Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Saudis Try to Silence Ethical Oil

EthicalOil.org is a non-profit which promotes the development of Canadian oil sands as an ethical substitute for oil originating in Saudi Arabia or other backward and repressive dictatorships. The group created a television ad highlighting some of the cultural features of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially its treatment of women.

The Saudis were not happy with this ad, and hired a huge law firm to intimidate Canadian broadcasters by threatening to sue them. No actual lawsuits, mind you — just the threat of lawsuits.

Ezra Levant — who originated the “Ethical Oil” concept by writing a book with that title — received a tip about what was going on, and uncovered the whole sordid story. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip from SUN TV:


1389 said...

The Saudi-Funded, Norton Rose Group Law Firm Goon Squad, Starring Rahool P. Agarwal!!!!

Caution...some rough language here.

Green Infidel said...

Anything surprising here? Merely threatening some terrible event - be it a terrorist attack, 30-on-one street attack or a lawsuit - is Typical Muslim Behaviour. And it can reap rich rewards - jail for Koran burners in England, money for Dutch gangs from their government, or most of Europe stopping support of Israel. How much of this would they have gained, if their eneemies had not acted like dhimmis, but resisted their demands to the best of their ability?

On the other hand, were the whole of Canada to go on the street in support of Ezra Levant and the anti-Saudi ads and show this is one fight they won't lose, I suspect that the Saudis would disappear even quicker than they can shout "lawsuit".

"The art of war is not to win one battle. It is to win the victory of a hunded battles without firing a single shot"

Sun Tzu.

laine said...

Levant is brilliant for coming up with the term "Ethical Oil" to hang lefties from one of their own petards since they always claim the moral high ground (even when usually wallowing with the lowest of the low). The Left's greenie brigade (really watermelons since they're red on the inside) keep smearing the Canadian oil sands by misnaming them tar sands and nattering on about a handful of ducks that perished in the oil industry's tailing ponds. Meanwhile greenie hypocrites promote the wind industry which is a giant blender in the sky efficient only at pulverizing millions of birds including the threatened golden eagle stateside. Obviously, it's not about the birds after all but derailing opposition to leftist agendas. The Left doesn't care about the loss of even human lives in the millions due to their own wrongheaded policies (communism, barring DDT). It doesn't care about women's rights either except as a weapon with which to browbeat western societies. It's long past time their gross hypocrisy is laid bare. Levant has used a leftist tactic against them but in the interests of truth, sowing a meme Ethical Oil in the public's head. The Arabs recognize its power, ergo their attempt to squelch it from wide distribution in especially televised media. A Canadian cabinet minister has already used the term in defending the Canadian oil industry. Thinking Americans should do their part to use this additional simple yet powerful weapon against the Mid-East potentates who fund world wide Wahhabi Islam and jihad with their oil money. (What an advertisement that unspoken truth would make but it would be stopped dead by slander suits). Therefore the segue into the obvious and inarguable - how women are treated by the Saudis. Levant is a genius.

1389 said...

Oops, sorry.

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