Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Last of the Pork-Gobblers

Ummah — German

In certain culturally-enriched urban neighborhoods in Germany, ethnic Germans are not only in the minority, but the younger generation has all but disappeared.

The most significant thing about the article below — which describes a primary school with almost no German children in it — is the following statement by a Green Party member of the local council:

“It makes absolutely no difference how many children with immigration background go there [to the school].”

This is the crux of the matter: to hard-core leftists, the destruction of traditional European culture makes absolutely no difference. They may even consider it desirable.

Many thanks to JLH for this translation from Thursday’s Bild:

We Are the Last Three German Children in Our School

by K. Hense, T. Biermann and D. Riedel

Kreuzberg: Talina (11), Svenja (11) and Jason (9) do not understand a word spoken on the playground. Their classmates speak only Turkish or Arabic. In class, the three of them explain German words to their classmates.

They are the last German children at their school, The Jens Nydahl elementary school on Kohlfurter street (Kreuzberg). 99% of the 313 students are from an immigration background. The parents of 285 of them are financially supported by the state. One of the many school problems Bild reported on.

Talina attends 6th-year class. Mother Maria (45) says: “When she started school, she could write and read her first words. Her classmates could not even say ‘Thank you,’ ‘Please’ or ‘Good morning.’ The German children are teased as ‘pork gobblers.’”

Her classmate, Svenja: “I wish I had more classmates who speak my language.” Jason’s mother says: “It’s bad that there are so few German children at the school.”

Parents with foreign roots are also worried. Asiankara A. (35), Turkish and mother of sixth class student, Burakcan: “It’s too bad that there are so few Germans here. It makes it very hard for our children to learn the language.”

A youth worker to Bild: “We have tried in vain to get Germans to come to the school. Now we are concentrating on the clientele we have. Pork is no longer served in the cafeteria.”

Apparently, the worries of parents and teachers are of no concern to the district. Education councilwoman Monika Herrmann (47, Green): “It makes absolutely no difference how many children with immigration background go there.”


Whiskey said...

Translation: "Most of the German men around me are not sexy. So therefore, I don't care about the nation, culture, or anything else. Bring in the dominant men."

There. The best way to save Germany is for their men to become a lot more sexy. Whatever it takes. Women by and large (not all but most, sadly) will forgive anything in a man who is sexy and nothing in a man who is not. That writ large IMHO drives the desire for population replacement.

Cyrus said...

Interesting that the same people who proclaim that "diversity is good!" can also claim total immigrant clientele, in effect lack of diversity, is good.

CubuCoko said...

Kreuzberg isn't just anywhere in Germany, either - it's a suburb of Berlin!

Anonymous said...

Whiskey: So you think that women find uneducated jobless abusive polygamous moochers to be sexy?!


doxRaven said...

"Kreuzberg: Talina (11), Svenja (11) and Jason (9) ...are the last German children at their school"

A killing off of a generation. Genocide by any definition.

The leaders of the polical movement that allowed this should be up for crimes against humanity.

Van Grungy said...

"So you think that women find uneducated jobless abusive polygamous moochers to be sexy?!"

Dumb women like dangerous, cool, exotic, uninhibited men..

muslims give this appearance..

that's all it takes to suck a woman into a bad relationship.. but for some reason, women keep coming back for more..

Martin Konvicka said...

Whiskey, Van Grungy:

Ineresting argument.
I have been studying women converting to islam (and leaving it) for some time.

It is not about dumbness, or intelligence in general, but it has much to do with the dominance - submissivity (d/s) polarity, which exist within each human population and influences our mate choice (consciously or subconsiously) to a greater extend than most of us are willing to admit.

Simply put, d/s preferences are distributed in an approximately gaussian manner within each sex, so that ca 20% of men AND women harbor submissive, and equal amount of them dominant, prefferences and attitudes. Those 20% of women preferring subordinate role in their partnerships are attracted do dominant men - or dominanty displaying men, which is not always the same.

Now, western culture is outwardly submissive - it cherishes dialogue, meekness, compromise. Something which appears weak to some women, no matter what the feminists are saying. And because of lack of outwardly displayed dominant values in western men (which include, inter alia, control, territoriality, and traditionalism), these women are subconsciously attracted to men who display them.

The biggest secret is that middle-eastern men are NOT more dominant than any others, as far as partnership and sex are concerned. They are just the same. It is the mode of courthsip, the appearance, the "pack mentality" and the reputation that make them looking so. Actually, many love-jihad victims are actually disappointed with their husbands (but inshallah and allahmdulilah, they cope somehow), whereas many love-jihad predators experience the tension between outward dominance and internal submissivity. Much of domestic violence, which is epidemic in mixed-origin muslim households across Europe, can be tracked down to this discrepancy.

To summarise: do not call the girls "dumb", but provide them with what they need. They may turn the best patriotic wifes or girlfriends.

babs said...

Cyrus hit the nail on the head. Having been in a somewhat similar situation in SoCal I was told that my native speaking, white children would receive an "intangible benefit" from being in a classroom with non native students!
We put the boys in private school where they could be educated to their ability...
Anyone want to take the over/under on how much longer these three children stay in this school? I give it 9 months...

EscapeVelocity said...

that's all it takes to suck a woman into a bad relationship.. but for some reason, women keep coming back for more..

Because they are well financed by the state via wealth redistribution from the white males.

Cyrus...diversity is code word for anything not White European Christian Male. Promoting diversity is discrimination and subjugation of White Euro Christian Male and their culture to any and every "Other."

watling said...

At Heybrook Primary School in Rochdale, England, every single one of the 453 pupils speaks English as a second language. The ethnic make-up of the school isn't available but would be overwhelmingly Asian (i.e. Indian sub-continent origin).

Read more:

Kevin Stroup said...

We shall see if the Muslims share the Leftist ideals. They may start caring when they find out that the Muslims do not. But, it will be too late then.......

Franklin said...

Ironic! Hitler is responsible for all this!

Anonymous said...


What you say makes a lot of sense. Middle Eastern men use a macho bluster to cover up deep insecurities and inferiorities.

What you are suggesting is that Western males alter their approach without changing their basic values. Thus, a Western male can be dominant towards a female without being inconsiderate violent, or uncaring.

But, being dominant requires a bit of courage. It means to assert your own personality, though not trampling the personality of others. Political correctness is all about not expressing one's own thoughts if they conflict with prevailing norms. The dominant person does not accept the strictures on his right to express his thoughts and his world view.

The meek or unassertive person is safest among dominant people, who will not tolerate the use of threats or social sanctions to enforce conformity in anyone.