Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lampedusa In a Glowing Moment

From JLH, yesterday, came this translation of a news snip from Politically Incorrect:


In Lampedusa, the detention center for North African refugees was set on fire. It was not set ablaze by evil radical rightists, however, but by the Tunisians themselves, 400 of them took advantage of the opportunity to flee. Where the others were accommodated is not recorded.

We can assume, however, that they will sooner or later land in the north of the EU or in Switzerland. That’s how it goes! We have given up any control over our borders. Anyone who wants to can saunter in and get up to anything he wants.
That last sentence is an understated scorcher, innit? Poor Italy.

Serendipitously, I found a video of the fire complete with Italian commentary. Even if you don’t understand Italian (and I don’t) it has a kind of meta-accuracy. Maybe it’s the vibrant voice:

Lampedusa has its own Youtube channel. Who knew?

[Dedicated to the Baron, just so Lampedusa won’t disappear while he’s away.]


Zenster said...

Wouldn't it be curious if native Lampeduseans made a habit of beating the living daylights out of any escaped "refugees" they found wandering their streets?

I, for one, certainly wouldn't blame them.

ole said...

I know of only one fence these types are incapable of getteing past , and that is ofcourse the israeli security barrier.
The main reason they cant get through there , is that the soldiers guarding it , after having tried everything else, will shoot them dead .
Thats how it works , and if Europe wants to survive as a nonmuslim entity , it must build a similar barrier around itself , psycolocic as well as fysical .
The main thing is to have soldiers with orders to open fire when necesary , which means politicians who are willing to give the orders .

Dymphna said...

okay...these two comments are marginally passable, though I have my reservations about them, given their solutions.

The other, bloodier-minded solutions will not pass. Yes, the people who risk their lives to get out of the starving hell they're in, many of them drowning in the effort, are not your average middle-class "just-like-me" folks.

That doesn NOT mean they're not human beings, just like all of us. Nor does it mean you or I would act any more nobly were we in their dire situation.

These people, and those they left behind, are starving. The Great Famine of Winter 2011 is about to hit.

Either show some common humanity or let it go unsaid here. Lots of other places will take those comments.

As I've said many times, this is our home. No clomping thru in muddy boots, dragging your weapons behind you.

Whiskey said...

The Tunisians and others are not being simply moved back to Tunisia, because Italy fundamentally lacks the will. Because Italians don't believe Italy should even exist. Not as a state, not with borders, not with a defined people who are Italian and those who are not, and are let in only through organized, authorized, and limited processes (tourists, investors, the like).

ITALIANS WANT THIS. Most of them, anyway. Italy is a democracy. If Italians were serious about not being over-run by Muslims, they would have done something about it. They haven't.

Therefore, most Italians would rather be part of a greater Tunisia or something. That's part of most of Western Europe and most of Western Society.