Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update From Cairo

Here’s a segment recorded earlier tonight from a live Al Jazeera broadcast on Cairo, reporting on the mob attacking the Israeli embassy, and also on the Egyptian military’s reaction to the situation.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

I looked up the reporter, Sherine Tadros. She is a prominent journalist who is a Copt.

She is also one confused person. She seems to think, as evidenced in her newscast, that the military government is frustrating the will of the people and goading them to more violent actions, by preventing them from the self-expression of burning or tearing down the Israeli embassy.

On the other hand, Sherine was deeply upset by the failure of the military government to vigorously protect the Copt church in Cairo that was blown up in front of her eyes.

I guess Sherine's principle is: the government needs to protect my church, but is going too far when it protects Israeli personnel and property.

I wonder if Sherine is friends with Hanan Ashwari, who is also a Christian and who also seems to adhere to similar philosophical principles.

goethechosemercy said...

A campaign against symbols is irrational.

babs said...

What if the Israelis were to say to Egypt "we no longer want to buy your LNG. Please sell it to Hammas or the west bank because we will be cutting off power to them in order to fuel our country exclusively. You, Egypt, have become an unreliable partner and the security of Israel is more important than your thugs on the street..."
Egyptian pants, meet wet...
Do the Egyptian people understand that they are on the verge of bankruptcy? I guess not.

Henrik R Clausen said...

A campaign against symbols is irrational.

No, it is deeply rational and effective. Any expression of Jewishness is currently fair game for the new anti-Semites, be they Islamists or Western lefties. That denies the Jews the right to live peacefully according to their tradition, and is a component of genocide.

Nomadic100 said...

Quite pathetic and sad. It is the obligation of any country to protect embassies/consulates of other countries. Everyone knows this, including the Egyptian thugs and the erstwhile government of Egypt.

It's a cheap move on the part of the Egyptian government. Let the thugs (not "demonstrators" or "militants") rage against Israel. Who will care? Certainly not the U.S.!

laine said...

"It is the obligation of any country to protect embassies/consulates of other countries".

Correction: It is the obligation of any CIVILIZED country. Egypt no longer qualifies. It was a veneer applied with Western money anyway.

Muslims in Muslim countries are purposely kept uneducated barbarians brainwashed into submission by Islam, with a further lid applied by dictatorships, some with oil money buying submission, others beating it into their people with secret police and thug tactics like Syria. As with the Shah of Iran, the best of a bad lot of dictators, Mubarak has been removed in Egypt. In the lull before a worse more repressive one ascends, likely a theocrat or Muslim Brotherhood stooge, Egyptian Muslims are expressing their incipient barbarity. The authorities always sluice it into anti-semitism or anti-Americanism away from their own corruption and fecklessness. If the Coptic Christian newsreader doesn't feel chills down her spine while reporting mobs targeting the Israel embassy, then she is foolish as when Muslims are finished with the Jews, they come for the Copts. They'll even kill fellow Muslims in their barbaric fury. The largest killers of Muslim civilians in the world are other Muslims. They are barbarians following a primitive bloodthirsty ideology.