Sunday, September 25, 2011

Counterjihad London 2011

Counterjihad London 2011

The Baron has been away for an eternity the last few days in England, meeting up with various Counterjihad activists. The culmination of his visit occurred today, when a group of activist leaders got together at a convivial location to discuss topics of mutual interest.
[Translator's note: a "convivial location" in Virginia would signify some place where the coffee cup never empties; or in the summer, the iced tea glass. In England it appears to mean a setting in which there are barrels and barrels of draft beer. I'm not sure whether one is given a half-pint glass or they simply hand each patron his own rubber siphon hose.]

The Baron said the focus of their discussion was the situation in Britain, with special attention to both the English Defence League and to preparations for the next general election. Since representatives from Europe were present, pan-European topics were also considered.

The following countries were represented at the meeting:

  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • USA

I don’t know any more than this at the moment. They don't tell me nuttin' - which is how I like it. Me brain is too cluttered as it is. The Baron will be returning to Schloss Bodissey later this week. He says he’ll give you a full report after he recovers from jet lag - to which I would add, and after he’s taken care of the various things that Entropy was busy with while he was gone.

Like what? Oh, like the belt on the vacuum cleaner that broke while the thing was busy sucking up my Kindle charger. No harm done to the Kindle connection (d.g.), but the vacuum cleaner smells of eau de burning tires and the brush doesn't roll anymore. Takes a little testosterone to wrestle the new belt onto that roll.

I think I’ll name our next pet “Entropy”.

And then there are those four hundred or more must-be-answered the broken internet satellite connection. I'm going to call the satellite people on Monday, but I've always noticed they respond better to phone calls from men, so it may take his voice to get their attention.

Maybe I'd better get in more coffee before he returns.

I do hope he remembered my kippered herrings.

How come the new improved version of anything never is? Now I'm having to put paragraph tags where a simple line break would do before. And it appears to be burping here and there.

They have a new better dashboard,too, which I refuse to open. At least while I have a choice in the matter. Soon they will make me an offer I can't refuse. Like the time they took away our archives until we installed the so-called Better Blooger. It's not.

What am I gonna do? Ask for my money back?


Nick said...

Kippers ... lovely! Don't know if your customs people will let someone through with foodstuffs though.

Better phone the Baron and tell him to eat them all himself before leaving the UK ..

Dymphna said...


We have a ten year-old Nokia pre-paid for emergencies when the car breaks down. It doesn't do transatlantic.

Those kippers had better, though. Surely people bring back candy aned such.

Of course, he doesn't touch 'em. Nor kidneys, nor sweetbreads -- what he calls "offal" and I call the best parts. He has learned to like ox-tails, though. But not snails...more for me!

Zenster said...

If the kippers are processed and sealing in an airtight container, they should make it through just fine. Only foods in their native states and certain cured meats pose a serious problem.

1389 said...

Ox tails make good soup.

I just finished dealing with our own blog outage. We had been getting timeout errors when people visited the blog, and when team members tried to update. So we called our hosting provider, and they offered to upgrade us to a better server at no charge. Took two days to get 'er done, though. It's like calling a plumber - they don't give an exact time when they'll be working on the problem.

We lost three blog posts (backed up on my machine and restored manually by me) and several comments (no practical way to back them up at the correct point in time; the affected commenters will have to re-post the comments if they want them to be visible).

I also optimized the database and added a caching plug-in to improve response time.

Sure glad THAT is over!

Rob said...

Hi Dymphna,
I likewise gave the new blogger interface a try, and yeah, it's not so good.

I went into the 'settings' section on blogger, scrolled down to the 'global settings' and the first cata is 'select post editor'. It allows you to go back to the old editor.

Hope this helps.

Fond Regards,
Rob Miller

PatriotUSA said...

The 'new' blogger dashboard sucks.

Do not bother.

You have done very well whilst the baron has been away!

bewick said...

Well now Dymphna. I like Craster oak smoked kippers. Have checked their site, and many others, but none seem to offer postal delivery except to the UK and even then it is pricey.
Can't find if the Baron can carry them in luggage to the US.
IF he can and has the time then he should visit the fishmongers in Leadgate Market off Fenchurch Street or Billingsgate . They MAY do vacu-packs.


" ... with special attention to both the English Defence League and to preparations for the next general election."

Doubt there will be a next U.K. general election - BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...

sulber nick said...

Kippers? The finest of all are Fortunes', oak smoked in Whitby, Yorkshire. If I had an address Dymphna I'd send you a couple of pairs (they come in pairs) air mail - vacuum packed of course. Your wish is my command...

Dymphna said...

S. nick--

I don't have your email address or I sure would! Yum.

Dymphna said...

Jolie R--

I'm going to post your Youtube. It's what the Baron has been saying. Grim news...

Henrik Ræder said...

I'm not sure whether one is given a half-pint glass ...


Half-pint glasses are insults to proper beer drinking.

Dymphna said...

@ Henrik Ræder --

Well, given the rep the EDL is getting for being drunk in public, demitasse cups are in order, imho.

Or they could meet at Starbucks. A bunch of caffeinated, sober EDL dudes would be a match for any problem...

When I read modern British detective novels I am always amazed at the amounts of booze they consume -- all in the line of duty, I guess.

Or maybe the UK has become so much like Russia that everyone has to stay drunk all the time just to survive. In the USSR, 70% of Russians died with a blood alcohol level well beyond drunk. I don't know that the new, improved Russia is doing any better.

X said...

England has always been known as the land of drunken, swearing brawlers. It lead to our nickname of "godams" on the continent in the 12th century and it's always served us well in the wars, both on the battlefield and in the medic's tent afterwards. In fact I'm pretty sure we're the ones that invented medicinal alcohol...

Relay my wishes to the baron, I'm sorry I didn't get the opportunity to meet him.