Friday, July 15, 2011

Gold-Plated Asylum in Norway

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this translation of an article from the Norwegian state broadcasting service about the costs of cultural enrichment (subclass: asylum-seeking) in Norway. The translator includes this note:

This article shows how the asylum-immigration industry in Norway is having a huge impact on the coffers of various local councils. Søndre Nordstrand is in Oslo, and needless to say has a massive non-western immigrant community.

Søndre Nordstrand

His translation:

Family has cost suburb NOK 5 million

In just three months a family with eight children has left the local council NOK 5 Million [£558k, €635k,
$900k] out of pocket. The costs have now almost been halved, according to the leader of the local council group, Nadeem Butt from the Labour Party.

“The amount was reduced to NOK 30,000 [£3,300, €3,800, $5,400] per day a month ago. I don’t believe it’s an exorbitant sum when comparing this case with similar cases.”

A sharp increased in the local Child Protection Agency’s expenditures are blowing the budgets in Søndre Nordstrand. There has been a twenty percent increase in child protection cases since last year. Søndre Nordstrand is facing a NOK 86 million [£9.6m, €10.9m, $15.5m] deficit this year, according to financial reports.

Asked for more funds

Leader of the Local FrP chapter, Trond Hjelmerud, believes that this will have devastating consequences for the suburb.

“The local Child Protection Agency is the big challenge for the suburb. The agency is out of bounds for us politicians because it falls under the auspices of the courts. Politicians have very limited influence in how the agency operates.”

What’s causing the problems for Søndre Nordstrand is those cases where children are removed from their families and placed in institutions. The local Child Protection Agency asked for more funds in May this year because immediate action was deemed necessary for a family with eight children. But council leader Butt refuses to give any further information about the family or why the Child Protection Agency decided to intervene.

“It’s a big family with a very complex family structure. I can’t say anything more than that because it would be easy to uncover the identity of the family for those who know the area well.”

Hjelmerud believes that professionals need to handle the cases.

“Because we are a such big suburb there’s a big demand for child protection institutions that offers the services that has been provided in this instance, but NOK 50,000 per day [£5,600, €6,400, $9,000] is a lot of money. I don’t know anything about this family, but it is obviously a family that creates lots of challenges for the suburb. What policies that need to implement in such cases is up to the professionals to decide, and they need to inform the politicians.”


Peter N. Myhre, leader of Oslo FrP thinks it’s unacceptable for the Child Protection Agency in Søndre Nordstrand to spend NOK 5 million on this family in three months.

“If this is how much it costs to take care of the immigrants then we can only accept a limited number of families. If we receive another 20,000 this year in addition to those that are already here then we really need to look at ways to reduce the immigration to Norway in the future.”

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sameer said...

This needs to be throughly investigated ... it appears to be plain extortion. How can a family of 8 need NOK 5Mn for 3 months? And what do they mean by complicated family structure?

Our royal family (bless them !!)here in UK might by the family with the most complicated structure, but i dont think even they would require that kind of money just for 3 months expenses.

How can the govt of Norway allow this?

Cyrus said...

"Comlicated family structure" = euphemism for polygamists.

Anonymous said...

"Complicated" == consanguineous

sameer said...

@ Cyrus and fudoid :

haha ... you guys nailed it ... why didnt I think of it while reading the article !!

Col Mustard said...

Send them back. Send them ALL back.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The Option That Must Not Be Named.

Zenster said...

Col. B. Bunny: The Option That Must Not Be Named.

Deportation is but a flyspeck on the map of this reality. Left unnamed are far more hideous alternatives that wait in the wings. Europe has seen cattle cars and chimneyed camps before and every last thing that is being done ― or, more precisely, not being done ― points straight towards a recurrence of modern mankind's darkest hours.

Islam continues to paint itself into a coffin corner and Liberal politicians continue to supply the paint and brushes, in quantity. Those in the Middle East who have not progressed lack an appreciation of just how advanced Western mechanized warfare has become.

Islam's barbaric killers have absolutely no idea of how efficiently a thoroughly mobilized Western killing machine can operate. The Muslim obsession with and love of death is going to precipitate horrors that will likely make World War II look like a walk in the park.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Zenster, I made a similar point in an earlier post,"Norwegian Military Tattoo. The kind of discipline and precision highlighted there married to tracked 8" howitzers, modern armor, modern communications, drones, and lots of quality small arms will make short work of any no-go areas anywhere in Europe.

Muslims in Europe and the U.S. get away with what they do by playing on the giddy sensibilities of the flaneurs, esthetes, and girly men currently playing at running Western countries. They confuse aggressive lawfare with a strategy that will ensure their safety and survival. The bombings in Mumbai -- again -- clearly paint the picture of our future trying to live cheek by jowl with people whose acts and thoughts are dictated by a corrupt, asinine religion that guarantees decay and slavery. Ours and theirs. It's in the nature of that beast to overplay their hand, praise be to God, and then we shall see the survival value of living in concentrated areas with limited and controlled ingress and egress.

The ovens I see as the product of a 14-year aberration in 2,500+-year-old history. It will be sufficient if Westerners at last voice and act on a legitimate fury at the degradation that has been visited on them by their obvious inferiors. And their sellout politicians.

Zenster said...

Col. B. Bunny: … I made a similar point in an earlier post, "Norwegian Military Tattoo".

It was gratifying beyond measure to see such an inspirational display of Western military prowess. I would challenge any and every jihadist to produce something remotely resembling that sort of discipline and precision.

Again, thank you very much.

Gary said...

Have you seen a Hamas Nazi parade? They,the Iranians and Indonesians can put on a precision display. Never underestimate your enemy.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Gary, that's a good point. The difficulty for Muslims IN Western countries, however, is that they are not able to train and equip forces that can withstand resident militaries.

Zenster said...

Col. B. Bunny: The difficulty for Muslims IN Western countries, however, is that they are not able to train and equip forces that can withstand resident militaries.

It's pretty safe to say that you can omit most of your qualifiers, as in:

The difficulty for Muslims is that they are not able to train and equip forces.

If that seems doubtful, merely review the hideous modern track record of Islamic military forces. Consider this, Iran and Iraq ― the world's two largest Islamic armed forces ― spent some eight years slaughtering almost one million Muslims between them only to arrive at a bloody stalemate.

America rolled up Iraq's sidewalks in a few short weeks.

Imagine a tiny country like Costa Rica consistently beating America's military posterior like a cheap dime store drum. That is the equivalent of Israel repeatedly defeating Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Is it any wonder why Arabs are forced to utilize low-intensity conflict strategies like terrorism?

For those who still have any questions, I refer you to Norvell B. De Atkine's superb monograph: Why Arabs Lose Wars. This brief little article will erase any doubts you once may have had about this matter. Very little has changed since it was written.

Hamas, Iran, Malaysia and all other Muslim military forces do not stand the ghost of a chance against a fully operational Western war machine. The only thing that makes Afghanistan and Iraq look like such quagmires are the hideously restrictive Rules of Engagement imposed upon Western fighters.

Islam doesn't have a hope in Hell ― not even with Pakistani nuclear weapons involved ― against a West that is prepared to engage in Total War.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Zenster, point taken.

Frankly, to adhere to Islam is conclusive evidence of an epic failure of intellect. Only the weakest of minds can see it as an orderly, rational scheme for human society. On its face, it requires the embrace of ludicrous doctrines, and if you think that's hyperbole take a cursory look at the detailed elucidation of the concept of "najis," i.e., filth. E.g., "The blood of an animal like a fish, or an insect like mosquito, is Pak [clean] because it does not gush forth." Apparently, to Muslims this is the kind of stuff you need to nail down. Reams of other detailed guidance on the most simple and pedestrian of life's activities is out there for the faithful and they write in for answers.

Admittedly this is imamical nonsense and maybe crack troops don't care about such stuff, but I doubt they have a problem with it. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia in very recent times came out with a proclamation that the earth is flat. (Muslim faithful nod heads. "Oh, yes!") Not even the Archbishop of Canterbury is THAT stupid.

Infidels are no strangers to nutty doctrines. Socialism is one. But rationality is the basic foundation of the West (and the modern world) and whether or not it's biblical for priests to wear surplices just isn't a big deal any more.

As Gary said, don't underestimate your enemy but I think the external threat is mostly from a native cunning and their death cult and not from their a grasp of the operational arts.

Muslims are completely safe so long as they can count on the balance of good will tipping in their favor. They will jump the gun, however, and then it won't be pretty at all.

Anonymous said...

Can my simple family of six get in on this scam? I think we can get by on US$500K for the entire year.

Col. B. Bunny said...

How complex is your family structure?