Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update: A Message to the USA from the EDL

London, Sept. 11, 2011 #1

From the English Defence League’s Facebook page:

An Apology to our American friends on behalf of The British Government and Met Police Hierarchy

We are so sorry for today’s events, and would like to say sorry on behalf of the British public.

Our efforts to try and stop MAC today have resulted in two good lads being stabbed, running battles on Oxford Street, Hyde Park-Speakers Corner, Edgeware Road, and all around your Embassy.

It is our everlasting shame that our Government is too weak to make a stand against Radical Islam.

Reports will follow.

Two more photos are below the jump:

London, Sept. 11, 2011 #2

London, Sept. 11, 2011 #3

Thanks to Kitman and Vlad Tepes for finding the photos.


swigrus said...

That is a terrorist headscarf the muzzie is wearing. What's the difference if he was wearing a sign or screaming out loud, "I'm a terrorist!"?

He should have been arrested on the spot.


Findalis said...

I pray that your nation comes to its senses, but fear due to the Nanny state politics of the last couple of decades it is lost.

Dymphna said...


I have more hope for the rowdy places like Britain, than I do for the nicey-nice totalitarian democracies like Norway.

There is no NDL, nor would it be allowed to exist in Norway. The Dutch Defence League closed shop, but at least they have Wilders and the PVV. The French have activists and ppl like Marine LePen... Even Sweden has its small conservative party, as does Finland.

But poor Norway. They fund Hamas and brag about this as if it were a virtue to promote a terrorist group.

They are openly anti-Semitic, more so than any other European country. Soon they will be Judenrein and glad of it.

And when their leaders' children permitted themselves to be slaughtered by a lone crazy gunman, with absolutely no attempt to jump him or fight back, what happens?

* Do they ask themselves why it took their police 90 minutes to get to the island?

* Do they ask why a media helicopter was overhead almost immediately, taking pictures of the slaughter as it happened but making NO atttempt to intervene?

* Do they question what aspects of their nice, nice culture could have produced this cold-blooded murderer?

* Or do they look for a scapegoat, someone who has spoken out against what is going on in Norway -- the rapes and violent crimes by immigrants -- and try to make HIM the problem?

What are they going to do about training their young men and women to be less sheep-like? Instead of playing footsie with Hamas killers, they could ask the IDF for training for these most vulnerable young sheep-like adults.

Innocence is a virtue in a child; in a young adult it is dangerous ignorance. It can get you killed.

Britain is in better shape than Norway. In fact, Norway is a good example of why lots of money isn't enough.

Findalis said...


I agree with you. But I fear for Europe and its low birth rate, it unwillingness to do the "dirty" work, and its undercurrent of anti-Semitism among its Upper Classes.

Norway is gone. They lost their morality years ago.

Michael Servetus said...

Looking at the picture in the middle, of the police officers and the horde of Muslims in the background made me ponder a bit. What I pondered was this, that history has taught us, through examples, that a nation can be colonized through massive brute force but that eventually if a people are sufficiently determined to throw off colonization and they are a great majority, they will most likely be successful.

As I looked at the photo in the middle and saw the minority of officers and the apparent majority of Muslims I thought of the British occupation of India and how the Indians won tht battle because of their will. Is it not reasonable to think that given the same or similar circumstances, the same will occur?

Yes of course I know things are not at that state as yet except in limited locales but I think it definitely serves as a micro parallel, which of course GOV and others have been saying for some time based on reasonable extrapolation.
I mean what is to prevent this from happening if nothing could stop it from happening in other real world situations like India? If a population is a majority and do not wish to accomodate otherness even if that other was originally the host, what difference does that make in the equation? In temrs of logic any given zone or place that becomes like a little foreign country, imported of course, will in the course of time, if the people so desire and will, become sufficient to throw off the law of the host nation and declare itslef independent. I mean what will the British for example do that they were not willing to do in India, when the same conditions are in effect?

bewick said...

I unfortunately didn't watch the TV news yesterday but I did listen to the radio (BEEB) news.
As usual not a murmur of the MAC/EDL demos.
I agree with the Baron and think that more media exposure of MAC and Andy Choudhary would be a good thing because the people could then see, and react.

Have checked the main newspapers this morning. As usual not a word.
I said a week ago that there was no news of Stephen Lennon's (Tommy Robinson) incarceration or hunger strike. There still isn't.
The news is being suppressed by the MSM and perhaps the Government.
Even the statement by a top Met Officer that the EDL is "not an extremist or far-right organisation" has had scant note in the MSM.
Even since that statement they still routinely call EDL "far right" and "thugs".
Dymphna may well be right to have more hope for the "rowdy" UK.
The seriously big problem though is that the UK populace gets highly leftie biased reports if they get any reports at all.
If they only knew what was happening I rather think that "rowdy" would be a serious understatement.
I do my bit and pass on links to this and other sites to all my friends and relatives. Some may be offended but that's a risk I'm prepared to take.
If everyone took that risk then perhaps more questions would be asked. Just a thought - and to be honest no-one has actually been offended and some are even passing links on to me. None of these people could ever be classed as low intellect thugs!

vanzorge said...

as an american, i am heartened to see that the english are finally standing up against the islamic scum in their country.

do not expect that the media will acknowledge the english patriots. the media is just another tool of the PC gov't.

Rex Dyer said...

I wish anti-sharia protesters would burn flags. Burning a jihad flag should be mandatory at every EDL demo. Saudi and Pakistan flags would be great to burn too.