Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/11/2011Yesterday the FBI gave a presentation at a Muslim outreach event in Seattle, but their effort backfired. The presenter offended some of the Muslims in the audience by including a photo of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in a PowerPoint slide show about terrorism. Islamic leaders said they were tired of being stereotyped by law enforcement.

In other news, under the prodding of Geert Wilders, the Dutch government insists that Eurozone countries that fail to meet budget limits must be forced to withdraw from the euro. The major candidate for this outcome is obviously Greece, which has announced that it expects its unemployment rate to rise to 26% next year.

Meanwhile, Niger says that it is unable to close its northern border to a fleeing Col. Moamar Khaddafi, even if it wanted to.

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Dave in Pa. said...

Re "FBI Ends Up Offending Muslims at Outreach Workshop"

Speaking as one American, I am offended at Muslim community leaders who don't think Ruhollah Khomeini was a terrorist. Some cursory googling will immediately give one enough reading on that topic to refresh all our memories. I also am offended at these Muslims who think the FBI is "too focused on Islamic terrorist groups". No, the vast majority of Muslims in the world are not terrorists. However, it's equally true that the vast majority of terrorists in the world, including the 9/11 mass murderers of Americans, are Muslims. When and only when these Muslim community leaders are ready to acknowledge that glaringly obvious truth will real and effective dialog with them be possible.

Anonymous said...

If Guinea Bissau wants Daffy Qaddafi, let it have him. Drop him off and be done with it.

1389 said...

Ruhollah Khomeinei... the dude who molested a four-year-old girl with her parents' consent?? Who was the spiritual head of the theocracy that held our diplomats hostage?

I'm offended that this dude was even on the same PLANET with me. I'm also offended that the FBI is doing "Muslim outreach." Do they also do "Mafia outreach" these days?


Anonymous said...

The names of the terrorists in Gothenburg have been published on the swedish alternative newssite Politiskt inkorrekt. 4 swedish muslims from Somalia and Irak. Probably was it a plot to kill Lars Vilks who had said on is blog that he was going to visit the event at "Röda Sten" in Gotenburg.

laine said...

"FBI Ends Up Offending Muslims at Outreach Workshop".

Ten years and the keystone cops along with the State Department and CIA still haven't figured out Muslim/Arab mentality and culture. In what passes for Muslim minds they are meant to be the master race, supreme over the world as Allah's anointed, no matter how backward and unaccomplished they and their fellows are. The fact that Westerners are more powerful is a gross injustice that Allah will soon correct. Meanwhile, many Muslims have gotten a little ahead of themselves and are already behaving like the owners of the joint whose dhimmi servants cannot do anything that pleases them. Their faces are chronically twisted in pique and dissatisfaction. They are unsatisfiable by their "inferiors" until those inferiors are put in their place, the lowest rung of the new caliphate. It is simply pathetic that the FBI and others charged with our defense are bowing and scraping to these chronic malcontents who are the implacable enemy of our civilization.

babs said...

To put the best face on it maybe the FBI is trying to recruit informants by showing up in these venues and handing out contact cards?

laine said...

"maybe the FBI is trying to recruit informants by showing up in these venues and handing out contact cards?"

Bad idea. They'll never know whether an informant is trustworthy or not, another Major Hassan. The only Muslims to trust are the ones who have put themselves in Muslim bad books by volunteering information to westerners that is damaging to the Islamic cause and useful in defending the West.