Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Michael Coren: Barack Obama and the Religion of Peace

In the video below from SUN TV, Michael Coren fisks statements made by Barack Hussein Obama, and discusses the true nature of the Religion of Peace.

It’s amazing that things like this are being aired openly on a Canadian television network. Why hasn’t SUN TV been hauled before the Human Rights Commissions?

And why can’t we have something like it here in the USA?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


aswilso1 said...

It is excellent to see critical dialogue alive and well in Canada.
But does critical analysis extend to the 2nd Global Conference on World's Religions After 9/11 being held in Montreal? Words too critical of religious texts, and concepts, might be the basis for legal action against uncomfortable criticism.

Timothy said...

The Canadian human rights tribunals and commissions, both provincial and federal, have suffered grave setbacks of legitimacy since they took on Ezra Levant. Ezra himself now has a TV show on Sun TV, and Coren and others are migrating there, along with sizable audiences. Without any change in the laws, the freedom of the HRCs to suppress expression have been drastically curtailed. They are still dangerous in principle and their ability to suppress expression should be abolished, but the climate of opinion has starved them of legitimacy.

Lawrence said...

Well, since the Islamists openly claim to be at war with the West, for their stated purpose of ending Western culture and instituting a Global Sharia compliant government...

... we should no longer have to ask the question whether or not they are at war with us.

Are western values incompatible with Islamic teaching? If you listen to the Islamist's attacking us, they're being quite clear about the answer. Which is, No.

So... If the problem isn't with the messages being sent, then the problem has to involve how the message is being received.

In short, as long as we focus on hearing what we want to hear, we're never going to hear the truth of the message.

Unless I am mistaken, I believe this is a form of insanity.

Anonymous said...

"Why hasn’t SUN TV been hauled before the Human Rights Commissions?"

Its coming. You can bet on it.

Dave in Pa. said...

What is "uncomfortable criticism"? Isn't real criticism supposed to be frank, open and inherently uncomfortable in it's honest critique? Or is "criticism" only the bland and comfortable?

Criticism is supposed to be, according to the lights of the Western Enlightenment, the basis of "the marketplace of free ideas".

Interwoven with this is this truth. One freedom we do not have in Western Democracy is the right to not be offended. That would only make free speech that which doesn't offend, doesn't challenge and doesn't intellectually and spiritually stimulate to create counter-arguments, better ideas, refining of thought that causes intellectual and moral growth.

God forbid the day we all arrive at the idea that Freedom of Speech and Press excludes "uncomfortable criticism"!