutional Amendment, is in the crosshairs of muslims and their Western sandal-licking political allies.

The good news is that any changes to Switzerland's direct democracy rights might need the approval of those who exercise them. Though the cantons of Genevastan, Fribourg, Vaud, Jura and Basel-Stadt might vote for it (I'd predict that Genevastan's tally for such changes would amount to 70+% of the vote), voters in the remaining 19 cantons would never favor such tyrannical actions against their very own democratic rights.

Npinkpanther said...

There's a report showing on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a bit like BBC lite) at the moment that seems to be giving more or less a fair overview of Islam and Muslim immigration in the Netherlands... they even let Geert Wilders say a few things without referring to him as an 'extremist' or even 'right wing'! Look for Foreign Correspondent on the ABC.

Anonymous said...

europes problems are entirely demographic. Men aren't marrying and being fathers. Women aren't marrying and producing babies. The culture is all wrong. The men are obnoxious to the women and the women obnoxious to the men. A virus has taken root to scramble peoples minds and destroy them. people need to get back to the basic laws of nature (reproduce and expand your own kind) or an Islamic future is inevitable and sadly unavoidable.