Friday, July 08, 2011

“There Are Only Muslims and Communists”


Our Czech correspondent Gemini sends his translation of sections from two articles in the Czech media. These stories concern a plain-spoken Czech politician whose candor is refreshing, to say the least, for those of us who live to the west of the old Iron Curtain.

Below is Gemini’s introduction:

Islam is the enemy, the Czech presidential candidate reminded the world

In recent days the Czech mainstream media have brought to light statements from Miloš Zeman, a prominent leftist politician, regarding Islam. This former prime minister of the Czech Republic (1998 – 2002), also at one time a presidential candidate, is well-known for his open statements and uncompromising humour. Most of these statements were taken from his report presented at the international conference entitled “Europe united and free?”, held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and country’s Defence Ministry. The rest come from a subsequent press release. These statements have already led to charges against the aforementioned politician.

The original sources, including a few more short commentaries, may be found here and here, while this article concentrates mostly on Zeman’s statements.

His condensed translation:

“NATO has declared itself as a defensive alliance without questioning what is it defending against. But it all begins with defining the enemy,” Zeman stated. He then continued: “The enemy is the anti-civilization spreading from northern Africa all the way to Indonesia. Inhabited by two billions of people and financed partly by gasoline sales, partly by drug sales,” speaking about the world of Muslims.

With his mention of drugs, he was mostly referring to Afghanistan and Kosovo. With the former NATO became mired in an endless war, while the latter got help from the alliance to secede from Serbia. This involvement he regards as a failure.

“I don’t believe there are Muslims and radical Muslims. Just as I don’t believe there are moderate and radical communists. There are only Muslims and communists,” Zeman addressed the conference participants.

He believes that one of the mistakes the West has been making is its willingness to negotiate and its responsiveness towards Muslim countries.

“Just remember the appeasement politics during the ‘30s. The victims were thrown directly into enemy’s guts, and (see) where it ended. The 21st century is not going to be Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’, but Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’,” predicted the retired Zeman.

If NATO should expand in the future, it must be Israel that is adopted, according to Zeman. “Not the state whose president regards Stalin and Beria his main heroes,” he declared, referring to Georgia as governed by Mikhail Saakashvili. However, this could not be so easily done without changing the political climate in the NATO countries. And this is exactly what the politicians are afraid of, Zeman believes.

Nor was the EU spared. “The EU reminds me of an overweight kid who is starting to throw up,” summed up Zeman about the union of states, some of which have already asked for huge financial support.

“Even if one might agree that women should not be allowed to drive a car, in every other aspect the Islamic anti-civilisation makes women into a subjugated and second-class minority,” he added in a separate press release.

“There is no doubt that Islam’s ideological basis is the Koran. A Muslim can be identified as an adherent of Koran, just as Nazi is an adherent of racial supremacy and anti-Semitism, or a Communist an adherent of class struggle and proletarian dictatorship,” he further elaborated in his press release.

“Islam is incomparably more aggressive and intolerant that today’s Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism and other world religions,” added the former presidential candidate, referring to Koran.


Zenster said...

“The EU reminds me of an overweight kid who is starting to throw up”

Now that's a keeper!

“There is no doubt that Islam’s ideological basis is the Koran. A Muslim can be identified as an adherent of Koran, just as Nazi is an adherent of racial supremacy and anti-Semitism, or a Communist an adherent of class struggle and proletarian dictatorship”

Le bingo!

It is no coincidence that a survivor of Soviet Communist occupation delivers up such a crystal clear appraisal of matters at hand.

sheik yer'mami said...

'Lawfare', or litigation jihad springs into action:

Retired politician Milos Zeman, Czech prime minister in 1998-2002, faces a criminal complaint over the statements on Islam he made in June at an international conference on Europe.

Czechmade said...

We are anti-islamic superpower in making. Poles come to our forums to say they lag behind and ask for support. Our muslim micro-community is in disarray, with few promimnent apostates fighting bacj in media and one top guy still within accusing our foreign muslims of extremism, corruption and disloyalty. There are many more politicians denouncing islam.

joe six-pack said...

As knowledge of Islamic law and nationalism spreads, people become "Islamophobic". After all, the root causes of the wars can be found there.

Not all people by any stretch are reachable on this issue. Many have political motivations to see allies instead of enemies. And we all can see what we want to.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Excellent post! The eastern Europeans are familiar with totalitarianism. I just wish more of them would stand up.

Czechmade said...

We are not "eastern Europeans". Sorry, try sometimes read the history books using your finger on the map of Europe and stop referring to 40 years of Soviet occupation as our basic "identity".

Kevin Stroup said...

The West will not admit that Islam is the enemy because, to do so, they then open themselves up to the next question: What are you going to do about it? If you deny there is a problem, you do not have to get off your bottom and tackle it. Easier to get strangled in your sleep.

laine said...

Those who have been forced to live under communism recognize another totalitarianism when it comes knocking unlike those fool libs privileged to live in the free West who feel it their duty to drag anything non-white, non-Christian through the gates in penance for ancient sins, sins historically committed in their worst form by the very people (Muslims) they're now calling victims. What a bizarre view, that the white share of what was near universal slavery should be made up to the biggest slave culture of the world past and present - Muslims!

Anonymous said...

im so impressed by the Czech people Im going to support them by buying a CZ 9mm the added bonus being they make fine pistols

xlbrl said...

It would be good if someone introduced Zeman to Wittaker Chambers, who stated that there is no important difference between a liberal, a socialist, and a communist--because this was a continuum in which one led to the other.

If there is no distinction between a communist and an Islamist, there is no important distinction between a leftist and an Islamist.

The Czechs can do better than that, and do.