Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Report on Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus

The Baron asked that this report from Europe News be posted. It seems that more Turkish atrocities have been revealed, dating back to the 1970s.

Quelle surprise!

The Secret Report on Turkish Atrocities in Cyprus
by Panos Ioannides

Breaking: The secret report from Council of Europe on Turkish atrocities in Cyprus during their 1974 invasion has been recovered. This report documents the systematic and extensive human rights violations perpetrated by the Turkish army against the Greek Cypriot population, raping an murdering thousands in order to force a mass exodus and an ethnic cleansing of the northern third of Cyprus. Turkey has never been held responsible for these atrocities and, in spite of all principles of international law, is still permitted to be in control of the fruits of their 1974 aggression, the so-called Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.
Unfortunately, the report linked at Europe news, called “Cyprus Barbary” is not available if all you have is a dial-up connection. Or maybe not so “unfortunately”. Zenster kindly looked at it for me and says it’s dense diplo-speak which lowers your IQ as you attempt to read it. Clever, those bureaucrats.

As far as atrocities go, it would appear that Turkey is never held responsible for any of them, and pays no consequences for its arrogant denials about those million Armenians. It will be the same for the Cypriots.

Funny how it feels free to lecture Israel while it kills Christians and persecutes the Kurdish population in Turkey. Not to mention Turkey’s Kurdish Christians. Oy vey!

“Turkey” plus “atrocity” plus “denial” often end up in the same sentence when the subject turns to Erdogan’s country. He’s just maintaining an old cultural tradition.


Cyrus said...

It sure is a nice thought that someday, somehow the Turks will have theirs come home to roost. To have escaped condemnation or action against their misdeeds thus far they surely must be the agents of Satan.

Zenster said...

Turkey = Genocides "Я" Us

The most I was able to gather, without reading almost 200 pages of dense diplo-speak, was that the UN presence in attendance did not make all information about any violence available to the European Commission of Human Rights.

Henrik Ræder said...

First off, this report isn't new in itself, it's quite old (1976). What is news is that it has been made public.

This report constitutes the primary response of Cyprus to the Turkish invasion in 1974. As Cyprus was (is) neither member of a strong military alliance or heavily armed herself, it was a problem to field a usable response to the Turkish invasion.

Taking the problem ("These bastards stole a third of our country at gunpoint!") to the Council of Europe was the diplomatic, rule of law way to approach things, asking the Council to document and verify the extensive atrocities and the well organized ethnic cleansing that took place during the invasion. This includes raping and killing civilians by the thousand, forced prostitution, systematic looting and many other measures aimed at robbing the Greek Cypriots of their property by having them run for their lives to the south.

CoE took up the task, and basically did a decent job. The fact that not everything is disclosed is minor compared to the stuff that is in there. I didn't read the report in whole, only select quotes, but those are good. Honesty of a time gone by.

But since the material could be inconvenient to certain parties (not only Turkey), it was decided back in 1976 to keep this material secret. It was so until now, when finally the original report was leaked.

Turkey should still be confronted with this, as respect for human rights is a cornerstone of the European Union. At the very least they should admit that the invasion and the execution of it was in gross violation of international law, and give back property in north Cyprus to the rightful owners.

Making the EU raise this demand would be useful :)

bewick said...

The UN does as the UN does, or more accurately doesn't, Zenster.
The UN is a corrupt and outdated institution INMHO.
Didn't they support Muslims and ignore Muslim atrocities in the former Yugoslavia? Quite right that they should take action against Serbian atrocities but fair is fair - or am I out of date.

Henrik Ræder said...

Didn't they support Muslims and ignore Muslim atrocities in the former Yugoslavia?

You mean the "Taxi drivers"? Oh, yeah...

Failing to demilitarize Srebrenica probably the worst of many, many cases of terrorist-enabling neglect.

UN was better back in 1974, where the Security Council told the Turks to get the Hell out of foreign land. Unfortunately a closet deal involving Kissinger made sure it'd be all bark and no bite.

john in cheshire said...

Attaturk may have tried to civilise and Westernise Turkey, but as they say, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Zenster said...

Henrik Ræder, thank you for the succinct summary of this impenetrable document. I dare readers to download the PDF and read more than a few pages without feeling the need for strongly caffeinated beverages.

At first blush, it certainly appears as though this represents, in some measure, corroborating evidence with respect to the Armenian genocide. As in, a definite pattern of Turkish behavior is emerging.

Still, I cannot escape the feeling that EU bureaucrats will make sure everything is swept under the rug, even as they invite this Muslim stronghold into some sort of confederation, if not direct EU membership.

1389 said...


Yes, I would say that you are out of date. The problem is that the "Serbian atrocities" that provided the excuse for the Clinton Administration's war against the Serbs never actually happened. The US/NATO/EU occupation forces have had over a decade to come up with some credible evidence against the Serbs, and to make a long story short, they've failed.

More and more people are asking, "Where's the beef?"

There's no beef; there's just the MSM Kook-Aid that they've been feeding us 24x7 from the get-go.

Just for starters, see: AP's Cruel and Unusual Reporting

and: Julia Gorin wrote the best counterterrorism blog post ever!

roger said...

Greek Cypriot terroists in EOKA, seeking Enosis, terroized the Turkish Cypriot population for years before the Turkish invasion, which was precipitated by the failure of UN, particularly British, forces who failed to protect the civilian population. I am not saying that the Turks weren't wrong but the provocation was huge.

Cobra said...

As my ancestors discovered with great pain, the turks are savages.

That's why we gave them Vlad Tepes-Vlad the Impaler...

hadley said...

Talk to Obama and his liberal friends. Maybe you can get him to invade Turkey.

A world war is coming. Is there anyone else the American Empire should declare war on?

Be sure to fix up that spare bedroom for the billion refugees we will have to take care of.