Friday, September 23, 2011

The Day Our Wild Blue Satellite Connection Died

I called the Wild Blue people to come out last week, and the woman at the office said "the person who handles that is out today but I'll leave a note on her door". Unh huh. Or maybe throw it out the window? Whatever. I got busy helping the Baron collect everything for his trip and making sure he wasn't carrying anything the TSA wouldn't like. So I forgot about Wild Blooger and it limped along.

Then today the connection slowed down yet again - because there was a drop of rain outside - so I went through the procedure of rebooting. But no go. That thing is deader than the lizard my cat left on the front porch this morning.

Bored and Bummed OutThus, I am on a dial-up connection. It is not as bad a having a root canal or breaking down in the fast lane during rush hour, but it is unpleasant. Since the internet is no longer geared for dial-up connections, one learns to keep a book open to read while sites load.

So if your comments are slow to get out of the gate, that's why.

And there's no hope of anyone showing up until at least Monday. In fact, a Monday tech person standing on the doormat would be just barely short of miraculous. Let's say that at some point someone will come to replace whatever doohickey has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Posting will go on as I have the patience for it...what was it Hesperado said? Oh yeah...that we were "prickly and impatient" over here. Darn tooting we are! Especially when it comes to recalcitrant technology.

So this is sad notice to say that many emails may have to go unanswered for the nonce and posting will be SLOOOOW.

So far the comments are sliding out the chute, though. "Lots of praise for small graces", Momma always said. She said many other things, too, but I won't repeat them here.


Anonymous said...

some web browsers allow you to not load images. if you also turn off things like flash, java,etc it will be quicker.

urah2222 said...

Just like being back with "America on-Hold.", eh?