Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/17/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/17/2011At an air show in Reno, Nevada, a vintage plane went out of control and crashed into the crowd, killing the pilot and eight spectators, and injuring dozens of others. The pilot, Jimmy Leeward, was a 74-year-old veteran stunt pilot. Spectators said that just before his plane went out of control, a piece of the tail assembly detached itself and dropped away. They also say the pilot attempted to maneuver the plane away from the crowd.

In other news, President Obama has announced a plan to raise the minimum tax rate on millionaires. He wants to make sure that the very rich pay at least the same rate as the middle class.

Meanwhile, the rebel victory in Libya has not stopped the flow of refugees into Tunisia. 11,000 Libyans reportedly crossed the border at Ras Jedir on Wednesday.

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Remeber the outcry when the Taliban destroyed those Buddhist statues in Afghanistan?
Well, their Indonesian counterparts are at work on Java's heritage.

Cyrus said...

Being a Canadian, I was surprised to read in the article on Harper of a newspaper called "The Canadian". So, I looked it up. Naturally it is a left-wing rag, more of a tabloid in nature, with the multitude of UFO articles present as proof. Having said that, there was that one tabloid that broke the story on the sex scandal in the US. Still doubtful on the veracity of anything published there.