Monday, September 12, 2011

Tommy Robinson is Out of Prison

Free Tommy!

I don’t have any details, but the news from the EDL is that Tommy Robinson has been freed from durance vile. According to the International Civil Liberties Alliance:

Tommy Robinson Released From Bedford Prison

Word has reached us that Tommy Robinson, who has been languishing as a political prisoner in Bedford Prison this last week has now been released by the British regime. It is unclear whether or not he is still ‘banned’ or whether justice and common sense have been allowed to prevail.

Tommy was not the first prisoner of conscience to be incarcerated in Bedford, John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrim’s Progress was imprisoned in the town in 1660. The similarities in the cases of Tommy and John Bunyan are rather interesting. Tommy was imprisoned following his attendance and speech at Tower Hamlets, John Bunyan (according to this Wikipedia article) appears to have been imprisoned for preaching. The Wikipedia article includes the following:

In 1658, aged 30, he was arrested for preaching at Eaton Socon and indicted for preaching without a licence. He continued preaching, however, and did not suffer imprisonment until November 1660, when he was taken to the County gaol in Silver Street, Bedford.

Presumably, as was the case with Bunyan, the State persecution of Tommy Robinson will continue — the agents of the London regime show no signs of adhering to the most basic democratic principles. It seems that the restrictions of 17th century England are now returning as the state invents new heresies to hamper and obstruct freedom in the 21st century. So much for social progress!

It’s now obvious that the authorities put Tommy away for a week to keep him on ice until after the MAC demo on 9-11 at the American embassy. Now that has been accomplished, he’s free to go.

However, he still has a court date coming up on the 29th, so please click the “Tommy Robinson Legal Fund” icon on our sidebar and send a few pennies his way to help defray the cost of his defense.