Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birmingham Suicide Bombers Caught

Birmingham terrorism charges: Three of six charged accused of planning to be suicide bombers - full charges in detail

September 25, 2011

Four men have this evening been charged with preparing for an act of terrorism in the UK, and two more with failing to disclose information. One has additionally been charged with terrorist fundraising.

The men, all from Birmingham, were arrested a week ago as part of a major operation carried out by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.

The arrests were unarmed, pre-planned and intelligence-led.

A seventh man from the city, aged 20 and arrested on Thursday, continues to be questioned. Officers have until Thursday September 29 to charge, release or apply for a further warrant of detention.

The six charged are aged between 25 and 32 and will appear at West London Magistrates Court (Hammersmith) tomorrow afternoon.

Those charged are:

  • IRFAN NASSER (14/6/81) aged 30 of 55 Doris Road, Sparkhill
  • IRFAN KHALID (1/3/85) aged 26 of 35 Timbers Way, Sparkbrook
  • *ASHIK ALI (12/3/85) aged 26 of 23 White Street, Balsall Heath
  • RAHIN AHMED (28/7/86) aged 25 of 114 Moorcroft Road, Moseley
  • *BAHADER ALI (4/7/83) aged 28 of 27 Turner Street, Sparkbrook
  • MOHAMMED RIZWAN (3/2/79) aged 32 of 75 Asquith Road, Sparkbrook
I know what you’re going to say: “WHAT??!! Only ONE Mohammed?? However, the middle names of these terrorists have not been supplied, so who knows how many there really are.

*These two are brothers. Meanwhile, the two Irfans, Nasser and Khalid, seem to have accrued the most charges:

  • i. Travelling to Pakistan for training in terrorism including bomb making, weapons and poison making.
  • ii. Making a martyrdom film.
  • iii. Planning a bombing campaign.
  • iv. Planning a suicide bombing campaign/event.
  • v. Collecting money for terrorism.
  • vi. Advising and counselling the commission of terrorist acts by providing information about training in Pakistan
  • vii. Advising, counselling on explosives and detonators.
  • viii. Being concerned in the purchase of components and chemicals for a home made explosive device.
  • ix. Construction of a home made explosive device for terrorist acts.
  • x. Being concerned in recruiting persons for terrorist training.
  • xi. Being concerned in recruiting persons for terrorist acts.
  • xii. Stating an intention to be a suicide bomber.

These are busy boys: Traveling, raising money, film-making, constructing bombs, recruiting fellow jihadists…making poison??

No, these are busy, very evil men. What a lousy way to live. All that creativity and energy focused in the service of death.

And they're homicide bombers, not suicide bombers. I wish they'd start calling them what they really are.

You can read the rest of the sordid story here. They ought to hang, but in England? Won’t happen.

Hat Tip: Denmark’s Snaphanen


Adam Neira said...

Well done to the good people at the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.

“We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

– George Orwell

Rex Dyer said...

I think they're being too hard on these guys. They might be sick but remember, "..none are sicker than the EDL.". David Cameron said so.

Kulttuurihistorioitsija, sotahistorioitsija, yhteiskuntakriitikko ja Ajan Suunta päätoimittaja Seppo Lehto eduskuntavaaliehdokas 2023 Tampereella said...

Look at how this is possible?

Islamin rakkaita monikulttuurisuuden hedelmiä ja suomalaisuutta rakastavia demoneita Suomessa kuten Seppo Lehdon henkeä vapaasti uhkailevia islamisteja?

Poliisi seuraa ilmeisesti sivusta?

"Prominent Jihadist Renews Call for Murder of Finnish Far-Right Activist
Category: Jihadist News / Jihadist News

A prominent jihadist renewed his call for Muslims in Finland to "cut off the head" of Seppo Olavi Lehto after Lehto requested protection against the threat. The jihadist, "Abu Suleiman al-Nasser,"

Anonymous said...

"I know what you’re going to say: “WHAT??!! Only ONE Mohammed??"

Well, RAHIN AHMED should at least count as half a Moh-ahmed. Ha!

Dymphna said...


Kulttuurihistorioitsija matkakuvaaja Seppo Lehto

I sent your info to Tundra Tabloids.

He reads Finnish. Which helps, considering he lives in Helsinki.

urah2222 said...

And about One Hundred Fiftty Years ago, these "Lads" would soon be meeting their end at the end of one of Her Majesty's Ropes. Back then TREASON was treated as such. A shame how far Britain has fallen from those times.

Dr. Shalit